Caught Being Godly: What Does This Christian Fashion Designer Think About Modesty and Bikinis?

    Hey sweet ladies! It’s finally summer, which usually means beach and pool weather! In the spirit of the season and in connection with one of our popular themes on PI, modesty, I thought it’d be interesting to take the discussion of bikinis a little further.

    I found this cool clip of a presentation given by Jessica Rey, a Christian designer and actress. She discusses the history of the swimsuit, how it affects boys and its reflection on women.

    I found it really interesting and wanted to share it with you. Take a listen and share your thoughts! I love, love LOVE to hear from you! 🙂

    Ladies, do you agree with Rey? Do you wear a bikini or do you feel that they’re too immodest?

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. I was hoping you guys would do an article on this video!!!! I really liked what she had to say. and her swimsuit line is ADORABLE!!!! I love that’s it’s inspired by Audrey Hepburn! 🙂

    2. I get what she’s saying and I think that those one piece swimsuits were super cute, but I hate how she seemed to imply that the fact that men see women as objects when they’re dressed in less was the WOMAN’S fault, even though it’s the man who treating someone as they’re less than human.

      I understand what she was trying to get at though.

      • i think some women in today’s society wear inappropriate clothing, then argue that men shouldn’t treat them like objects. but treating women how the Bible says men should is a little hard for the guy to do when the woman shows off half her body. O.o so yes, it is the guy’s fault if he lusts for the woman, but it IS also very much the woman’s fault for giving them that opportunity to slip up.

        and of course, like a girl commented on a modest is hottest post to remind us: modesty isn’t just about helping our brothers in Christ not stumble (though that is a good reason), it’s also about glorifying God with our bodies, because we are temples of the Holy Spirit. i don’t think we’re really glorifying God by showing off all of our back and stomach, and most of the time half your chest, when you wear a bikini.

        oh, and also, about when she talks about the Princeton study and how it showed that a man’s brain sees the woman as an object when wearing a bikini…lets say a Christian guy, or even just a guy with only good intentions, sees a woman in a bikini. since his intentions are always good, he doesn’t necessarily TREAT the woman like an object, but he can’t help that his mind automatically jumps to that. (i mean, i know as Christians we need to resist temptation, but i mean come on, it’s pretty hard for a guy to avoid looking at a woman in a bad way when she’s basically walking around in her underwear).

        • Ugh why do people keep saying that bikinis are basically girls in underwear, but i’ve NEVER heard people say that about guys in their swimsuits. They’re basically in their underwear too, aren’t they?

          smh at this double standard.

          Anyways, Mandi, yes, it IS his fault if his mind jumps immediately to objectifying her. For example, if you see a black man in a store and get scared that he’s gonna steal from you, is that the man’s fault for being black? No, it’s YOUR fault because it’s YOUR mind that jumped to racist stereotypes.

          Stop excusing guys for things that are their fault. If a hot guy walks in front of you, in just a speedo or something like that, what would you do? Turn away? Avoid looking at him? If you lust after him, are you gonna blame yourself, or him?

          I’m guessing that you would blame yourself. So let men blame THEMSELVES.

        • yeah, i do get that about guys in speedos…i know this doesn’t really help my point, but i’m honestly NOT completely sure why people always talk about women needing to dress modestly because it’s easy for men to lust over them, but not the opposite. but i’m guessing if i asked someone like T.M. Gaouette (the lady that does the modest is hottest posts), she would give a reason for that. i probably will ask that on the next modest is hottest post since she looks through our comments. i think it’s just some fact that men are more prone to lust than women, since i THINK in the Bible most of the time it talks about MEN lusting. (not saying women don’t lust at all, but i think for some reason it’s a bigger issue for guys)

          and um…i think your example of racism is not relevant in this conversation because it’s completely different. and ah, i WOULDN’T be afraid that a black guy would steal from me and i kinda hope no one else would too. O.o you would ACTUALLY have to be racist for that to pop into your mind, but anyways…your argument for that was, it’s not the man’s fault for being black…so i tell you this….if a woman is dressed perfectly modestly and a guy STILL finds a way to lust over her, then yes it is pretty much 100% his fault…but when a woman wears inappropriate clothing that shows her butt, her chest, her stomach, etc., it’s nearly impossible for a guy not to sin in some way, even if only a little.

          and, for a guy, even in a speedo guys can still be covered enough so that you wouldn’t think about…stuff…now, if a guy is wearing a speedo that is way to small (which, as a year-round swimmer i pretty much see this every day) therefore showing more than necessary, i would blame myself for thinking about stuff i shouldn’t, but i would also be annoyed at the guy for wearing a swim suit that is TOO SMALL.

          so you’re saying, you could just walk around in your underwear (in this case i mean your actual underwear not a bikini) and have no problem with doing that, because, after all, it is the guys fault for lusting?

