Christian Author Ann Voskamp Prays and Protests on Behalf of Refugees

    The Syrian refugee crisis is one of epic proportions. In addition, tension has risen over President Trump’s recent executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim countries.

    Yesterday in Washington, D.C., popular Christian author Ann Voskamp gathered among many other voices to pray for refugees outside of the hotel where Trump was in attendance for the National Prayer Breakfast.


    … this morning in DC, the Church quietly & beautifully sang in prayerful solidarity for a compassionate response to the worst global refugee crisis since WWII… Not to protest any government, but to humbly & prayerfully join the quiet, public witness of the Church showing compassion to those fleeing the horrors of war. When we truly see the image of God in everyone… we can truly begin to reflect the image of Christ to the world… (PS… to hear my whole heart… please read the last several day posts on the blog: yesterday’s post on the blog and Tuesday’s … my heart is deeply for reconciliation and unity and love finding a way forward for all of us. I love you all — more than you know. Thank you for hearing my broken, falling short heart) #wewelcomerefugees #GenEsthers #TheBrokenWay #LinkInProfile #BlogPostInProfile

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    This is not the first time the author has been vocal about her passion for the refugee crisis in the Middle East. Last year she went on to share:

    “Now, now, is the time for the Church to be the Church. In the past, the Church may have been defined by what the Church is against—but, in this defining moment in history, when the world is facing the worst humanitarian crises of our time, may the Church be clearly defined by what it is for. And the Church has always been for the stranger, the sojourner and the welcoming arms of the Savior. How can we not move heaven and earth to let the broken in—when heaven moved and came to earth to let us in?”

    You can read more on the issue at Voskamp’s personal blog here.

    Brittney Moses
    Brittney Moses
    Brittney Moses is a Los Angeles native, passionate about seeing this generation live wholeheartedly on purpose. While pursuing Clinical Psychology, she leverages her platform to reduce stigma, educate and assist with helpful information on the integration of faith and mental health. Still, her favorite part of life is being called Mommy to her sweet son Austin.


    1. I wish that the Church could basically run the process of accepting refugees. I think that Christians are the best people to handle it, and yes, there would need to be some government oversight, but I think that it’s part of our calling as Christians to help them. Maybe helping them isn’t always bringing them here, but sometimes it is. I hope that the Church is more involved in whatever immigration plan our government puts in place. For now though, as much as I don’t like the idea personally, for our country’s sake, I think a four month ban is not a terrible thing. It’s not a ban on all immigration (which it could have been) and we need some time to think things through and figure out how we are going to do things. We need a plan and this gives us time to create one. In the long run, I think that maybe this will be best for everyone involved.

    2. As a Christian myself and a descendant of immigrants (hey, let’s be honest: every single US citizen was not a native of this land we now live on. News flash: even the Native Americans are descended from Asiatic peoples who migrated to the Americas on the Bering Straight during an ice age.) So let me make myself clear: WE ARE ALL HERE BECAUSE OF IMMIGRANTS.

      Okay. Got that out of the way.
      Now, there’s a lot of false information being spread about President Trump’s executive order about “banning Muslims” and “banning refugees” and being anti-immigrant (his wife is an immigrant, btw) and just being an all-around racist xenophobe.

      But here’s the kicker: what the media won’t tell you because they’re all about that #fakenews, is President Trump’s executive order does NOT BAN Muslims or refugees from coming to the U.S. Anyone who thinks so is gravely misinformed. He has simply signed an order to pause the process until a proper system can be put in place to check those wishing to flee to the U.S., so that terrorists wishing to do great harm to us and our country do not sneak through with the millions of good people seeking safety in the U.S. Is it unreasonable to put into place a system in which people are checked before being allowed to move to our country? Some might say so, but consider this:

