Becoming a Modern-Day Ruth and Waiting for the Right Man of God

    Recently, someone tagged me on Facebook and shared a Christian poem with me called “A Wise and Godly Woman Knows…” by Jenny Williams. The person who tagged me commented that the poem or post was long, but well worth the read. I read it and thought you PI Girls would be so beyond blessed and encouraged to read it, too.

    I am in my late twenties and still waiting on Jesus to bring me the man of God of my dreams or to reveal who he is. The Lord is so faithful, and a wise woman will WAIT on the Lord, amen sisters?


    A wife of noble character who can find?
    She is worth far more than rubies.
    Her husband has full confidence in her

    and lacks nothing of value.
    (Proverbs 31:10-11)


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    A Wise and Godly Woman Knows…

    By Jenny Williams ©


    A wise and godly woman knows that if he isn’t answering his phone or your text messages, emails, etc., he’s just not that into you. Let him go. Stop waiting for that phone to ring.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if you have to show off your cleavage and breasts to get his attention, he is not the one. Your heart and character should be what makes you attractive to him. Not your butt, breasts, hips, etc. If you dress like trash you will be treated like trash.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if you have to beg him to spend time with you and your kids, he’s not the one. A man who really loves you will make room in his schedule for you and your children.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he doesn’t have respect for you, your parents, his own parents or people in authority, he’s not the one. A good man will respect and treat his family and people in authority honorably. He will honor his parents so that it will go well with him all his days.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he is leading you away from God, he is not the right one. A good man will lead you closer to the Lord. He will attend church with you, read the word, worship God on a daily basis. His conduct and actions will reflect his relationship with God. He will inspire you to grow spiritually.

    A wise and godly woman knows that she can’t make him be ready to be husband material. He either is or isn’t. Don’t waste your time trying to change him. No amount of sweetness on your part can make him be a righteous man.

    A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man will respect your body and your boundaries. He will not try to take away your purity or God-given privilege of sex without marrying you first. He won’t pressure you to compromise. If he can’t wait, then he’s not the one.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if your relationship has to be in hiding or in secret, then it’s not real love. Nothing should be hidden in the dark, but be in the light.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he lies to you and he is deceptive about things, he will lie again. Don’t expect him to tell the truth. You will be on a continuous carousel cycle…going around and around. Get off the ride, Darling.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he really loves you, he will not try to change or control you. He will appreciate your differences and promote your strengths. He will celebrate you for who you are.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he’s hit you once or even threatened to raise a hand to you, he’s not the one. One time of violence is too many times. His anger issues will not just disappear. Run and don’t ever look back. A godly man would never threaten or try to harm you. He will only protect you.

    A wise and godly woman knows that just because he has some good qualities, it does not mean he’s meant to be your life partner. What he is now is what he will be later, even after you walk down the aisle. Marriage does not change his heart or character. You deserve the whole package. Don’t settle because you are lonely.

    A wise and godly woman knows that being unequally yoked does not just mean not sharing the same faith. It also means you both need compatible dreams, goals, vision, and callings. It means being on the same page concerning your destiny. Just because he is a Christian does not mean you should be united as one. A house divided cannot stand.

    A wise and godly woman knows that his words are nothing unless he can back them up with his actions. Words and actions go together and must be consistent. Flattering words do not mean he will treat you well. Out of the abundance of the heart, a mouth will speak. Take notice, because there also will be proof behind the words he says. Don’t ever forget that.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he can’t keep a job, balance his account, pay his bills, and be wise with his money and spending, it’s not a good situation to be in. A godly man will pay his tithes and offerings and trust God with his money. If he doesn’t do this consistently, he’s not the one. You deserve to be provided and cared for.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he has addictions (smoking, drinking, gambling, pornography, sex, etc.), no amount of love from you can overcome the heaviness and weight of his chains. Your life will be a living hell, as you will be chained to his sins. He is not the one. You can’t deliver him. Only God can, and then only if he makes the decision for himself.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he has cheated before, he most likely will again. If he’s cheating with you, then he will cheat on you. Adultery does not make a marriage or a God-blessed relationship.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he really loves you, he will protect you, provide for you, cherish you, lead you, comfort you, celebrate you, and appreciate you. He will make you feel safe. He will honor you. If something is lacking in any of these areas, he’s not the one.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he can’t embrace and love your children, he’s not the one. A godly man will see you and your children as a blessing, not an inconvenience. You are a package deal. You and your kids are precious cargo. Never compromise your children for romance. A godly man would not expect you to.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he’s not striving, growing, making goals, reaching for dreams, or moving forward, your life together is going to be stagnant, boring and full of frustrations. Without vision, people perish.

