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    Bible Study: Why Complaining Displeases God and Why Praise Brings Joy


    In the Bible, God speaks about faithfulness, praise, thanksgiving and exaltation. We learn about grumbling and complaining in the Bible—for example, regarding how the Israelites wandered for 40 days—and there are other scenarios on how God commands us to bless His Holy name! Thankfulness is actually God’s will for our lives.


    In EVERYTHING give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

    All the Israelites grumbled against Moses and Aaron, and the whole assembly said to them, If only we had died in Egypt! Or in this wilderness!” (Numbers 14:2)


    Complaining can also stem from unbelief, fear or doubt. We need to be reminded that we are humans and will fall, and we will get back up in faith—but know grumbling and murmuring is not of God (Proverbs 24:16). We need to be in the Word, which increases our faith. The Bible says that “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word” (Romans 10:17).


    Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful to him, and bless his name. (Psalms 100:4)


    When we feel like we have doubt, we need to get into the Word of God and put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6) so that we may avoid the schemes of the enemy. It says in the Bible that the man who doubts is like the waves of the sea tossed by the wind (James 1:6). We all have thoughts or emotions we need to cast down—anything that doesn’t align with the mind of Christ. Instead of complaining, we can all work on praising God! Not only does this change our perspective to being grateful for what we have, but it also shifts us into praise and worship, which honors and blesses God!


    Praise the Lord, my soul;

    all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

    Praise the Lord, my soul,

    and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your sins

    and heals all your diseases,

    who redeems your life from the pit

    and crowns you with love and compassion,

    who satisfies your desires with good things

    so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

    (Psalm 103:1-5)

    How do you praise God? One way is by adoration and proclaiming who He is and lifting up His Holy name! You can call Him awesome, powerful, Holy, worthy, mighty, all-knowing, wonderful, Jehovah, the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords…I could go on and on! God is amazing! The book of Psalms is filled with songs, words and praises to God. Read some of them; they will encourage you to lift up your voice to God! Even if you don’t sing, you can still give God glory for ALL He has done!


    You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence… (Psalm 16:11)


    That is the second way we can worship God: thanking Him for what He has done! Not only did He save us from the second death, but He also redeemed us from all of our sins, and gave us the free gift of eternal life in Christ. Salvation is the greatest, most generous gift of all! On top of that, God continues to bless us! We have health, family, friends, talents, abilities, a roof over our head, food to eat and more! How thankful I am how GOOD God has been to me!

    God instructs us many times in the Bible to be content with what we have. In Hebrews 13:5, it says: “Keep your lives free from the love of money, be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’”

    This is just an example. Paul writes about being content whether full or hungry in Philippians 4:12, and to be grateful for what you have:


    I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. (Philippians 4:12)


    Girls, what are you thankful for in your lives? Also, do you have any prayer requests on refraining from grumbling and complaining? Any tips? My tip is to praise Jesus, listen to worship music and count your blessings! Amen? 

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. To my Pi sisters and Christi, a tip I have is to commit to the Bible and pray, whenever I read a pi article every day,I’m always reminded of the amazing grace of God. Also when I watch the news, and see the crazy things happening in the world,I can’t help but thank the Lord for giving me safety & I ask for forgiveness, and praying God those who are less fortunate and need him more then ever. Prayer and adoration is the best connection to have with Christ, it feels me up with joy and content:) God bless you girls!!!:)

    2. Something that helped me refrain from focusing on the bad things:
      So, first you should know that I have journaled off and on ever since I was little. Also, when I was young I moved around a LOT.
      So after we had moved for the third time I sat and started writing: “I hate this new place, it’s terrible and I won’t ever call it home.” Then I thought to myself, well it wasn’t fair that I implied I hate this WHOLE place because there are SOME good things about it.
      So, I continued “well, except for my new friends, the neighbors, the restaraunt we always go to, my new dog…” The list was way longer than I thought it was going to be and by the end I could even think of anything bad about the place.
      Just goes to show that we should focus on the good.

      Of course this isn’t to say we shouldn’t voice our troubles to others, but there’s a difference between that and complaining.

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