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College Beat: 10 Simple Tips on How to Catch Up When Behind in Class or in Life

Feeling burned out, overwhelmed and stressed with homework, deadlines and/or reports? Sometimes in life we fall behind because of personal reasons, health or just jam-packed schedules. Here are some helpful tips on how you can catch up when you’re behind in class or simply in life.


1. Manage your time: Write out a weekly schedule and make sure to stick to it.

2. Stay organized: Make sure your homework and classwork is together in nice folders and not smashed in your backpack or laptop case. Having to dig out your work will waste valuable time you could use to catch up on classwork.

3. Take a social media break: Cell phones and social media can be distracting and time-wasting (unless of course you are reading Bible verses)…but really, shut off the phone. You WILL survive.

4. No “Netflix and chill”: If you are behind, learn the art of saying no and declining when your roomie or sibling asks to “Netflix and chill.” Reward yourself once you have completed your work and have caught up on what you need to do.

5. Sleep well, eat well and exercise: Make sure to take care of yourself, and have a healthy balance of good nutritional food that will stimulate your brain as well as give you the fuel you’ll need for the hard work you’re doing. Don’t overdo it and burn the candle at both ends (as my mom would say). Pace yourself, say no to some things and really get some rest.

6. Stay after class and do your work: If there is a homework club or if there are additional office hours after school, you should stay there and complete your project or task. If you have a group project, make sure to organize time outside of your work or class schedule.

7. Go to class or work: Do not skip because you’re behind. Why? Because then you will get even MORE behind. Stay faithful, keep going and you will eventually catch up. You can do it!

8. Talk to your teacher or boss: Maybe request an extension if you are at your wits’ end or if you can’t make the deadline. (Let this be the last option, obviously.) Later in the year or semester, you can always request extra credit if offered.

9. Don’t procrastinate: Learn the lesson of waiting until the last minute and start getting into the habit of doing work early so you can be freed up to enjoy life!

10. Realize hard work pays off: Don’t beat yourself up, and recognize you are doing the best you can. Stay positive, and before you know it, you will be finished and can celebrate your victory!


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PI Girls, do you have anything to contribute or any tips on what you do when you fall behind in class or with work?


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