        • I think it’s great that you don’t automatically assume that a black guy is gonna steal from you, but it happens a lot to us POC- people assume the worst about us just because of the way we look.

          Also, stop, stop. It’s /not/ impossible for a guy to see a girl and not lust after her. A guy has to let his gaze linger, has to think about her sexually, before it counts as ‘lust’. Lust isn’t seeing a girl and thinking that she has a nice body, lust is thinking about someone sexually.

          My point about the black man still stands- if someone thinks negative thoughts about him, it’s THEIR fault, not his.

          And yeah, I’m saying that I should be able to walk around in my underwear- naked, even- and if a guy lusts after me, it’s his fault. Because if he’s uncomfortable with me, he can turn away. IT’S LITERALLY THAT EASY. Just look away. Just look me in the eye instead of at my body.

        • True, but a guy could be tempted enough to not be able to make themselves look away.

          And I hope this goes underneath feministchristian’s most recent post.

        • Feminist Christian, please tell me why if a guy walks into a girls locker and the girls are in their underwear they start screaming and fussing, yet the girls wear less to the beach?

        • why would you WANT a guy to just look away from you? if that’s your theory, then all your life you’re going to walk around with non-Christian guys treating you/looking at you like objects and Christian guys ignoring you because they don’t want to be tempted.

          and you said “just turn away. IT’S LITERALLY THAT EASY.” well, look at what Marissarulz said (thanks Marissa!). and, seriously, you can’t know how easy it is for a guy to be strongly tempted, because you AREN’T a guy. now yes, sorry, i know i’m also not a guy, but did you ever watch the video on the post T.M. Gaouette did called “Faith Saver: What Christian Guys Think About Modesty”?? i’m sorry, i have no idea how to attach a link to a comment, but PLEEEAASE search for that article and watch the video (ALL of it!). it completely supports my point.

        • if a guy is tempted enough not to look away, then I’m sorry, it’s his problem. If I put my lunch in my work refrigerator and labeled my name on it, and then someone ate it anyways, is it my fault for bringing lunch to work? No, it’s his fault for resisting temptation.

          I’m sorry, I just honestly can’t believe that you guys are defending guys for objectifying ladies in bikinis. I don’t care if I walk out naked, if you treat me like I’m less than human, that’s not okay.

        • @feministchristian- I feel that you’re missing the point on what it means to be a sister in Christ. Brothers and sisters in Christ work to help each other avoid sin. It is the man’s fault if he sins, but it is the woman’s fault if she causes that man to sin. These teachings are clear in scripture. Just as a married man is sinning if he cheats on his wife, the woman is also sinning by having that affair even if she’s unmarried. And you cannot be expected to be treated with dignity and respect when you dress in a manner that’s undignified and lacks self-respect. You have to respect yourself first, and that means dressing in a manner that glorifies God.

        • And, no, I DON’T WANT guys to have to look away from me. I want guys to be able to treat me with respect no matter WHAT i’m wearing. If it’s a hot day out and I want to just chill in my shorts and a tank top, I should be able to do that without needing to worry about a guy treating me as I’m less the human.

          The problem isn’t with ladies that wear revealing outfits, the problem lays with society thinking that they should be able to dictate a women’s wardrobe.

          And Shanell, OBVIOUSLY a guy walking into a locker room is different than a girl going out in a bikini. First- if a guy walks into a locker room, he might see girls naked, not just in their underwear. The girls in the locker room aren’t prepared to see another guy. They’re changing, so they would probably feel vulnerable. The guy doesn’t have their consent to see them. If a girl walks out in a bikini, that means that she’s prepared for people to see her in her outfit.

