Zach Hunter

    I'm... not a girl. But I am a proud contributor to the upcoming Project Inspired roundtable discussions on a variety of topics! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Hit me up- Twitter: @zachjhunter Facebook:

    From a Guy’s Perspective: It’s Okay to Say No

    It’s something we don’t talk about often, and I really think we should. Everyone expects you to do it, but you don’t owe it...

    From a Guy’s Perspective: Confidence Is Queen

    I’m the dad of an amazing little two-year-old girl. She’s exceedingly full of life, exploration, innocence and wonder. I care so much about her...

    Roundtable: Can a Girl Make the First Move?

    We all have different ideas on whether girls can (or should) make the first move. Here, four Christians weigh in with their own views on the matter.

    Can Guys and Girls Be “Just Friends”?

    Now, I’m not asking “Can we be friendly?” or “Can we be close?”—I’m asking whether or not it’s possible to only be friends with a person of the opposite sex, without strings attached and without the expectation of a relationship.

    What Do Christian Girls Need to Know About Dating?

    Four Christian leaders share their relationship advice--you won't want to miss these 20 smart, honest tips!

    What Does Modesty REALLY Mean?

    Modesty: It’s a word that has a different meaning for each of us. Some people think of it as a necessary component to a Christian life and others feel that it smacks of unnecessary judgment. Here, four different Christian leaders weigh in.