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College Beat: 10 Cheap Places to Travel for Summer

As the semester wraps up, most adventure seekers are planning their summer vacations. Some best places to go for a fair price, according to U.S. News and World Report, are Amsterdam, North Carolina, New Mexico and more. Other sources suggest San Diego for those in California, Arizona, Nevada and surrounding areas. Mexico is a relaxing place to visit that can be less expensive than, let’s say, Hawaii.  


10 Places to Travel on a College Budget

1. Palm Springs: A great place to lie out in the sun and relax, about 2.5 hours from LAX airport, near Los Angeles. This destination used to be the place where the old movie stars and Hollywood musicians bought homes, such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and more! 

2. Hawaii: Although it’s not the cheapest on my list, it can be a great place to go for a couple days to unwind. You can split a hotel with some of your besties or family, and can catch the surf and some sunrays, and even learn how to paddleboard or kayak! Surf’s up! 

3. San Diego: Home of the famed Sea World, and the home of my favorite Christian band, Switchfoot, San Diego has lots to offer with beautiful beaches, cute downtown areas and train rides along the coast of Cali. 

4. Mexico: Whether it’s Cabo or Cancun, Mexico is a place where you can catch some rays, go on a mini cruise to Ensenada and eat some good food, and it won’t make as big of a dent in your pocket as a trip overseas. 

5. Las Vegas: I wouldn’t say that I would find myself in Vegas regularly, but it’s a place where you can go to different music shows (if you like impersonators) or Cirque du Soleil. There are many great hotels with tons of pools and places to lounge and catch some sunrays. There’s also the New York-New York ride (Big Apple Coaster), M&M’s World, the fountains at the Bellagio and more! 

6. Florida: Disney World is somewhere I would love to visit (never have been), along with Trinity Broadcasting’s Holy Land Experience. The TBN channel has a walk-through tour replica of where Jesus and his disciples ate the last supper; you can see a replica of the Lord Jesus on the cross and a live play and worship service. Not only is Florida a beautiful place to visit, where the weather is always warm and tropical and the waters are always turquoise, but there are also many fun theme parks to attend. 

7. Costa Rica: See beautiful waterfalls, zip line, swim and experience Puerto Viejo, the capital of the city. According to Bustle.com, you can get a round-trip ticket for $300 to $400…not too bad! 

8. Yosemite: Camp in one of California’s greatest valleys and see the famous Yosemite National Park. Check out the sequoia trees, waterfalls and landmarks.  

9. Nashville: Check out one of my favorite places in the south, and the hometown of many famous singers, especially in country music. Go to the famous Grand Ole Opry, which is the country music capital of the world and the host of many great and famous entertainers. See the Johnny Cash Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the former Grand Ole Opry, called the Ryman Auditorium.

10. Seattle: Want to see where Starbucks was born? If you like the rain, coffee and outdoor activities such as hiking or kayaking, this may just be the place for you and it’s not that expensive to visit! 


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PI Girls, do you know of any inexpensive summer destinations to travel to? Comment below!


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