Beware of the Cynic! She Wants You to Question Your Walk with Christ

    PI ladies, on your journey to be more Christ-like, you’ll likely meet many cynics. A cynic is defined as someone who “believes all people are motivated by selfishness and whose outlook is scornfully and often habitually negative.”

    As a Christian, you have a responsibility to follow Christ based on His commandments, and that takes discipline. But cynics usually lack that close relationship with Christ. They are skeptical that it even exists! And so they often criticize, belittle and mock Christians who strive to please God. Does this sound like someone you know?

    There are many reasons people are cynical about Christians and Christian values. Some cynics are afraid of Christianity–they don’t understand it. Others are jealous. They want to have a relationship with Christ and may say they’re Christians, but they can’t give up their worldly ways. Maybe some just don’t like Christians because of differences in opinion and beliefs.

    Whatever her reasoning, beware of the cynic. Don’t let her bring you down or cause you to question your walk with Christ. Instead, pray for the cynic, because she often feels lost.

    It’s difficult to convince a cynic that certain Christian values–such as modesty, purity and courting–are God’s expectations. Because usually, a cynic wants to convince you that you’re just plain wrong. While questioning your faith in an attempt to understand it more is fine, challenging it with disgust and a desire to discredit it is not.

    Ladies, do you know anyone who is skeptical about everything Christian?

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    1. Thanks for this post it is so needed : ). I would say more than half of my friends are not Christians/ some border line cynic. Lol I need to get more Christian friends. I mean I’ve kind of figured if anything its helping me to become a better debater. Thanks be to God they haven’t swayed my views of my Love for Jesus.

      • I’ve heard that without a certain amount of skepticism and questioning of the Bible, God, and faith we wouldn’t have strong faith. Meaning that, by at least having some doubt about it all, allows us to question and then fully choose to believe in HIM if we want to later on. Yeah, so we are not mindless zombies following God. He wants us to think/ choose for ourselves.

        However there’s a fine line between having some doubt about Christianity to being skeptical within the Christian community with secular points of view. I’m confused on what you mean by becoming a part of the herd?

        • I mean too many people have attitudes like, “This is what I grew up with, so this is what must be true…” or “My pastor said [thing x] so I’m going to run with it instead of thinking for myself…” or “[Thing y] is wrong. The Bible says so. It’s bad, no questions asked.” That’s not solid faith; that’s complacent ignorance. It annoys the heck out of me. I’m a progressive humanist, meaning I value logic, reason, and experience far more than dogma.

        • maybe that we cant believe everything we hear, we cant mindlessly follow the worlds ways without questioning them…. i dunno but i know that just simply believing in everything you hear or automatically assuming someone is always telling the truth or has pure motives is kinda unhealthy. You have to be able to tell the difference between the worlds motives and God’s motives so you have to be a little on the watch always but never hurtful or mean…. if i explained that clear enough, not sure i did… uhhh :/

        • Eurydice, I see your point, and this is one of my big questions. There are so many Christian denominations out there, all with somewhat different ways of acting out their Christian walk. Yeah, I mean like people can interpret what Christianity is differently than others. They can even interpret the Bible differently than others. You can even see this in history, with groups like the puritans, than there were the quakers, I even learned about a denomination today in my history class called the Oneida. Let me tell you they had some freaky ways of doing things and they didn’t last long. But all claim to be Christians in some form or another and I’m sure all somewhat recognized Jesus as their Savior. This being said, whose to say whose right, right? That’s why there needs to be a foundation for our theology. Dude and that foundation is the Bible and the word of Jesus.
          What I’m trying to get at is that the only glue that really holds all of these denominations and those with differing Christian views together should be the Biblical Truths of the Bible and of Jesus Christ. If someone were to branch there views and claim they are skeptical of what the Bible claims about Christianity while still being a Christian I would wonder why they were even a Christian. Or if they had differing views on Christianity than what the Bible says I would question where they got there ideas, what was there source, what led them to interpret it differently. Do you know what I’m saying? That’s why I’m sure there are ongoing debates between biblical scholars, even now trying to get the right interpretation out of the Bible. I mean as a History major myself I understand the big controversy over mistranslations over the years of the Bible. I even took Biblical Hebrew and have got to say that as a Christian, our text now compared to the one of the Hebrew is not that far off. Meaning the Bible is pretty legit and has some straight forward points on what is and what is not the Truth. Also as a Christian I trust my God enough that these Truths in the Bible are from him and he wouldn’t allow them to be completely mistranslated over the years.

    2. Thank you for posting this! I can totally relate, I have this friend who is atheist and has been raised to believe that God is not real and just a false theory. She obviously believes this and just has the idea that religion, any religion in general is just plain boring and untruthful.

    3. There is a lot of cynics in school, but I encourage you all to first pray silently and ask God for wisdom on what to say. Don’t just blurt out or stay quiet because that’s what you think is right. You gotta listen to His voice and He will let you know what to say and do and sometimes He’ll just tell you to be quiet and not say anything. But here’s the thing, when you do speak up for God, you never know when another Christian who is too afraid to speak out and be rejected is probably listening to you and how you handle the situation. They may be inspired to also speak up since you did. A classmate of mine in math did this. We were working in groups and having usual discussion when a guy in the group said that “religion sucks” and that it was stupid. My classmate began to talk about his hope in Christ and eternal life and that is his hope. We have eternal life in Him. The other guy talked asked, “Why can’t we just be reincarnated? That’s much more fascinating and fun. We won’t get bored.” And so my classmate answered him saying that he doesn’t believe in reincarnation and some other things. I really couldn’t hear the rest since the angle he was in made it hard for me to hear some parts. Just the way he was able to share his faith and do it without shame amazed me. I felt so inspired. 🙂

    4. my little sister used to be a christian, so she said but recently converted to Buddhism and now says christianity is a cult. please pray for her and the fact that, honestly, she is making me question what i believe in. but i’m really trying to find out so i can stand firm on it. I love God.

    5. I am cynic. Let’s get that out of the way first. Feel free to try and convince me about Christianity, but I don’t think it’s going to work.

      Anyway, allow me to explain. I am not jealous of your Christianity, I am not ‘lost’, instead I am living my life with free will, something you as a Christian seem to have forsaken. I live how I want, dress how I want, and say what I want, without regrets or repercussions. I am happy!

      This doesn’t really go along with my post, but I feel compelled to point it out. It really annoys me when a Christain says that they will pray for you to understand God and His will, and they hope that you realise how stupid you are for not seeing His influence everywhere. Okay, so maybe they don’t say the stupid part, but you get my point. Girls, all this does is annoy non-Christains.

      Thank you, have a nice day. 🙂

      • Hey 🙂 Just wanted to say your comment made me think.
        I know sometimes Christians are seen as kill-joys or over legalistic. That’s not how it’s supposed to be though. Sure, God set certain rules/boundaries for a reason. Though I struggle sometimes, I try to follow Him wholeheartedly even if I don’t understand His reasoning. I know in the end, when I see him face to face, I’ll have no regrets.
        And for the record, I am beyond happy and I dress how I want, too.

    6. OHMYGOSH! This describes one of my friends perfectly. I’ve always had problems with her being cynical. To hear it put into words was refreshing. I don’t feel so..I dunno..alone? She always mocks my values and morals. And no matter what I say, its like there’s a wall in between us. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and pray for her daily. I know someday God will win her heart. But sometimes I feel really discouraged. This made me feel good. 🙂

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