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College Beat: The Importance of Touring Campuses Before Deciding on a College

Making life choices takes time and requires prayer and prudent thinking. The reason I recommend for you to tour your campus before deciding which school to attend is that you will be on this campus anywhere between two and four years of your life. You don’t want to commit to going to a school that may not fit with your goals and/or lifestyle. For example: If the weather is freezing and you are a surfer, then it wouldn’t be as desirable to be there as you would like, unless you’re willing to sacrifice that hobby. Another thing to decide is whether you want to go to a Christian private school or a public school. Wise counsel from those you care about matters as well.


[Image: Christi Given PI writer touring VUSC with Project Inspired girl Bethany January 2016]

Touring Your Future School

Regarding touring the school, you need to be aware of the size of the campus and know the different qualities of the campus that you are looking for or that could potentially match your desires or goals. Seeing a campus in person can be very different from seeing photos online. When I went on my college campus tour, I really felt a peace about it and loved that there was a chapel on campus where students could go to pray and worship. Going in person was only a confirmation for me, but I have also been to schools where I knew they weren’t for me.

There are a variety of factors that can sway your decision, such as the student and counselor connection and how friendly staff is. I went to one college in San Diego for a tour, nearly two to three hours away, and realized the campus was way too big for me personally and was too far from my hometown.

Next, when I went to the campus of Vanguard University of Southern California (which I finally chose to attend), I really loved the scriptures on the walls of the school representing the faith I believe in. The place had the power of the Holy Spirit present on the campus and it was very clean. Also, my aunt, whom I admire a lot and is a spiritual leader in my life, was with me and really loved it as well. The counselors and staff were beyond friendly and I really felt at home! The school’s presence, morals and character really made a difference and stood out to me. The college was a private Christian school in Southern California, and I can tell you it was a cut above the rest with people whom I felt genuinely cared about me and my walk with Jesus. Also, I liked the fact that the school was smaller and there was more focus on the students and their learning experience.


[Image: www.vanguard.edu]

Make a List

I would recommend that you write down what it is that is important to YOU regarding your college experience. Write down whether you want it to be public or private, far from or close to home, whether you will live on or off campus, and find out about a campus tour. After your tours of all your choices, narrow it down to your final decision.

There may be other factors regarding this as well, such as cost and if your parents have the final say if they are paying and/or helping you in your decision-making process. Also, regarding your major, you will want to go to a school that excels in that field or that has excellent credibility with the proper resources. Certain schools focus on specific fields and careers, so you will want to inquire about all of this in your research.


Five Reasons Why You Should Tour Your Campus and/or Questions You Should Ask Prior to Choosing Your School

1. Your college experience is approximately two to four years, so confirm that you enjoy the campus and that it is right for you.

2. Find out in person if the campus is big or small. Some people enjoy large universities or schools, but remember when you walk to class, time and distance will be a factor as well. Think of all these different variables.

3. Are the staff and counselors friendly?

4. What is the college known for or what do they stand for?

5. Do you like the dorms? Can you see yourself being there for the next couple years of your life?


PI Girls, what matters to you when you choose your college?

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