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    College Beat: Career Salary Research

    As a college student, it is wise to prepare and plan for your future. If you are already furthering your education, congrats, because you are on the right path.

    As a part of planning for the future, you may want to research the career you are pursuing by looking up the pay, the responsibilities and the employment availability. Do some investigating and see if there are even job openings in your town, where you might be willing to relocate (if needed) and also see what your budget will look like.

    Here are some examples of career salaries from the National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. Some of these numbers are from 2013, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and from the StudentsReview site. Feel free to do more research for 2015; some of these numbers shouldn’t be dramatically different.


    Job Titles and Annual Salaries

    Food Service Manager (Restaurant Business): $53,130
    Lodging Manager: $55,810
    Athlete, Sports Competitor: $74,000 and up
    Education Administrators (Elementary and Secondary School): $90,670
    Emergency Management Director: $67,150
    Airline Pilot, Copilot, Flight Engineer: $140,380
    Anthropologist/Archaeologist: $52,000-$81,490
    Biochemist/Biophysicist: $80,000-$129,000 (approximately)
    Human Resources Worker: $60,760
    Art Director: $135,090 (approximately)
    Drama, Art, Music Teachers: $58,000-$94,270
    Artist: $48,000-$88,430
    Design, Media, Sports, Entertainment Careers: $46,000-$82,000
    Tax Preparer: $43,350 (approximately)
    Computer Software Engineers/Systems Software: $87,000-$125,750
    Financial Analyst: $91,620 (approximately)
    Court Reporter: $48,000-$77,770
    Astronomer: $95,000
    Athletic Trainer: $38,000-$57,580
    Dental Assistant: $30,000-$43,000
    Dental Hygienist: $62,000-$86,530
    Dentist: $108,000 (approximately)
    Engineer: $94,000 (approximately)

    To look up additional careers or salaries, see the source links below.

    [Sources: studentsreview.com/salary.shtml, bls.gov/oes/current/oes_nat.htm#00-0000]



    I am praying for you all! I believe in you! You can do whatever you have in your heart to do. Always remember it is not about how much you make, but how much you love what you do! Also, pray and ask God to order your steps and see what God’s will is for your life by reading His Word and asking a role model of yours who knows you personally!



    PI Girls, what do YOU want to do for your career? If you are in college, what is your major/minor?


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    1. Im going to be graduating high school in 5 months, and Im planning on starting at community college but my heart longs for the mission field. I would love any prayer support for the next place God would have me go <3

    2. I think the education one really depends on where you live and what kind of school you teach at. None of the teachers where I live make 90k a year….. more like between 35 and 50k.
      The only people making up to 50k have been there 25 years or more.

    3. Lord-willing, I will become a nurse. I am already working towards finishing a year of college in high school. After I get my degree, I am thinking about joining a medical missions team because I love traveling! I am not 100% sure what God’s plan is for my life, but I am pretty confident that I should go into the medical field. 🙂

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