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College Beat: 10 Ways to Finish the Semester Off Well

Since winter break is just around the corner, Project Inspired would like to give you some helpful tips on how to end your semester successfully. Here are some simple and familiar ideas and reminders on how you can finish well.

We’re praying for those of you in school that you do ace those tests and are able to retain the information for your finals. We wish you a wonderful remainder of 2016!


10 Ways to Finish Your College Semester Successfully

1. Get enough rest: Get to bed early, even for the week of finals. It will pay off!

2. Study in advance: Don’t procrastinate and wait until the night before. Start reviewing your notes and really prepare for the final.

3. Drink a little coffee: A little caffeine, whether in coffee or tea, never hurt anyone, especially for those long study sessions! Can I get an amen?

4. Unplug from social media: You may want to fast from your favorite media apps so you aren’t distracted. Yes, this takes discipline, but you will have plenty of time to scroll down the eternal feeds of social media once you’re on break. Just limit yourself for a week from what distracts you most from studying and focusing, if you can.

5. Get a study pal: Study buddies always help to make the grunt work easier. You can ask questions, help one another and on occasion have a little break to reset and then continue studying.

6. Be proactive: Always prep your studying before the exam week. Make sure you have your work in order and organized.

7. Make flashcards: These cards help many people during this time of year to memorize and quiz themselves before exam week.

8. Listen to Christmas music: Listen to instrumental music so you’re not distracted by the fun lyrics. It will keep you in the holiday spirit and motivated to finish well so you can spend quality time with family for the holidays.

9. Study at the library: Go to your school’s library and find a quiet place to really focus and study. If you are in your dorm or at home, you may be distracted by your roomies and/or just doing things that need to be finished at home. Your local library is a great resource for success in the final days of your semester (and, in fact, all year long!).

10. Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions and review the study guide in advance. If you don’t know something, it’s more foolish not to ask—you may save yourself some extra points, which could end up being a grade difference and a GPA difference!


Good luck, PI Girls! We know you will do a great job and will be successful!

What is your advice on finishing the year off well in school? Comment below! We want to hear from YOU!

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