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Christi’s Playlist: October Mix with Switchfoot, Kari Jobe, Colton Dixon & More!

Hello PI readers! Every month I share my favorite songs with you in playlists. Some may be Christian/gospel and some may be secular, and all will be positive and inspiring! Since I’m a singer and songwriter, this is a great way to share the different styles and genres of music I listen to and learn from. Connect with me at @ChristiGiven.

Let’s get this playlist started!



1. Switchfoot, “When We Come Alive”: Switchfoot is one of my all-time favorite Christian bands and I just love their new single off their new album, Fading West. Jon Foreman, the lead singer of Switchfoot, explains the meaning of the album and the new single. The message of the song is about life, risks, what it means to be alive and more. Read the full article by Foreman on the Huffington Post here.
2. NEEDTOBREATHE, “Multiplied”: I had heard of NeedtoBreathe before, but wasn’t super familiar with their music. I like their song “Multiplied,” and this song reminds me of Gavin DeGraw. I love the voice of lead singer Bear Rinehart. PI Girls, have you heard of this band before? They have a new CD out called Rivers in the Wasteland.
3. KJ-52, “Tonight”: You may have heard of KJ-52 from Air 1 Positive Hits Radio or through JUCE TV Network, but this artist is fun, upbeat, talented and unique. KB recently collaborated with KJ-52 on a song called “Game Face”—you can listen to it on Spotify. Go to his official website to find out more! KJ-52 has a new album being released October 21, 2014, called Mental. This track comes from the new album, so make sure you download it on iTunes on the released date.


4. Jamie Grace, “Do Life Big”: I love Jamie Grace and her music! One of my favorite songs off her album Ready to Fly is called “Do Life Big.” I am loving her new music video for this song—it is so fun, positive and uplifting! Do you love Jamie Grace, PI Girls? Did you know Jamie Grace has a sister who is a singer, too?! So cool! Her name is Morgan Harper Nichols. Check out her website right here.


5. Colton Dixon, “More of You”: Dixon is an American Idol contestant who made it to the top seven in 2012. He has been shining his light in the music industry and released his new album, Anchor, in August 2014. This single has been popular on Christian radio and is rising on the charts. Dixon is an amazingly talented artist who is sharing the Gospel through his music. Definitely check out his music if you haven’t already!

[Sources: billboard.com/articles/news/1518968/colton-dixon-goes-hard-on-debut-album-writes-songs-with-lifehouse-frontman, todayschristianmusic.com/artists/colton-dixon]


6. Tenth Avenue North, “We Are Cathedrals”: A special message from Tenth Avenue North about their upcoming album, Cathedrals: Some of their songs off their latest EP, No Man Is An Island, will appear on the album, so make sure to download it from iTunes or get it at the Family Christian Store near you! They are seriously one of my favorite Christian bands and are so talented! Listen to “We Are Cathedrals.”


7. Tenth Avenue North, “No Man Is An Island”: This song is from the band’s latest EP, Islands, the precursor to their new release, Cathedrals, set to be out on iTunes and in stores on November 10, 2014.


8. Francesca Battistelli, “He Knows My Name”: I love Francesca’s music and the message of her songs. This particular track off her album If We’re Honest talks about identity and the love of God. God knows your name, He calls you, chooses you and sets you apart. We don’t need to try and win the attention of people, things, or try and win the approval of the world—we are already cherished and prized in God’s eyes, amen? Listen to the song live here from K-LOVE!


9. Unspoken, “Start a Fire”: This band is newer to me and I discovered them on Air 1 Radio, which is a super awesome and cool Christian radio station. The lead singer of this band sounds like Gavin DeGraw meets Jimmy Needham, in my opinion. Do you know about this band yet?


10. Kari Jobe, “I Am Not Alone”: I adore Kari Jobe, a singer/songwriter and worship leader. She has such a precious heart for worship and reverence for the Lord. Jobe’s voice is so angelic and anointed. You may recognize her music like “Revelation” and “Forever.” Currently, Jobe is on her Majestic Tour until about November 1, 2014. Click here find out more about her tour dates! Listen to “I Am Not Alone.”

PI Girls, what is YOUR favorite song on my playlist this month? Comment below!

I love you girls and I pray for you! If you have any questions or prayer requests, message me at facebook.com/ChristiGiven. God bless you, precious girls!


Image: Christi Given


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  1. aggiegirl45

    Posted by aggiegirl45 on November 17, 2014 at 10:35

    More of You is my favorite song on this playlist, jamie grace’s Do life big is my second favorite!

  2. chicken_chick

    Posted by chicken_chick on October 26, 2014 at 11:56

    This list would be perfect with a song from Thousand Foot Krutch’s new album Oxygen:Inhale

  3. angelagrhodes

    Posted by angelagrhodes on October 24, 2014 at 12:45

    These are all such great songs!

  4. Project Inspired

    Posted by SeeC789 on October 24, 2014 at 11:45

    I love the band Unspoken! Their songs, “In Your Hands” and “Lift my life up” are absolutely incredible. I encourage everyone to check them out. The song selections in this playlist rock!!!

  5. GraceGirl1379

    Posted by GraceGirl1379 on October 23, 2014 at 12:02

    5, 7, and 8 are some of my favorites on the radio too!