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Cause We Care About: When the Saints

At Project Inspired we want to connect you to practical ways to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world. We want to highlight and bring attention to issues, causes and charities looking for help from someone exactly like you! As you read about each, please pray that God reveals to you which one you should be a part of.


One awesome cause we love is When the Saints, a nonprofit whose aim is to offer healing and new life through Jesus to those enslaved by sexual exploitation. Their focus is on those forced into prostitution and sexually exploitation in Malawi, southeast Africa.

Their vision: “We envision a Malawi that is free from sexual exploitation and ruled by the transforming love of Jesus. Through discipleship and encounters with truth, men are set free from the shame of oppression and empowered with healing and purity. Through discipleship, counseling and career training, women are set free to heal and provide for themselves with dignity. We support Malawians to build a culture and economy that is fueled by freedom and truth.”

The organization’s dream is to see Africans minister to Africans and to utilize resources from within the country as much as possible to empower through sustainability. They partner with foreign and local organizations as well as churches of any denomination to oversee on-the-ground services and operations.



Their first program was to open a safe home for girls who are enslaved for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the country of Malawi. The rehabilitation facility opened on December 22, 2015, and it ensures the educational, vocational, nutritional, emotional, psychological and spiritual care of the girls, ages 5-15. There are currently 16 girls living in the safe home.


When the Saints was started by David Peterka, a Missouri native, in November 2011. His passion is to bring awareness to the issues of extreme poverty and social injustices around the world, and to help teach churches the roles they can play to combat it. Read more about David.

Check out this video about David and When the Saints.



Here are a few things the girls in the safe home need. If you feel called to donate, send the items to:

1211 Kraft St.
St. Louis, MO 63139



When the Saints also takes applications for short-term mission trips. Check out the link here.


Will you pray with us for When the Saints and the children of Malawi?

Image: Courtesy of When the Saints


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