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College Beat: Should I Drop My Class?

Many college students approach the option of dropping a class when they’re finalizing their schedules. You may be considering switching to another professor or changing a class due to a time conflict. Another reason students decide to drop a class is if they don’t relate to the professor or if the class isn’t necessary for their degree.

Consider all the options for other classes BEFORE you drop your class because you don’t want other courses to fill up, so be proactive. Also, you don’t want to drop a class and then not have something to replace it on the same day or time that fits your schedule. This is especially important for commuters, because you typically schedule your classes on two days versus every day for an hour or two, so don’t abruptly drop a class.

Really think and pray about dropping it before you do. Know what other classes are available, and see how many class seats are left on your admin profile or find out through your student counselor. Here are a couple of reasons why you should drop a course and why you shouldn’t.

Reasons Why You SHOULD Drop a Class

  • It doesn’t fit into your schedule even after you have tried to make it work: If you are a commuter or are having to work while attending college, you may need to fine-tune your course agenda. Poor attendance will make your grade suffer so if it is just simple not going to work, try again with this particular class next semester.
  • The class is not necessary for your major: Double check your prerequisites for your major and minor classes with your counselor to confirm you even need the classes you are enrolled in. You don’t want to waste precious time in a class that is not getting you to your end goal.
  • You don’t see eye to eye with the professor: Now, if the teacher is challenging, you shouldn’t drop the class for this sole reason, because you could really grow and learn. If you feel the professor is very monotone or that you will struggle academically, then consider going to the Rate My Professors website and see feedback from students who have taken classes with that teacher BEFORE finalizing your semester course schedule.

[Source: ratemyprofessors.com]

Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Drop a Class

  • You think the teacher is too difficult: See the third bullet point above.
  • You drop classes frequently: Don’t make this a habit because in most colleges, you have a maximum of how many times you are able to switch courses.
  • You can’t decide on your major or minor: Make sure to decide on what major you want to really hone in on before you add or drop classes. Read my article on how to pick a major.

[Source: lonestar.edu/drop-limit.htm]

Remember, when you add a course, you are taking a person’s spot who could potentially be in that class and it isn’t fair to them to take a place if they really need it for their graduation.

PI Girls, do you have any questions pertaining to the subject of adding and dropping classes? Comment below!

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