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College Beat: How to Prepare for Midterms

Are you preparing for midterm exams? Here are some helpful tips.

One thing to do as you begin studying for midterms—and later on in the semester for finals—is to review your notes from the beginning of the school year up until now. Slowly refreshing your memory daily will help you retain the information for exam time.

Next, it’s quite helpful to review the syllabus and also to ask your teacher to give you any study guides or handouts if they haven’t already done so.

Next, make flashcards and/or even create music for fun to help you memorize if needed. If it’s a formula you need to memorize for math, then keep practicing or find online tools to review so you can become an expert in each subject. Before you know it, you’ll be on fire and ready to go!

Finally, for the classes that require textbooks, it’s wise to go over the information that is on the syllabus, but it’s also good to review the textbook, especially if you were using it throughout the semester. Sometimes it’s easy to neglect the book once you have completed the homework, but it can be one of the most important aspects to studying.


Here’s a summary of my advice:

1. Review your notes from the beginning of the school year: Brush up and go over your notes so that you’re not left feeling overwhelmed close to exam day.

2. Look at your syllabus: Go over your teacher’s schedule for the school year for each class, stay organized and do small bits at a time. Ask the teacher for a study guide in advance and go through it little by little for each course.

3. Make flashcards and/or get creative: It’s important to prepare your memorization tools way before the night prior to your exams. Get creative and create a song if you need to rehearse some difficult material and make it fun!

4. Get a study partner, not a study buddy: I would say partner with someone who isn’t your buddy or “study buddy,” but rather someone who you don’t know very well so you can really focus and not be distracted. Sometimes when you study with friends, it can be difficult to concentrate. Yes, you can laugh and enjoy each other’s company in balance, but make sure to have your eyes on the prize.

5. Review your textbook if required: Find out what material will be on the exam via study guides or talking with your professor, and read through some excerpts and brush up on the knowledge taught in the book. Also, there can be sample problems in the back of each chapter, so this may also be a great way to really prep for those midterms!


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PI Girls, I hope that this article helps you and inspires you to want to really prepare for your midterms and finals. Good luck! Feel free to comment below and to include any advice for other girls as well!


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