        • Can you give me a biblical view on what /you’re/ saying?

          I feel like asking for respect no matter who I am and what I’m wearing doesn’t necessarily NEED biblical evidence to back me up- it’s simple human decency. If you insist…

          1 Peter 2:17: Honor everyone.

          There’s more but I literally just flipped through my bible and found this.

        • “Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor. Servants, be subject to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the unjust. For this is a gracious thing, when, mindful of God, one endures sorrows while suffering unjustly. (1 Peter 2:16-19) So the apostle is basically telling all servants to respect their masters, no matter how they’re treated. I’m not sure this is applicable to this subject. God bless, TMG

        • @feministchristian I agree with you 🙂 i really dont see how its a horrible thing to wear something a little more revealing on a really hot day (I live in Texas so it gets SUPER hot here)if a guy going to be disgusting enough to think of me as an object than that’s his problem.

          I think modesty can be taken to many levels. there are modest bikinis and than there are seductive stringy triangle bikinis.

        • I’m confident that comparing the reactions to a man created black by God and to a woman who chooses to dress immodestly…or even remain naked- as feministchristian has suggested, are two VERY different things! One is God’s choice, the other is man’s (or woman’s, in this case). God bless. TMG

        • Ms Gaouette, let me explain my black guy example- I wasn’t trying to compare a black man to a lady that’s wearing revealing clothes. I was trying to compare a man who thinks racist thoughts about a guy that passed him in the supermarket to a man who thinks sexual thoughts about a woman who passed him on the beach.

          You said: “Just as a married man is sinning if he cheats on his wife, the woman is also sinning by having that affair even if she’s unmarried.” That is a completely different example. A women who willingly sleeps with a man she knows is married =/= a women who walks out in a outfit that she loves and feels confident in.

          You also said: “And you cannot be expected to be treated with dignity and respect when you dress in a manner that’s undignified and lacks self-respect.” Ms, I’m appalled by this. I can’t believe that there’s people in this world that think that you could judge someone just because of the way they look/are dressed.

          If I’m wearing shorts and a tank top because it’s hot and I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, and these guys pass me on the street and say lewd things and grab my butt, are you saying that it’s alright for this to be happening?

          After all, you think that I don’t deserve respect because I’m dressing a manner that you think is undignified.

        • feministchristian- I understood, which is why I wrote that comparing the “reactions” was not comparable. Further, not all men are racist, but all men check out women. Also, a black man can’t do anything to stop another man from hating him because of the color God chose for him, but a woman can dress in a manner that stops a man from lusting after her. Also, the bible calls for us to be modest, it doesn’t call for a man to change the color of his skin. Regarding the affair example-You’re comparing an act with an emotion: the act of an affair with the emotion of feeling confident. The act of the affair could instill a sense of confidence also. But the act of dressing immodestly, thus causing the sin of lust from a guy is the same as the act of partaking in a relationship that causes a man to have an affair.

          Additionally, the reality is that people judge you according to the way you dress, whether appalling or not. If this wasn’t the case, there would be no dress codes at certain jobs or at schools. Law enforcement, firemen, military and even prostitutes wear certain clothing so that they’re recognizable for what they do. However, when considering modesty, a Christian’s primary focus should be on glorifying God. And scripture calls for women to dress with dignity and decency. It’s a hot day? How can I dress in a manner that will keep me cool but still glorify God? And in glorifying God, one of your intentions should be to avoid causing lust from boys. You may not like it. You may not want that responsibility. You may even prefer putting blame on guys so that you can dress immodestly without feeling bad, but all of that is irrelevant to God. If you’re interested in reading more thoughts on the subject, consider the following posts, and thank you for sharing your thoughts about this subject. God bless, TMG Pajama Bottoms in Public Sends Unintended Messages Does God Care About What We Wear? Who Do You Dress For?

        • Feminist Christian here is my biblical evidence.

          1 Timothy 2:9 says: Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,” Which i believe means that we should dress appropriately and in a Godly manner.

          1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says:
          Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” I believe we should dress to reflect Jesus Christ.

          1 John 2:16 says:
          For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world.”

          1 Corinthians 10:31 says: So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Can you tell me how you glorify God in how you dress???

