College Beat: Fall Back-to-School Music Playlist and Christian Music News

    Since there was a PI “Summer Christian Playlist,” and because there are so many new artists and music releases coming out, I want to share with you some of my favorite new songs on the charts in the Christian and indie music genres for the fall season.

    Some great news in the Christian music industry is that the new Hillsong film, Let Hope Rise (Pure Flix), is out in theaters, so please support and pray for the church, leaders, band, the directors, the producers, and also for Hillsong United that God continues to bless their ministry and the other worship bands from the Australian global church. Hillsong Worship is also releasing a new album, Let There Be Light, on October 14, 2016. Pre-order the album here.

    In other news, Tenth Avenue North is going on tour with Hawk Nelson, and Big Daddy Weave just released some tour dates, so go to their official site for more information!

    Keep up with All Sons and Daughters on their new video premiere and album release, Poets and Saints. Get their album here. Watch the All Sons and Daughters Poets and Saints trailer for their new album here.

    The Afters are kicking off a new tour for their album Live on Forever. The Disciple band is releasing a new record, Long Live the Rebels, on October 14, 2016, and Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf) is considering rejoining the band.

    If you need an awesome playlist while studying or just to worship to, here are my top 10 favorite songs right now!


    Fall Christian Playlist Mix

    1. NeedToBreathe, “Testify”: This folk-country-rock Christian band is inviting listeners and encouraging people to drink from the living water (also known as the Word of God—the Bible). The band is also talking about how we can share our stories and testimonies to encourage others.

    2. Hawk Nelson, “Diamonds”:  This song is upbeat and encouraging for those who are under pressure, struggling, or going through testing or trials. This song is about how God makes us shine when we are refined in God’s fire and testing like gold. God polishes us so that we may sparkle and can really reflect His light like a diamond!

    3. James Bay, “Hold Back the River”: I don’t think this artist is a Christian/gospel artist, but I love this guy’s sound and vibe. This song is very uplifting and powerful. What do you PI Girls think?

    4. Satellites & Sirens, “Anchor”: This is such a cool song and is about how God keeps our life (our boat) firm and secure. By Jesus being our anchor when storms come in life, we are secure, amen?

    5. Blanca (feat. Tedashii), “Not Backing Down”: Former Group 1 Crew’s Blanca is now a solo pop Christian artist, and she has collaborated with Lecrae and now Tedashii! So awesome! I love this song, as well as “Who I Am.” She has an amazing voice, cool style (and hair) and is a great role model to younger women!

    6. For King & Country, “Priceless”: The band For King & Country has helped produce a new film called Priceless, about shining the light in the dark place of human trafficking. The song is in the film and is about how God sees us as a beautiful bride in a white clean dress with no blemishes, regardless of our past or mistakes.

    The film Priceless comes out in theaters on October 14, 2016! Make sure to pray that we can rescue the ones who are in the dark and who are broken. Pray for the success of the film and the band, as well as that human trafficking can be abolished in our generation in Jesus’ name!

    7. Abigail Duhon, “I’m Not Ashamed”: This song is so powerful because it’s about being bold about your faith, standing up for the Gospel and not being ashamed to say that Jesus is Lord of your life! Kind of like Lecrae with his “Unashamed” theme, new artist Abigail Duhon wants to spread this message as well! Check out her official music video.

    8. Toby Mac (feat. NF), “Til the Day I Die”: This song is so anointed, upbeat, fun, yet authoritative! Go Toby! I love his enthusiasm, passion and his zeal to serve Jesus in music until the end! The artist NF is someone who is new in the Christian music world. Nate John Feuerstein is known as NF, who is a Christian rapper. His EP reached the top of the Billboard charts and now he is collaborating with artists like Toby—super awesome!

    9. Matthew West, “Mended”: West is such an awesome songwriter and singer. He is an inspiring Christian artist who tells many people’s stories and allows his fans to be part of his music by asking them to send in their testimonies prior to his studio time. His songs are so impactful and passionate. “Mended” is about a girl who was abused and who is wounded. West speaks about how God knows each of our lives and God still loves us regardless of our past or broken lives:

    When you see broken beyond repair
    I see healing beyond belief
    When you see too far gone
    I see one step away from home.


    10. Capital Kings, “Believer”: This band reminds me of the techno or “house” version of the band Owl City. I love the beats, the lyrics, the message and the overall sound. Capital Kings is definitely a group you want to take a listen to in the Christian music genre. Their music is high-quality and you wouldn’t even know it was gospel-based if you didn’t really tune in to the lyrics. The band members consist of two people: the producer and rapper Cole Walowac and singer Dylan Housewright. Keep up the good work, Capital Kings! We LOVE your music! Listen to “Fireblazin” as well—it’s super powerful.




    PI Girls, what is your favorite song on this playlist? And what is your favorite Christian band? Comment below! Love you girls!

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.


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