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Cause We Care About: World Vision

At Project Inspired we want to connect you to practical ways to be the hands and feet of Christ in our world. We want to highlight and bring attention to issues, causes and charities looking for help from someone exactly like you! As you read about each, please pray that God reveals to you which one you should be a part of.


World Vision follows Jesus’ example to show unconditional love to the poor and oppressed by serving every child and adult of any faith or none. They not only take care of children, but also drill wells in impoverished countries where there is no clean water, provide lifesaving medicines to children who need it, use funds to help the Syrian refugees and so much more. I highly recommend going to the World Vision website to see all the ways they help people all over the world, and how you might feel called to help. You can also do a one-time donation. Every dollar counts!



If you feel like God is calling you to give, or want to find a godly place to tithe, I really recommend World Vision. I have been sponsoring children from World Vision for six years now, and the organization does such a good job with the updates you get! Whenever you send (or email) your child or make an extra donation, the family tells you what they bought and then includes a picture with it. Now when you’re looking to sponsor a child, you can even see a video of them before deciding. It’s really remarkable what they’re doing! Here’s a link to their children’s sponsor page, including how long they have been waiting.

Click here for the link to children looking for sponsors.


Here is a wonderful photograph I recently received from one of the children I sponsor.


PI Girls, do you sponsor a child? Is it something you would consider?

Image: World Vision 


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