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College Beat: Do Grades Even Matter to Employers?

Do your grades matter to employers?

According to Forbes magazine, many smaller companies or lower-paid jobs will not be as concerned with your grades or grade point average, but larger companies will usually want to see your GPA. The author of the article “Do Employers Really Care About Your Grades?” explains that he did research from four different schools that all were cohesive in their agreement that grades DO matter.

To be sure, many small employers won’t expect to see a GPA on a résumé, but most large companies will.” (Forbes.com)

You may be feeling like “What’s the point in keeping up my GPA?” or you may feel like there may be no reward in sight for your hard work and late-night study sessions, but there is HOPE! Yes, your grades, hard work and late nights of studying do matter, and what you are sowing skill-wise now in college will follow you throughout life.

Many times I have thought back to college and what I learned and how I persevered in hard times while studying at a private university. I was a commuter, so I had to press a little harder in different areas versus students who just walked down the hall to get to class, but all the extra efforts paid off. Even if you feel like your GPA is unnoticed now, or wonder why you are putting all this extra energy into your degree, have no fear and realize that your efforts WILL pay off.

Regardless of whether your actual grade point average influences whether you get your dream job or not, there is no denying that the experience and preparation in getting your degree will prepare you for your career in life. The skill sets you are learning are going to take you further than simply just getting your degree—they will help you in your work field and also in your expertise and career later.

Other sources, such as USA Today, disagree that your college grades matter, and that your networks and your job experience are more important. I would argue that both are important regarding academic success and actual experience in your major/minor.

Regardless of whether you need to show your GPA on your résumé or not, you should aim high, study hard, try your best in all aspects of life and be the best student/learner you can be. If you’re a hard worker in school, it will likely carry you into your career and your job field, and will overflow into other areas of life.

Good grades are obviously indicators that you put the proper work in, studied hard and are a good student, but there are other factors when employers are hiring you. According to The Atlantic, employers are seeking potential employees who have done internships, had employment during college, have volunteer experience, have relevance in their coursework and a good GPA. Some professors also say that good grades are not all that employers look for, but also work experience, which can be crucial. I definitely agree that an internship and hands-on experience can help you in any field and can also help if you even desire to pursue that particular career.

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PI Girls, are you concerned about your GPA, and would you put it on your resume for a job? Comment below!

Image: USA Today


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