        • I like how the bible says to not wear costly attire but a lot of christian God people spend a lot of money on jewelry..

        • FeministChristian i gave my biblical evidence. Can you give me yours please? It goes both ways. Not just one.

      • Too bad she lied about the study to sell her suits. I like the designs, but the dishonest marketing disgusts me. The study didn’t show that men automatically objectified women. In bikinis. It only showed that hostile sexist men objectified them.

    3. I love her bathing suits she designed. But I really don’t like the message she sends.

      For one, modesty is all relative and cultural. In middle eastern countries, it’s immodest for a woman to show her hair. In Africa, many women go topless and the men don’t “lust” after them. It’s because there, its the norm. It’s the guy’s problem if he lusts, not the girl’s, and vice-versa.

      • Yepyep.

        I think she is adorable, and I like some of her designs (Because come on…AUDREY FRIGGIN’ HEPBURN. They’ve gotta be good!), but yeah…I still have a bikini, and I’m still gonna wear it.

      • I love what you posted! It’s true, her designs were cute, but I am SO sick of being shamed for wearing certain things. NO WHERE in the Bible does it say to dress modestly so men don’t treat you like an object. God called the men to step up and be godly leaders. It’s about time they do so.

        • There are a lot of things the bible does not specifically say. But the bible does say that in everything we do, do it for the glory of God. That also includes how we dress.

          And Also i had to point out that’s it’s not always the clothes you wear, 6many times it’s your body type. Society is oversexualizing women’s body types, that is a lot of the problem.

      • I agree with your point, Rosalynn. Each culture has its own standards of modesty/attitudes to wear. You might also want to add that in Scandinavia/the Nordic countries, it is widely accepted for both genders to be nude on the beach or recreational place without being lusted for or stared at.

        • You might also want to add that “The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them” (Genesis 3:21). Let us focus on His standards. God bless, TMG

      • And are we to be concerned with other cultures? We’re told in Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” As Christians, our focus is God’s will, God’s standard…not what other cultures consider modesty. Blessings, TMG

        • It’s not conforming to the world, it’s just different cultures. I’m not saying we should go topless to the beach- I’m saying that in other cultures women walk around topless and men don’t lust. Men don’t HAVE to lust and they don’t always lust or freak out when they see a women topless. So what I’m saying is that the men can control themselves and the women can, too.

        • How to we dress to reflect Jesus Rosalynn? Where does the bible say we can live any way we want, dress any we want and live with consequences or limits?

        • What kind of clothes did Jesus wear? Oh, that’s right, clothes that were appropriate to His CULTURE and TIME.

          Look, you have two options. Either modesty is an unchanging standard, or it’s culturally and contextually dependent. If you believe it’s the first, then you better be wearing biblically accurate robes all the time.
          If the second, and we have freedom to dress as we see fit within the bounds of our culture and for each given context, well, then who are you to insist a bikini is wrong?

    4. This was a great article and I loved the video. I think she is a great inspiration for any girl wanting to dress modestly. Her swimsuit line is also beyond cute! I loved all the one pieces 🙂

    5. Yes I agree with Rey and since i don’t really go to the beach i do not wear bikini but i do love the swimsuit line she designed. And i just love that she got her inspiration from Audrey Hepburn because she is my style icon when it comes to her style

    6. To be honest, I still don’t think it’s that bad to wear a bikini. I mean it covers up everything that needs to be covered, but I still don’t see anything wrong with it. Mind you this is the second summer in a row that I’ve ever actually worn a bikini (I am 16) and my parents gave me the choice when I turned 15 whether or not I wanted to wear one. At first I really did, then I didn’t, but now I don’t mind wearing either one. I just see it as something I use to swim with and that’s all.

    7. I recently came across her swimsuit range and thought they were so cute! I love how she says that you don’t have to dress frumpy to be modest. I want to open a shop on Etsy soon selling cute, affordable , modest clothes :), what do you girls think?