      Muslims and refugees are welcomed but have to be screened to enter our country LEGALLY ….. in simple English, get in line like my grandparents did and every LAW ABIDING person. Almost every immigrant wishing to start a new life in the US had to pass through places like Ellis Island and be screened. Sometimes the person was rejected or quarantined because they had a disease that could potentially become a pandemic. Would anyone argue that it was unfair to force these European immigrants at the turn of the century to be screened before coming into this country? My great grandfather was one of them. So why should modern-day immigrants be allowed the luxury of a no-check entrance to this country, when all our European descendants had to be vetted? That seems like a double standard. European immigrants were escaping tyranny, plague, starvation, and crippling class systems in Europe, and they recognized part of coming to a new country meant you had to be checked. It only seems fair that modern immigrants do the same for the safety of this country and its citizens. There is no intention at all to ban Muslims or refugees. They simply need to go through a process, just like immigrants in centuries past had to.

      As for the wall, all I have to say is this: I’m not a fan of the wall, but here is some reasoning to balance the obviously biased Left-wing media. Our Southern border isn’t just letting in Mexican illegal aliens. There are people coming from terrorist countries through Mexico – dangerous criminals not being screened, many repeat violent offenders. (Mexico doesn’t even want them back)….Many are bringing drugs. The vast majority of drugs come through Mexico, it’s like a sea of heroin …. tons. From 2002 to 2013 the amount of heroin coming through the southern border has quadrupled…. from 2014 to 2015 heroin overdose increased 20.6%. In 2016 more than 50,000 American deaths occurred due to heroin overdoses.

      It is clear that the Left-wing media has gravely manipulated everything that the executive order is about, even going so far as to lead Christians to believe that what Trump is doing is evil and anti-Christian. Do I love the idea of building a wall? No. Am I anti-immigrant or xenophobic? NOT AT ALL. Some of my closest and most dear friends were born in Mexico and live in my area AS LEGAL CITIZENS. My great grandparents were immigrants who came through Ellis Island and Canada. The executive order and the wall are NOT about xenophobia, racism, or anti-Islam or anti-refugee.

      It is completely about preserving the safety of American citizens, whether foreign-born or native. We are all citizens under the same flag and the same Constitution. If the Left-wing media actually reported about all the horrendous terror attacks happening in Europe ON A DAILY BASIS due to wide open borders and no vetting process, we would see why national security is a major concern. Don’t believe me? Read this article from TIME:
      And here’s another from Pew about Europe’s mounting concern about immigration and refugees:

      In an effort to keep our country safe, Trump has put in place an executive order to vet the immigration process from countries with unstable governments, where known terrorist groups are active and in power. Again, that does not mean refugees or Muslims wishing to come to the US are banned; it simply means, like centuries of immigrants past, they must be checked to ensure that no terrorist come in with them. As Christians, of course we are called to welcome the stranger. Of course we are called to be hospitable and help those in need. But we must also remember prudence and stand by safety. We can help refugees in many ways besides just letting them in freely. We can send aid to their countries, via money or food or clothing or supplies. We can pray for them. We can work to help them stabilize their government, stop tyranny, and end oppression that is causing them to flee. We can fight the real bad guys, the terrorists, not the guy in the White House. And to tell you the truth, I was blessed to hear a refugee talk to my youth group about her experience in Syria. What she said was shocking: in reality, most refugees DON’T WANT TO FLEE THEIR HOMELAND. They want to stay at home and make their country better and safer. Fleeing and being a refugee in a foreign country is their last option.

      So rather than protesting to allow refugees into our country without a checking system in place, we should be on their side, helping them FIX their countries through prayer and aid and activism. Remember, there will be no more refugees when there is finally peace in those countries. So fight the good fight. Fight the right fight. Remember who the real bad guys are: the terrorists who are pushing innocent people out of their homelands and forcing them to flee everything they know and love. THOSE are the people we should be really protesting. Not Trump.

      Again: I’m not a lover of Trump. I’m just a lover of truth and justice and Jesus Christ.

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