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    Hey girls! My name is Hannah Grace and I’m a college student from CT. I noticed that there are a lot of high-school-aged girls who use this site and the Facebook page, and I wanted to offer you all some advice about the next big step in your life (which is coming sooner than you might expect): College!


    I know, it’s such a scary, unpredictable, but exciting word! With it comes freedom, strength, and a certain responsibility! (Kind of like super-powers?)


    The best thing that I learned in my first year of college is how SUPER- IMPORTANT it is to make sure that the college you go to has a Christian club of some kind on campus! When you hit your college campus for the first time, it isn’t long before your stuff is unpacked and your parents are hugging you good-bye and driving back home. Everything from then on will be brand new (especially if you go to college out-of-state like me, where you know NOBODY).


    The first thing you’re going to do is start meeting people, first your roommate, then your hall-mates, then other people you’ll meet at dinner, events, or just around the campus. The beauty of going to a college with a Christian club is that once you get there, you can quickly find a whole group of people that share at least one very important thing with you: Your Faith!


    In a sea of things that are new and intimidating, meeting people that are Christians and share similar morals, experiences, and ideas with me pretty soon after I arrived was the most relieving thing I felt during my first weeks on campus. It’s also exciting because of all the things that a Christian club DOES! They have their own events, Bible studies, service projects (around campus AND in the community) and some of them even have sub-sections, like a Gospel Choir or Worship Dance team. You’ll meet people who can lead you to churches near your campus for you to go to on Sundays, and at those churches you’ll meet ANOTHER whole group of people JUST LIKE YOU! Isn’t it exciting to know that in college you can find friends who AREN’T just into partying and drinking and… other things?


    Christians are all a part of the body of Christ, the Church, and no matter where you go God will provide fantastic opportunities for you. I have learned so much about myself and really broken through in my relationship with God thanks to the Christian club on my campus (but that’s a blog for another day!).


    The Bible studies will enrich you and sharpen you, you will connect with a brand new set of Christian people to minister to you and befriend you, and soon, college won’t seem so big after all! The club and its activities can become a big part of your college life, so that, rather than spending time on more dangerous things, you will be building your relationship with Jesus and your new Christian friends.


    And no matter what, whether you go to a school with or without a Christian club, God will always be there with you, and He will meet you when you call on Him.


    Now, is it REQUIRED to go to a college with a Christian club? Not necessarily. I only REALLY HIGHLY SUGGEST IT because of how much I’ve grown spiritually while I’ve been there!


    I went into college thinking I was very spiritually mature and (almost) one of the best Christians in the world, but I’m a whole new person now! I see now where I was lacking before college and how much I’ve changed thanks to the fantastic people I’ve met who brought me closer to God and brought me through a lot of trouble I didn’t really understand before I went to college.


    One of my best friends, on the other hand, went to a college without a Christian club, and has had a very hard time being able to continue growing and enjoying her spiritual journey. It’s been much more difficult for her, whereas it’s been easy for me, since I have the club and its community of people!


    So, the whole point here is that there are so many advantages to going to a college with a Christian club in it, and I think it’s one of the most important aspects of the college decision, because you’ll spend a lot of your time outside classes, and what you do with that time can greatly effect your future.


    Why not spend that time with other people who love Jesus and will love you, understand your Christian point of view on the world, encourage you, and help you to grow in ways you never even thought of before (like I did!)?


    Thanks so much for reading, girls, I know this has been long, but I have so much to say, and it’s so important to me! Let me know if this helped, what your thoughts are, and even what colleges you might be looking at!


    See you later, girls!


    Lots of Love, Hannah Grace <3



    1. I know this is an old article, but just wanted to comment and say thansk for the advice!
      Also, just another suggestion, you could consider going to a Christian college. They’re not the right choice for everyone (typically smaller and more expensive than a public university) but if you’re considering a private college, a Christian one might be the way to go!

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