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Christians in Hollywood: Project Runway Winner Kalyn Hemphill

As many of you know, as a singer, I love entertainment—television, film, music and especially seeing what God is doing in Hollywood. I have a term I felt God speak to me years ago about the industry being changed, and I have a nickname for it: “Holywood.” There is so much happening in the industry regarding faith-based movies, music and the change in Hollywood. Click here to read my blog: www.holywoodscoop.wordpress.com

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I decided to write about it and have a blog called “Holywood Scoop.” You can read some of my articles ranging from interviews with Andy Mineo to Mandisa, and most currently, my interview with the model who was the winner of Season 6 of Project Runway, Kalyn Hemphill.



I thought you ladies on PI would be encouraged and inspired to read about the movement God shared would be happening and to see the evidence of the vision coming to pass. There are many churches being planted not only in L.A., but in Holywood (not necessarily geographically). As a whole, there is an army of God’s children stepping into the Hollywood industry to make an impact and to shine their light in a dark place.

Here is the link to my blog, where you can read the most current interview I did with my friend Kalyn Hemphill, who was on Models of the Runway, a spinoff of Project Runway with host and supermodel Heidi Klum.

Kalyn is a Texas native who lives in L.A. and New York City and is signed to Ford Models. She won the competition for Project Runway as a model in season 6. She sings, acts and even loves Broadway! She believes in following your dreams and passions, and loves the Lord! She believes if you put God first, then all things fall into place, like the scripture says (Matthew 6).

Kalyn is also part of a ministry, Models for Christ, which is in New York, L.A. and all over. She recently started doing these video blogs, similar to Nicole’s live chats about encouraging young people to put their identity in Christ, not in things or people. I love her latest vlog about having God’s approval, not man’s.

PI Girls, do you think there is a shift taking place in Hollywood with faith-based films, and musicians on the rise who are shining their light? Comment below!

Contact me @ChristiGiven or facebook.com/ChristiGiven.

God bless you, PI Girls!

Image: www.kalynhemphill.com


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  1. Gigigue

    Posted by Gigigue on January 13, 2015 at 05:27

    I definitely think there’s a shift taking place in Hollywood. In 2014 more mainstream Christian movies came out than I’ve ever seen before, and Christians are becoming mainstream musicians as well (like Owl City).

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by love545 on January 9, 2015 at 19:18

    I am currently in film school and want to eventually work in hollywood. But in mainstream media, specifically children’s programming, like producing Disney Channel movies.

    I love the fact that at my Catholic film school there are people here who want to make a difference in this industry. But with mainstream things not just specifically Christian films. Personally I don’t like “Christian” films because mostly Christians watch them. I believe that we should be putting Christian undertones in mainstream media to reach more people.