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Caught Being Godly: Woman Visits Heaven and Returns to Share Its Truth

Ladies, sometimes we need to be reminded of what life’s journey is really about. And often that reminder is offered to us by someone with whom God has chosen to share the truth about heaven.

Last December, our PI book club read Heaven Is for Real, a true story about a young boy who left the earth briefly and was taken to heaven. Once back, he shared his story.

There are many stories of people dying and visiting heaven or hell, and the experience is life-changing. How could it not be? I believe these people are chosen to visit heaven, then sent back to share their experiences so we all can be reminded of what’s truly important in life–that we live in a manner that leads us to Christ and heaven in the end.

The following story is amazing!

Girls, while many skeptics consider these stories ridiculous and fantastical, I believe they’re true and intended to guide us back on the right path to Jesus. What do you think?

Do you believe that God selects some people to visit heaven and then return to share its truth? Do these stories inspire you to live a life according to Christ’s teaching?

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  1. jinglebells

    Posted by jinglebells on April 25, 2013 at 16:53

    I think that it was a dream something in her mind that GOd put their but I personally Do not think that she really went to heaven and back. But God put her dream in her head

  2. LL107

    Posted by LL107 on April 23, 2013 at 19:21

    wow this is amazing if i died and got sent back to earth i will tell people my story too if the lord gave me permisstion to.

  3. LL107

    Posted by LL107 on April 23, 2013 at 19:19

    god and jesus are the same you know.

  4. Project Inspired

    Posted by a2j on April 23, 2013 at 14:09

    I do agree that we have to use our discernment about these things; however, I also think that we need to not be so skeptical that we just completely dismiss it without looking for answers as to why God would send someone to Heaven then tell them it wasn’t their time. Who can really know what God’s plans are? Just because we don’t understand why God would do something, it doesn’t mean He wouldn’t do it. I think, maybe, God might have sent her to Heaven so she could have peace when her son died knowing that He was in the place that she didn’t want to leave. It might make the tragedy a little easier to deal with. Again, we can’t know God’s will if He has other reasons for not wanting us to know it, but that’s just my guess.

    Also, I know some people believe that it’s the medications that some people are on when they have surgery that makes them have dreams about Heaven instead of actually going. But this lady wasn’t in surgery. She was under water during a kayaking accident when she went to Heaven. We need to be careful about what we believe, but we also need to give credit to the stories that might actually be true. Look for inconsistencies, things that the person might not be willing to tell but that are necessary for proof, things like that. But I believe this lady, she seems to be telling the truth.

  5. GinaMarie1224

    Posted by GinaMarie1224 on April 22, 2013 at 17:19

    I think it is easy to believe that these stories are fake; that the people were under the effects of medication while hospitalized; that they were dreaming. It is harder, though, to believe that it is real, and it is God who directs these stories.
    That’s the thing about Christianity. You can take the easy way out and find a “rational” or “scientific” reason for everything, or you can trust that we were created by a God who is bigger than us and 100% in control. Because here’s the thing my sisters (and brothers): God isn’t rational. He is bigger than we can ever imagine. Trying to understand him completely will blow your mind! I find it more productive to trust that I believe in a God who has always had a plan, who has a plan each day of my life, and who has a plan for the rest of eternity. Amen.

  6. lizzie-97

    Posted by lizzie-97 on April 21, 2013 at 14:30

    Why would God “send” people to heaven, where it’s perfect, and then bring them back to earth? Many of these people have drugs in their bodies during surgeries, when these kind of things happen. They could easily be dreams… I think we need to be careful about these things.

  7. annie9

    Posted by annie9 on April 20, 2013 at 15:04

    that story is totally amazing!

  8. PumpkinGirl

    Posted by PumpkinGirl on April 20, 2013 at 14:40

    I don’t really think they really went to heaven and then came back- not to sound rude or anything.

    • so_shedances

      Posted by so_shedances on April 21, 2013 at 21:18

      You don’t sound rude at all. I mean, I completely agree. We definitely need discernment when it comes to these things.

  9. xo_penguins_xo@hotmail.com

    Posted by xo_penguins_xo@hotmail.com on April 20, 2013 at 13:41

    In order to enter heaven you must be born again John 3:3

  10. xo_penguins_xo@hotmail.com

    Posted by xo_penguins_xo@hotmail.com on April 20, 2013 at 13:39

    I really was disappointed that she didn’t say Jesus, she just said God. And she didn’t share that in order to go to heaven you have to believe on Jesus, trust on him for salvation and by doing so your view of sin changes and you become a new creature. Personally I think she should have shared the gospel in a way that it tied in with her experience, by that I mean, tell her experience and then the gospel.