    8. This has forever changed my views on Bikinis! God bless this girl for speaking up and stepping out! Also, my inspiration is Audrey Hepburn too! This is an amazing video and i wish every girl could see. I am going to wear my one piece with dignity and pride knowing that i am God’s princess, respecting Him by being modest. Modest is definitely Hottest <3

      • I don’t really understand it when people say that you’re disrespecting God by wearing bikinis. That makes no sense. The only reason I don’t wear bikinis is because I don’t feel comfortable enough with my body to be showing it off. I’ve never really felt comfortable in swimsuits because I’m not comfortable with myself. If you are comfortable with letting your belly button show, it’s no big deal.

        • Like, I don’t care if girls wear bikinis, but I just don’t like wearing them, so I don’t.

        • The reason people say that, is because we as Christians are representing God in everything that we do. What we say, how we appear, everything. Just because something is the “NORM” in a certain society, doesn’t mean that it is the right way. We get the right way from what He tells us in the Bible. Choosing to not wear a bikini as a child of God in order to respect Him, is because we have to live the life of Modesty. Arms, legs, stomach, back, front. Almost all of these areas are revealed in bikinis… Honestly, I wouldn’t care how hot it is outside. If I have to put on knee-length shorts and a t-shirt or sleeveless, then I gotta do what I gotta do.

        • I agree with you. The idea of modesty is all cultural and relative. It used to be considered immodest for women to show their ankles. It really depends on the culture and the time period.

    9. Jessica’s swimsuits are adorable! I might get 1 of her tankinis! However, I wear bikinis too. I think its appalling when I read things that say girls who wear bikinis have less self respect and won’t be treated with dignity and respect by guys! It’s simply untrue! I have never been treated like less of a person by guys for wearing bikinis…I’ve had more issues with judgmental girls! I met my boyfriend’s best friend for the first time while we were by the water and wearing swimsuits. Later my bf told me his friend said he thought I was a nice, good, attractive girl that you could spend the rest of your life with…does that sound like I was thought of in a disrespectful way? Also my boyfriend thinks bikinis AND tankinis are extremely sexy! He and his friends treat me the same no matter what I wear! People make this a bigger deal than it is!!

      • We have to keep in mind, however, if the clothing we have on is more revealing than what God expects of us. Every man in the world could complement me in a respectful way when I wear a bikini, doesn’t mean that its any less revealing, and it doesn’t mean that it’s any more modest, as the standard is in the Bible. I don’t think this has to do with us girls being treated with respect: It has to do with me possibly leading others to temptations, and me truly showing the holiness we aught to stand for.

    10. I think that if the bikini is as modest as you can get, go ahead. But I prefer a tankini or one pieces. However, it’s so hard to find something that is modest and isn’t strapless amongst the other swimsuits. I will have to check her line out!

    11. Although I like this video, and I do see her point, I wear, and will continue to do so, a bikini. If a girl/woman is comfortable in a bikini, she should wear it and not think of a man’s opinion. In fact, I think instead of telling women to change so a man doesn’t think of her as an object, I think men should stop thinking of women as objects in general, no matter what they’re wearing. Women’s modesty should be used by her for her beliefs, comfort, and preferences, not a man’s.

    12. You know what would be really cool, if women’s and men’s minds worked the same way! I never thought that wearing a bikini would cause a guy to think in first person pronouns. I am glad the bikinis are not the only fashionable suits. I am a swimmer, and I have found that that competition suits from brands such as speedo, TYR, and dolphin uglies are also cute modest suits.

    13. Wow! This is insanely eye opening! I know I’ve wanted a bikini but I was never “allowed” and after this, I don’t even want one. But I definitely want one of her swimsuits now!

    14. I really liked this video. I had recently bought a bikini and I begin to feel uncomfortable. I have worn them for a long time, but my relationship with God has grown a lot, so this really helped me. Now I know where I can find some modest swimsuits.

    15. I was once a five-foot-ten, size four girl, and even then, I would have never touched a bikini. Even when wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I had guys drooling all over me. That being said, I’m all for modesty, but those swimsuits… they would look awful on me. I don’t like the “vintage” look and I wish there were more options for those of us who like things that are different, want to be modest, and don’t want to compromise on colors and patterns and styles just to be modest. That’s the issue I have with a lot of modest clothing. They only appeal to those who think that certain patterns and colors are cute, which is fine. At the same time, not all of us are really into that thing. I’ll probably just make my own bathing suit and modest clothing.

