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Beauty: Our 5 Favorite Sunscreens for Summer 2014

Last summer, we gave you our top picks for sunscreen, which is a super important part of keeping your skin healthy…especially as the weather heats up! Even when you don’t think you’ll be in direct sunlight, you’ll want to lather up. A good example: When you’re just taking a long drive in your car, you can still get sunburned on your arms from the light coming through your windows. Pretty crazy, but totally true! Even on cloudy days, 80 percent of UV rays can still penetrate your skin.

Keeping your skin protected will not only leave you with healthier skin throughout your life, but will also lessen your chance of getting skin cancer. Though the sun certainly feels good to bask in, it’s only good for you if you’re protected! That’s why we thought it was important to revisit sunscreen this summer and give you five more products to check out.

Other things to remember: Apply generously, use lotion with an SPF rating of 30 or higher, keep your lips moisturized with lip balm with SPF, never use tanning beds and reapply every two hours that you’re outside. This might sound a little intense, but it’s important! Read on for our five favorite sunscreens, and get moisturizing!

Psst: Look out for a post on DIY sunscreen if you’re interested in making your own!


This natural mineral sunscreen blends in clear, is water-resistant and contains Broad Spectrum SPF 40 protection. Enriched with hydresia (sunflower seeds), it provides controlled release of ultra-moisturizing properties. (Kiss My Face, $15)


If you love the idea of going the natural route, but want something affordable that you know you can find in stores and will roll well onto your skin (the more natural a product, the more chalky or gooey it often becomes), Alba is a great choice. The formula feels comfortable and moisturizing, plus it smells great! (Drugstore.com, $8)


We love the ease of spray-on products, and this all-natural spray sunscreen is great if you’re an active, sports-savvy gal. This sunscreen is NOT afraid of a little sweat! (All Terrain Co., $14)


Okay, we know you aren’t babies, but this sunscreen is equally great for adults, especially if you have sensitive skin. And while it’s a natural product, it’s also affordable and easy to find in your neighborhood drugstore. (Amazon, $10)


This lightweight, non-sticky formula dissolves quickly into skin, has a slight cooling sensation AND smells great! (Smart Girls Who Surf, $15)

Girls, what kind of sunscreen do you use?

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  1. May All Your Bacon Burn

    Posted by May All Your Bacon Burn on August 2, 2014 at 19:54

    I tend to use rub-on Coppertone SPF 80+. It’s one of the few ones that don’t cause me to break out. It’s light, dries pretty quick, and has a pretty decent smell too. I’ve never been able to use any of the less potent SPF’s (red hair+pale skin+sunlight=lobster) but I’d imagine they’re the same way 🙂

  2. pinkgodlover

    Posted by pinkgodlover on August 2, 2014 at 15:27

    i burn easily so i use banana boat sport spf 100 on my face and it’s awesome!