Christian Fashion Week: An Inside Look!

    A few weeks ago was the first-ever Christian Fashion Week in Tampa, Florida! It was an amazing time filled with people who love God as well as fashion. Below are some highlights and pictures from the weekend.

    What made it a “Christian” fashion week?

    • The girls and guys had separate dressing rooms. Typically during runway shows, all of the outfit changes happen in one place–yes, that means girls and guys changing in front of each other. In order to honor God with every aspect of the show, both on stage and behind the scenes, girls and guys had separate dressing rooms.
    • All honor and glory was given to God. The success, great turnout and inspired fashions were not recognized without thanking God and praising Him for the natural skills and passions of those involved.
    • The beneficiary was a Christian organization. Many of the funds raised by this event went to a beneficiary called Created. This organization goes to the streets, in clubs and to the darkest places where women are forced to sell their bodies, and they share the gospel with them and let them know God loves them!
    • Women-only bathing suit runway show. The night started with a runway show displaying modest, but stylish, bathing suits. What set this portion of the night apart was that ONLY women were allowed to attend. The founders believed this would remove any awkwardness on the part of the models and the guests, and allow for an interactive time between the models and the audience after the show.


    Friday night there was a VIP reception for the designers, models, media, founders, volunteers and family of those involved. There was a silent auction, and all the money went to their beneficiary, Created. They served non-alcoholic drinks and hors d’oeuvres. It was a great time to network as well as hear and share each others’ stories!

    Saturday night was the main event! The runway show consisted of seven designers, each with a unique style and twist to their designs. Their challenge was to create modest, God-honoring, super cute outfits for the Christian community. Below are examples of some of the outfits!


    One of the amazing things about this event was that it wasn’t just a great time for Christians who love fashion, but it was also a testimony to the models of God’s love and care for us, Christian or not. With separate dressing rooms and a women-only swimsuit show, there will be no other time in their careers when they feel more respected and cared for because of who they are versus what they can provide.

    Below is a picture of myself (left) and my friend Silva (right) during the main show on Saturday night.


    Written by PI Girl Joelle Janigian, the founder of My Sunday Dress, a website about Jesus and fashion.

    [Images: Courtesy Christian Fashion Week | Joelle Janigian]


      • Hey HurricaneMurphGirl! Thanks for your comment, it was an amazing event, and I am definitely going back next year! It’s not very often you get to see Fashion and Jesus combined in a God honoring way!

        • Just because some girls are really skinny doesn’t necessarily mean they are anorexic… That’s actually pretty offensive.

        • ok that is a little bit jugdemental. i mean do you know any of the models personally? i have a little sister and she is very thin but she isnt anorexic she is just created that way.

      • Hey! Thanks for your honesty, the “term modest” fashion is so hard to define and there can definitely be many thin lines! There are so many different types of styles, maybe next year they’ll have a different variety!

        • Yes, it seems that in the fashion world, Christian or not, the trend is that the models are very skinny, I was happy to see some plus size models as well! They were equally at beautiful!!

    1. Wow! I think this is so fantastic that we can praise God through everything we do, even fashion shows! This sure tells the world just how different Christians are. 😀 Thanks for the encouraging article!

      • I agree Rachel! That reminds me of the verse from 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” We loose out by thinking we can only glorify God in Church!

      • Thanks for your comment Brenna! Yeah it was super fun, it is an annual thing so you should consider attending next year! Yeah that was really cool that the money went to such a meaningful charity!

      • Thanks Nicole for sharing my article, I was so excited when I saw it up on the website! It was my pleasure to be able to share what I learned and saw at Christian Fashion Week with the PI community! God Bless You!

    2. Why? Why does people turn everything wordly into something “christian”? To be a chritian isn’t about having so much fun as possible and it isn’t about going on fun events all the time. If we scale of every christan concert, christian fashion-show, and every christian dance-party, and just focus on Jesus, would christianity be the same? I think it’s a great idea with the so called Christian Fashion Show, but from the text, I wouldn’t consider it to be e Jesus-focused, praising event where the Holy Spirit is in the main foucus. Just wanted to say my opinion.
      With love!

      • Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your opinion, that definitely matters! I agree that there can be a very fine line, and I appreciate your passion for Jesus where you don’t like the word Christian attached to something you don’t see as 100% Christ focused. In 1 Corinthians 10:31 it tells us that whatever we do, do it for the glory of God. Even though every setting can’t be a praise and worship session (school, shopping, talking with friends, reaching out to non Christians), we must still do our best to point others towards Christ! Have a great day! <3 Joelle

    3. Honest though… Its a nice idea, a Christian fashion show. About dressing… (i mean in general society ) it just seems like a lot of “Christians” now and days just take the worldly clothing, add a centimeter of length and label it as Godly. Some don’t even do That. It seems every year Christian women shorten and shorten and expose and expose more and more and… its just not right. Where is the difference, the separation from the worldly dress and dress that goes on people of God? Just saying. MY personal view is length wise, anything above knee just won’t do for me… Too much leg I think shows in that way lol, cause if you sit down, it being to your mid thigh isn’t cool. What I would go with would be Silva’s dress!
      Peace and love~

      • Thanks for your comments! I agree that you have to be careful what you label as “Christian.” What you are talking about reminds me of the verse Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Before we decide what is God’s will we have to make sure we are not being influenced by what the world is teaching us! God Bless!

    4. Wow, this is really awesome!!!!! I love, too, how some of the models were plus-sized; we need more real, human body types in the fashion world. I actually want to design fashion someday (just as a hobby), so maybe I could design an outfit for this show sometime!

      Btw I checked out your blog—amazing!!! 🙂

      • Hi sisterwhocares! That’s so excited that you are interested in fashion, and potentially designing an outfit(s) one day! I was also very happy that they included all different body types. If you end up designing cloths here is the website that will give you all the info to audition at…

        Thanks also for checking out my blog! I’m in the process of creating a website and will launch that soon, so be on the lookout!

    5. Wow, I wish the media will cover it in the future as much as the other four main Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo! I’ve known about those ones for years, so hopefully, the Christian one will attract as much attention as those shows. I would love to attend the ones in New York and Paris and this one seems like a must-see, too! I absolutely adore fashion and hope to pursue a career in it, so maybe I could design clothing for the Christian Fashion Week someday. Only time will tell! 🙂

      • Hey Pure Fashion lover! I can see you definitely have a strong passion for fashion, that’s great! You should certainly design outfits for the Christian Fashion Show in the future! You should check out my blog about Jesus & Fashion I think you’ll like it alot!

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