      • I searched some stores until i found a tanktop made out of material that i thought would resist water the best and dry quickly, and then i bought some actual swim SHORTS. Just wear undergarments of some sort, and wah-lah! Modest, cute, and comfortable

    16. i just checked out her swimsuits and there so beautiful. I totally agree with you but i can’t afford any of it. Im a teenager who wants to have a modest swimsuit. but $90 for a swimsuit everything she said just meant nothing. teenagers like me obviously don’t have the kind of money. we will take the cheapest cutest thing. and right now her swimsuits are EXPENSIVE !!!

    17. I totally disagree i wear Bikinis all the time. and i feel perfectly modest. I think that if you wear a bikini you feel that you are comfertable with your body and i think thats GREAT! Im treated equally by guys when i wear a bikini. i dont understand what the big deal is.

    18. I just have to say, after watching this, I feel upset. I know Ms. Rey has good intentions, but there are going to be a lot of young women and girls who are going to listen to this and walk away under a cloud of guilt and condemnation. Ms. Rey makes the common mistake among Christians to assign blame to the woman instead of the men for their hearts. A man is capable of lust no matter how modestly a woman may dress or behave. It isn’t what a woman wears that matters, but her heart. Anytime we stop examining the heart and simply address the outward appearance we are putting ourselves under the law, which brings judgement and condemnation. The Bible is clear that these are not from God, but rather from our enemy, the principalities of darkness that are at war against God’s Kingdom, which consequently means all who call themselves followers of Christ. This includes men. The issue of lust (be it in men or women) is a battle against not flesh and blood, but it is a question of the heart. Who are you surrendering your desires too? Women should not be made the ones responsible for doing what only the man can do, getting his heart and mind right with Christ. Yes, there are some women who long for attention and power and use their bodies and beauty to do that, but we are judging if we look at a woman and assume because she is wearing a bikini she is trying to manipulate and control. The Bible says we are not the judge of one another, God is the judge and the Bible says he judges the heart. Perhaps she (woman in this example) is just comfortable and confident with her sexuality. We need to go deeper than simply saying “Don’t wear a bikini” we need to examine the heart and our motives as we should in any decision we make. There is no one-sizes fits all. Some women don’t feel the freedom within themselves to wear a bikini, and that is okay for them. Paul says we should all live up to the truth we have obtained, which means wherever you are in your walk with Jesus, do that. But the lack of freedom in one is not a means to justify enslaving another who have a different freedom due to the health and level of her relationship with Christ.

      I recommend reading the following article for a more in depth look on this topic:

      I say these things because I too was trapped for a long time in this mindset, that it was my duty as a woman to protect and guard a man’s heart. This is TOTALLY backwards from what the Bible says about who is to be doing the protecting. God made Adam and put him in charge of protecting Eve. Yes, I do think we as women have the responsibility to respect and serve Adam (men) in return, but I think we need to prayerfully get back to the Bible and understand what that responsibility truly means and looks like. I long to see women set free. Free to be who they were made to be in Christ. Free of shame and guilt. Free to love God with all of who they are, including in the sexuality HE designed and entrusted to us.

    19. I feel torn because I want to dress modestly but I wear bikinis because they give me an extra boost of confidence. They remind me that I’m no longer that chubby little girl. So I don’t wear them for anyone but myself. And its not like its a string bikini or anything like that. Its a straight bandeau top (I think that’s what its called. Correct me if I’m wrong) and a pair of small mesh shorts. Si is it still wrong to wear that type of bikini if I’m only wearing it for myself?

      • hello kc2016! (: from a Christian (Biblical) standpoint, this is what i would (and will) tell you…no matter what the circumstances, i think it is wrong to wear a bikini (or any clothing that shows that much of your body). because in ANY circumstance, you are showing off pretty much all of your body even if your butt and chest are covered. number 1, it’s tempting guys to sin and we need to respect our brothers in Christ, and number 2, we are supposed to glorify God with our bodies because we are temples of the Holy Spirit. (:

        what i’m saying is, a LOT of girls say, “oh, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you conduct yourself and how you act”, and that is WRONG. now yes, it is INCREDIBLY important to conduct yourself in a respectful and Godly manner at all times, but you still need to dress modestly and be glorifying God with what you wear!

