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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    Choose Your Friends Wisely Part III: The Blessings of Good Friends!

    It is a blessing from God to have friends in our lives who love the Lord and long to please Him. He puts them in our path so that we can hold one another up as we go through this life’s trials, tests and tribulations.

    The Blessings of having Good Friends

    1. Good friends lead by example. Our Lord has placed some mighty women of God in my life who are full of God’s love and Spirit. Their Christ-like lives have impacted my life forever. They have shown me examples of being long suffering, patient, determined, forgiving, loving, faithful, submissive, honest and hopeful. They have held up my arms in battle when I thought I could not go on any longer with their prayers and words of encouragement and admonishment. They are true friends, gifts from God, placed in my life to help me fulfill His calling. (Exodus 17:11-13)

    2. Good friends come along to help us. We all should enjoy the companionship of friends who truly love the Lord with pure hearts, because they will come along aside of us to help us run this race instead of causing us to stumble. Since their desire is the same as ours, to live for Christ Jesus, they will be the conduits that God will use to help us on our journey.

    3. Good friends encourage and motivate us. We need true friends that will pray and intercede on our behalf, speak the Word of God into our lives, encourage us to be living witnesses of Christ Jesus, and who will want to hear our dreams and visions from God. Friends who will encourage and motivate us to step out in faith and trust what God is calling us to do for Him. We need friends who will challenge us to become the women of God that He created us to be. As iron sharpens iron, so these friends will sharpen us. (Proverbs 27:17)

    4. Good friends speak the Truth to us in love. When we have problems or temptations that we are facing, we need friends who will speak the Truth to us in love. A godly friend will bring us back to what the Word of God says about our situation, knowing that it is His Word that will set us free and give us hope. They will share with us how they overcome their struggles and temptation. They will encourage us to do what is pleasing to God. These are the types of friends we need in this sin infested world.

    5. Good friends help us fulfill the Lord’s vision. We must never lose sight of the fact that we are here in this world for such a time as this to be used by God and to fulfill His great purpose. Friendships with people who love the Lord will help us fulfill the vision and purpose that the Lord has put on our hearts. Friendships with people who live only to satisfy their sinful desires and gratify the cravings of their flesh will hinder us. It is time for us to come out from among them and enjoy the companionship of those who truly love the Lord.

    May the Lord help us to evaluate our friendships and give us wisdom and the courage to separate ourselves from those ‘friends’ who are tools in the hands of the enemy. May He bring us friends that have a true heart for Him, and that will love us because of their love for Jesus.

    Be sure to read Choose Your Friends Wisely Part II: Are You With the Wrong Crowd? and Choose Your Friends Wisely Part I.
    (all the above scriptures were taken from the New Living Translation)

    Written by Trophy of Grace for weusedtobu.com.

    I know from first-hand experience that many so called ‘friends’ are actually tools in the hands of the enemy, and are only there to drag you down, and don’t have your best interests at heart. It’s so funny because these girls I used to consider my close friends, I’ve found out have talked bad about me behind my back many times! (and of course they deny it.) Just know when you break it off with people you can’t trust, they might say something mean or rude, but just know they’re 95% of the time just jealous. You know the truth, and that is the word of God! He will never leave you like many ‘girlfriends’ will. -God Bless, and choose your friends wisely!   -Nicole

    Weused2bu is an advice site for Christian girls and any young women who need positive guidance with their everyday lives. WeUsed2bu is here to provide wisdom and encouragement using the Word of God and life experiences.


    1. hi. 🙂 well my name is sara. i have been struggling with some of my “ungodly??” friends. These sweet beatiful girls have been putting inapropriate pictures of themselves on facebook. i belive they are letting pier pressure get to them. it has been going on for a while and i dont know what to do. they are important to mebut i dont want to get influenced. :/

    2. Reading this does make me tear up a little part from happiness and part from remembering pain. I am a very awkward girl and have been bullied because of it from 2nd to 7th grade. I had a few friends but most of them would just talk badly about me behind my back. If a new kid was coming to the school my “friends” would tell him/her that I was a terrible person and no matter how nice I was to him/her, she/he would hate me. I found out I have ADHD and was teased because of it, finally in 7th grade I left the school and decided to be homeschooled. I’m going to be in 10th grade (Still homeschooled) and I am part of a teen group and have so many amazing TRUE friends and just thinking about how much I love them and how much they care about me makes me cry tears of joy. I want you to tell all bully victims that no matter how bad things seem that it will get so much better and they will be so much stronger.

      • That is such an amazing and inspirational message, Thank you so much for sharing that with us! It’s true, mean kids will come and go- and many times it’s so hard to find good, true friends. 🙂

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