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Check Out Christi’s Acoustic EP “Milk and Honey” on iTunes!

Hello PI Girls! I have some exciting news about my  NEW live EP called Milk and Honey! Two new songs are out: “Sparkle for You,” which was released on iTunes on March 18, and the single “Milk and Honey,” released on April 1. (Click here to find “Sparkle for You” on iTunes, and click here to find “Milk and Honey” on iTunes!)


Two more singles from my EP are expected to be released later this month, so keep your eyes out for those! You can keep up with me on Facebook, where I post the latest news about my music, live shows, JUCE TV, Project Inspired and more at facebook.com/TheChristiGiven, or on my official website at ChristiGiven.com.

Keep in touch here:

Tweet @ChristiGiven

Instagram @Christi_Given


Go to Christi’s Youtube page to watch live performance, covers and more! www.Youtube.com/TheChristiGiven

We hope you’re excited about this! There will be lots more coming about my music, so keep up to date right here on PI. We love you girls!

Image: Christi Given


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  1. ChristinaGiven

    Posted by ChristinaGiven on April 22, 2014 at 12:34

    Thank you Paris!! <3 You too!! God bless you!

  2. Paris

    Posted by Paris on April 16, 2014 at 22:49

    So proud of you Christina! Keep putting God first. 😀 So glad God graced this earth with a perfect voice like yours. I <3 you.