Christi’s Playlist: August Mix with Moriah Peters, Evan Wickham and More!


    Hello PI readers! Every month I share my favorite songs with you in playlists. Some may be Christian/gospel and some may be secular, and all will be positive and inspiring! Since I am a singer and songwriter, this is a great way to share the different styles and genres of music I listen to and learn from. Let’s get this playlist started! Connect with me at and @ChristiGiven.


    1. Evan Wickham, “Above the Sky”: Yes, Evan Wickham is related to Phil Wickham—in fact, he is Phil’s younger brother who also is an awesome worship leader and musician! Recently, I heard Evan’s new song and added it to my PI favorite playlist for the month! He hasn’t had anything super recent, but here is one of his songs from his free download on Click here to download some free Evan Wickham worship tracks from his project Mysterious Things.


    2. Moriah Peters, “Brave” (feat. Andy Mineo): Moriah collaborated with Andy Mineo from Reach Records on her new album, Brave, which is now officially on iTunes. Moriah is a newer artist with beautiful vocals and touching, deep lyrics. Listen to this fun, upbeat song, “Brave.” Comment below and let me know what you think of this collab!


    3. Lecrae, “Fear”: If you’ve been a PI reader for a while, you’ve probably noticed by now that I’m an avid Lecrae fan and totally support his music and message. He shares the Gospel through his talents and gifts in his music, and is a HUGE inspiration to me in my life and my ministry. He really encourages me to step out and to be a witness for my faith…love him! So awesome! Check out this single, “Fear,” from his latest album release, Anomaly. Click here for the iTunes link.


    4. Colton Dixon, “More of You”: The former American Idol contestant is shining his light for Jesus through his music. This recent single, “More of You,” which I recently heard on Christian radio, is so powerful and moving. I’m so proud of Dixon for being unashamed and not being swayed by Hollywood. What do you think of Colton Dixon, PI Girls?


    5. Tenth Avenue North, “No Man Is an Island”: This is from the new EP Islands, released July 10, 2014, on iTunes. Do you know about Tenth Ave’s message for their new music release? It is about maintaining community. From their official website,, this awesome Christian rock band encourages listeners by saying: “As our song story continues we are hoping to remind you that you can get off your islands of isolation and sail by the stars of God’s promises until we reach the shore. For we are His Cathedrals.


    6. Capital Kings, “Born to Love” (feat. Britt Nicole): From the Remixd release, March 2014, here’s a fun single from the Christian pop electro duo. Click here to get iTunes link.


    7. Bellarive, “Calling on Fire”: This band has been around since about 2009, but I recently heard of  them and they are rockin’! This band is on Sparrow Records and is a Christian worship/gospel band. They really remind me of Leeland or Tenth Avenue North. Check out their latest album, released July 22, 2014, entitled Before There Was. Some songs off their album are “Lazarus,” “Your Great Love,” “Calling on Fire,” “Save Us,” “Let There Be Light” and more. Click here to view the album in iTunes.


    8. Vance Joy, “Riptide”: This is a fun summer song and is really an easy-listening type of song. Reminds me of the beach, surfing and relaxing in the sun. Let’s enjoy the remainder of summer, as it is almost over!


    9. Hillsong Young & Free, “Brighter”: Hillsong from Australia has a youth band, Young & Free. I really like and enjoy this song, “Brighter.” Check it out!


    10. Colbie Caillat, “Try”: This song is so powerful, truthful, touching and moving. It’s about true beauty and has such a strong message. I really like Colbie because she is a positive example for our generation. Watch the music video…sooo good! Girls, remember you are so beautiful the way GOD made you! You are precious, cherished and loved by Jesus and God the Father!


    Check out the playlist here!

    PI Girls, what is YOUR favorite song? Comment below! Enjoy the remainder of your summer before school starts!

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


    1. I love Colton Dixon he is such a amazing singer I listen to his music all the time and its so inspireing to me and my life I can relate to his music. I’ve gone through so much in my life and his music is like the story of my life kinda I am so proud that he is unashamed that was the name of my youth group Romans 1:16 is what I stand all for my start of music and there will be ups and downs but as long as I trust in God everything will work out for him. But Colton Dixon followed God and he has made it so far and he’s going to so far. 😛

    2. I’m really into Britt Nicole’s newest album “Gold.” I love the lyrics and how she is sharing her problems and experiences, and talking to God through the songs. I also saw her in concert so that’s another reason why I’ve been listening to her. To be honest, she is the most inspiring female Christian singer that I know of right now besides Christi.
      One song in particular that really gets home to me is “Who You Say You Are” because it is a cry to God and how much she believes that He is always gonna come through and that God will not leave us even when bad things happen.
      That’s how I also feel with PI. We’re like a family. and we will always pray and love each other.

    3. I love several of these songs. Right now I am really into “Hope In Front of Me” by Danny Gokey and “Greater” by MercyMe, but I am a music person and have a list as long – or longer – as my arm of favorite songs.

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