        always remember, if you need a boost of confidence, God is there!!! you are quite literally made and loved by the guy that created every single thing around you. seriously, REALLY think about that for a few minutes and the reality and seriousness of that fact will dawn on you. don’t let yourself be tempted to wear something against your beliefs because you don’t feel good enough about yourself; i PROMISE you’re better than that. (: God loves you more than all our minds put together could ever imagine. He made your personality and looks the way they are for a very good reason. just want to make sure you understand all that. (:

        hope this helps, tell me if you want any other sort of advice and i’ll do my best to help! (: <3

    20. In reference to the endless train of debate above, I find it really sad when Christians are forced to defend their beliefs about biblical truths such as modesty to other brothers and sisters in Christ.

        • No one’s forcing anyone to defend their beliefs. Those who disagree have a right to disagree, and just because they do it doesn’t mean that they’re not Christians.

          I don’t agree with the video because she uses the excuse that men will and always lust, when actually the case is not true- women go topless in other countries and men don’t lust. In some cultures a women showing their hair “causes” a men to lust. They won’t always lust, and if they do it’s their fault (vice-versa with women).

        • modesty isn’t always just about helping our brothers in Christ, it’s about glorifying God with our bodies and dressing in a respectful manner since we’re temples of the Holy Spirit.

          the whole thing sort of confuses me, but i do think it has something to do with what time period you’re talking about. what time period, not what culture…because in my opinion no matter where the heck you are it’s wrong to walk around half naked. O.o because again, glorifying God in everything we do, including how we dress.

          if a girl is sufficiently covered (for sake of reference, when i say sufficiently covered i’ll mean what PI considers modest), and a guy still looks at her long enough and goes to the extreme to think on it long enough to start lusting, then yes that would be the man’s fault…but if a girl is wearing hardly any clothing (let’s say a bikini since that’s basically underwear), then that’s really not fair at all to a guy. it makes it sooo much easier to be tempted when the girl is already basically half naked. therefore, in leading the man to temptation whether on purpose or on accident, the woman has sinned.

          and just so we’re clear, when i say lust, i mean what the Bible considers lust to be…because i’m not completely sure, but in the cultures where guys “lust” over women just by seeing their hair, their version of lust is much different.

      • I feel it’s sad when Christian defend their unbiblical beliefs and claim that it’s from the Bible.

        The bible says to be modest, but they mean to be humble. It says not to flaunt your riches. It says to respect your body. Respecting your body =/= wearing clothes that don’t show your breasts or your legs. It doesn’t say that ladies have to cover up for men anywhere in the Bible.

        • ^what Democratic said.

          And about the modesty thing… In Africa many women go topless. There are places all over the world where women are “scantily clad”, and men don’t give a second look. Why? Because there its normal. And the men don’t lust- because they don’t have to lust, and it’s not any harder or easier for them to lust based on what you’re wearing. In Islamic countries its considered immodest for a women to show her hair, and men will “lust” after a women if her hair is shown. How is their version of lust different?

        • So then Democratic… If you claim they are unbiblical, then maybe you should provide some biblical evidence to prove our points wrong then.

        • The bible says not to cause our brothers to stumble.
          This includes causing them to lust by “provoking” it with revealing clothing. Covering breasts and butts is not enough for a man not to lust. You can be completely covered and still cause a man to lust if youre clothing is too tight on your curves. Men are very visual and it is our Christian duty to dress in a way that does not cause them to struggle with lust, we should make it easy for them to be around us without us wearing something that draws their attention to our body instead of our face/personality.

        • Savannah, you are taking verses out of context. If you will apply that verse to clothing when it is not about clothing, you should apply it to everything else, and avoid all behaviors which might possibly inspire rage, coveting, jealousy, vanity, sloth, gluttony, etc etc etc.
          All of these sins are equally as bad as lust, and every person is different and struggle with different things. Why the fixation with lust?
          Furthermore, the Bible says “But each one is tempted when, by his evil desires, he is dragged away and enticed.”
          No one drags you away and entices you to lust (or commit any other sin) except yourself.

    21. I was so happy when you posted this! I saw this vid a couple of weeks earlier! I am happy to say now, that I no longer own any bikinis and just bought a one piece for the beach this weekend!

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