    A wise and godly woman knows that her dreams, her goals, and her aspirations will matter to the one who truly loves her. He will believe in you, support you, and encourage you in your dreams. He will speak life into your destiny.

    A wise and godly woman knows that love should not hurt too much. It should not be taking away your peace, your joy, your self-confidence or your spirit. If you feel worse in his presence, and feel like you can never measure up, then he is not the one. Run…run fast! You deserve better. Love should add to your life. Not take away.

    A wise and godly woman knows that he should be growing spiritually on his own. He should be able to maintain his personal relationship with God. His life and his decisions should be based on the Word and character of God—even when the church doors are closed. There should be fruit in his life. You will know a believer by their fruits.

    A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man should always treat her like a lady. He should open the car door, let you enter first when walking into a building, pull out your chair, pay for dinner, be respectful and have manners with you at all times. He should never use profanity in your presence or call you names that are hurtful. If you expect to be treated like a lady, then you will be. If not, he’s not the one.

    A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man will be honest about his intentions toward you. He will not play childish mind games or lead you along if he has no true interest in commitment. If he wants to be in your life, he will be consistent. You won’t have to beg him for his attention or his physical presence in your life.

    A wise and godly woman knows that she should let a man know what she expects of him in a relationship. She is honest and forthcoming, and doesn’t take advantage of his generosity. She will respect him and honor him—both publicly and privately. She will desire to be a blessing every day of his life. If you can’t do this with him, then you are not the right one for him. He deserves your best.

    A wise and godly woman knows that God’s chosen best is worth waiting for. Trying to mold a man into the box of what you desire in a mate is cruel and unfair to any man. Wait on God, and don’t settle for less than His best for you.

    A wise and godly woman knows that the way you treat him and make him feel in your presence is what he will remember—more than the dress or shoes you wore.

    A wise and godly woman knows that respect starts with herself, her standards, her expectations, and her priorities. It starts with her and she should let a man know up front how she expects to be treated. A good man will respect you and honor you for this. All these things should be based and founded by the word of God.

    A wise and godly woman knows that he should appreciate and respect your body the way it is. If he’s asking you to change your size, dye your hair, etc., he doesn’t love you for you. However, I do feel a godly woman should strive to maintain her health, exercise and eat responsibly. A good man will see you as beautiful just the way you are on fabulous days and frump girl days. Your beauty will be enough just the way you are.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if he says he’s not ready for or desiring marriage, and he isn’t looking for a commitment, be wise and don’t waste your life waiting for him to change his mind. If he already sees you as his wife, he won’t need to be convinced.

    A wise and godly woman knows that if you keep circling a bush about the same problems with him, guess what? You are going to keep circling around that bush. A healthy relationship can deal with and solve problems together. If you are still fighting about the same thing, it’s going to remain that way when you are married.

    A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man will seek after God’s will concerning your relationship. Your love will be Christ-centered. Your decisions and the direction of your relationship will be accomplished with united prayer and seeking God’s word and His plan. This is a spiritual leader. The way he leads you before marriage matters.

    A wise and godly woman knows that a godly man will not walk out and abandon you. He won’t be leaving when there are obstacles or struggles. He will face challenges with you. He won’t be disappearing and reappearing. You are not a yo-yo. Your heart is precious and he should handle it gently and honorably. Not be stringing you back and forth.

    A wise and godly woman knows that no amount of your love, sweetness, etc., can change a bad boy. Only God can change him—if and when he makes his decision for God. Wasting your heart, tears, time, and dreams on a bad boy is a BAD choice. You are God’s daughter, and you deserve better than that.





    Whew! PI Girls, isn’t this the truth? I love how real, raw and vulnerable the author is and that she took a stand to say the truth and to empower other like-minded believers to walk in their anointing, beauty, calling and royalty! This really encouraged me!

    Will you share this post with your sisters in Christ who need it? Comment below and share with us your favorite line or excerpt from the poem.

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. Hi I really need some advice. So my boyfriend and I have been dating a little over one year. It’s obviously had its up and downs and he is my best friend. Only thing is I feel like he wants to be serious yet I’m not even sure if I want to be in a relationship anymore. For me there was no intense attraction in the beginning I just thought that maybe it would grow, and it has, somewhat. Another thing is some days I feel like we are on different pages when it comes to our relationship wi5h Christ. He is a great and really sweet guy and everything I could want in a boyfriend, but I find myself unsure. His parents even think that he’s going to marry me and this might just be me but I see high school sweethearts everywhere. The thing is, I don’t think I would ever marry him. I’m going to be a senior and honestly I kind of want to have one last year of being a kid but it breaks my heart knowing that I’m probably going to break his heart and I feel so guilty and horrible. I do love him, but how do you break up with someone you love? Should we even break up? How would I go about that if so? Advice needed.

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