Beauty: 5 Sunscreens to Best Protect Your Skin

    A few weeks ago, we talked about taking good care of your skin by washing your face twice a day. (If you missed it, check out our face wash roundup here!) We also promised to give you our top picks for sunscreen, which is another super important part of keeping your skin healthy…especially as the weather starts to heat up!

    Not too long ago, many people believed that sunscreen was only important when you were laying out and trying to get a tan. However, it’s become more and more apparent that we really should be putting sunscreen on any exposed skin whenever we’re outside.

    Headed out in jeans and a t-shirt? Protect your arms and face! Even a long car ride requires some sunscreen, as the sun’s harmful rays can still reach your arms and face through the windows. On cloudy days, 80% of UV rays can still penetrate your skin.

    Keeping your skin protected will not only leave you with healthier skin throughout your life, it will also lessen your chances of getting skin cancer. Though the sun certainly feels good to bask in, it’s only good for you if you’re protected!

    Other things to remember: Apply generously, use lotion with an SPF rating of 30 or higher, keep your lips moisturized with lip balm with SPF, never use tanning beds and reapply every two hours that you’re outside. This might sound a little intense, but it’s important! Read on for our five favorite sunscreens, and get moisturizing!


    A great, all-natural option. This rich lotion has a base of olive and jojoba oils, beeswax, cocoa and shea butter and is absorbed quickly into your skin, nourishing and protecting it. (Amazon, $7.50)


    This light, non-greasy formula is great for your face. The bottle even changes color in UV light! (, $14)


    Great if you’re planning to get in the water, this sunscreen is fragrance free and never tested on animals. It contains chamomile, shea butter and rosemary to help hydrate and moisturize sun-exposed skin. (, $9)


    This sunscreen is beloved by those who are picky about ingredients. Oil and fragrance free with tons of protection…nothing sketchy here! (, $10)


    This hypoallergenic sun shield will keep you covered…even if you’re sweating buckets on a long hike! (CVS, $11)

    What’s your favorite sunscreen, girls? Do you apply it every day, or only when you know you’re going to get some serious sun?

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    1. As a redhead in the South with a family history of skin cancer, I know my sunscreens!! Thank you for this article!! I also love love love the Neutrogena sunscreens – they feel great on my skin, and are noncameadogenic, oil-free, and hypoallergenic. And they work really well and don’t smell!! They are a bit expensive though…

    2. I have a great one! It is from the Jergens brand! It is SOOO cool. It protects your skin while enhancing your skin color! It costs about 8 dollars at walmart… Really cool and just brightens your skin and it a natural glow! LOVE IT! PLEASE TRY! 🙂

    3. Nicole, somebody put a really nasty Forum, in the random girl talk forums. COuld you please see that it is deleted. Thanks 😀
      A lot of the time I cant stand wearing sunscreen because it smells…. Thanks for the advice I will go with the one with chamomile 😀
      OH guess what???? I went to Forever21 for the first time and I got a prom dress for 34$ :D. OMW I love that store so many options 😀

    4. I kept getting awful sunburns at the beach (I’m extremely pale) but I bought some Neutrogena stuff that’s SPF 100+…lol! It’s one of the spray can kinds, and I’ve heard that it’s not good to use too much, so I only use it when I’m extremely susceptible to sunburn. It’s worked every time!

    5. Also, I recommend anything from Neutrogena really because their products are really designed for the skin and don’t contain oil. Make sure when buying sunscreen, you check to see that it’s non-comedogenic or oil-free so it doesn’t clog pores and cause acne 🙂

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