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College Beat: 5 Important Things to Do Before Graduation


As you approach your final year of college, you may want to start thinking of potential jobs, career paths or other plans you may want to venture into after graduation, when you finally have that degree. Here’s some advice on what to do before you graduate.

1. Do an internship: I cannot speak enough on the impact and significance of internships. We must invest in our careers, and if you are going into a competitive market or field, then you will want to consider interning or volunteering in the field of work you desire to pursue. (Click here to read my article on internships.) With internships you can learn more about the potential company you may work for, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you’re good at. If you don’t enjoy the internship or the company, you’ll have saved yourself a lot of time by removing it from your potential job or career options.

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2. Look up jobs prior to graduation: Give yourself an idea of what’s even out there before you throw yourself into the world of the job market. Research what kinds of careers you would be interested in doing and see what the market is like. Getting a job with a bigger corporation will be more competitive. Keep in mind that you need to be proactive and job hunt before you have that final certificate.

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3. Brush up on your résumé: You’ll want to send out your résumé and experience as part of your job applications, and you don’t want to be consumed with so many different job interviews at once. Make sure you thoroughly review your résumé and be presentable when the opportunity arises! You’ll have more peace knowing you reviewed your background and will find that you will have more confidence in the application process.

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4. Seek out work that aligns with your passion: Bishop T. D. Jakes mentioned that your purpose is your passion. If you want to find out what you are meant to do in life and want to be successful at it, do what God created you to do!

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” —T. D. Jakes, author, speaker, pastor, talk show host

5. Decide if you want to pursue higher education with a master’s degree: Do you see yourself doing your master’s? Is it necessary in your job field? What do you want to pursue in life? All of these questions are important because you don’t want to waste time. Find this out before you graduate and you will be ahead of the game!

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PI Girls, do you know what you want to do with your degree after college or do you have a dream job? Comment below!

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