Cosmo Puts Bunny Ears On Minor Dakota Fanning In Article- Creepy!

    Cosmo is for adults? Then why is it aggressively marketing sexual material to underage girls? Why is it using words like “Girlie,” pink-on-pink colors, and underage actress Dakota Fanning on the cover?

    Facing critisicm from the media, a Cosmo rep says:

    We’re thrilled to feature Dakota Fanning on the February cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and she looks stunning. Dakota, who turns 18 this month, is a mature, fearless young woman and we are proud to honor her as our Fun Fearless Female of the year,” a Cosmopolitan rep told us. “We applaud her unprecedented accomplishments which will continue in 2012 with her four upcoming movie roles.


    Interesting. Well, too bad, Cosmo–it’s only a matter of time before your mag is in a bag. 

    [Images: Cosmopolitan Magazine]

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Really? She is going to be 18 by the time this is out. She’s in college. They are not “targeting” teenagers. If the parents of teenagers or kids as young as 11 aren’t MONITORING their children, then that’s the parents’ fault. Also, who actually believes the crap in Cosmo. I’m 29 and I have never tried those sex tips. It’s just funny to read. It’s for adults. Teenagers should be reading Teen People or Seventeen. Just because YOU don’t like something doesn’t mean you have to ban it for EVERYONE else. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Really? You’re worried about what it will do to your brothers? Guys read that to LAUGH at what girls read. I have four brothers, they read Seventeen or Y! that I had and laughed. You’re going to tell me 17 or 18 y/o girls don’t think about finding “the one?” Or are you going to tell me someone will be so stupid to listen to someone who says in a magazine “stay with a cheating boyfriend?” Why aren’t you outraged about “reality” stars like Kim Kardashian. SHE puts out a bad image for girls. — If you don’t like Cosomo, don’t read it. It’s not porno. It’s not Playboy. If parents can’t be responsible to take care of their kids, that’s their problem. Oh and you realize the more you ban something, the more teenagers WANT it.

      • FYI kim kardashian was on the cover…..and Nicole has written an article against her. I hope that tickles your peach. It’s sad that you wouldn’t want to help out other girls….and I quote “that’s their problem”……that’s a very selfish statement. ^

      • well just remember that even though you have the sense to ignore the ridiculous things in the magazine, other people don’t. As a teenager, I know how even though my peers might look at this magazine and think “oh that’s ridiculous,” it still sinks in. And some of them will let them affect them. I don’t like Cosmo, and I don’t read it. But I’m around people that do read it and stuff like it so I don’t want them to have to read it either.

        • Yeah, and that will efect boys, why do you think they have zero respect for girls? We have gone downhill and most of the fault lies on girls who act like this. If girls want to be respected then they must respect theirselves two. The reason Prince Charming can only be found in fairytales is because True Princesses are becoming so scarce. Imagine what Jane Austen or Cinderella would say if they saw Cosmo. I would strongly advise you to check out it’s a really cool website for girls who are trying to be worthy of being daughters of the One True King. May God reveal Himself to you in wonderful ways! <3 <3 <3

      • Just because kids want it doesn’t make health or good for them and it doesn’t make it any less of our responsibility to protect them from it. That shouldn’t be our view as Christians. It’s our job to blot out the bad influences of the world and to lead people to a life with Christ our Savior. If we left people to their own devices we wouldn’t be the disciples of Christ. And just because they reach for it doesn’t mean its what they really want or need in their hearts. They are lacking the love of God and that’s why their reaching here. We need to at least lessen that and direct them to the real Solution. Especially with young children and teens who need guidance and the influence of others especially if they don’t receive it from their parents. Do you see why this is a worthy cause now?

      • I agree that some things in these magazines can just be funny, and it’s good to laugh at ourselves sometimes. But did you know that over 90% of all men and boys hooked on porn started with things like underwear ads and Cosmo magazines? Is it good to have a light-hearted perspective about things, yes! Is it good to give online porn sites to underage kids? No. If adults want to make the decision to look at this kind of stuff, fine, but the images on the covers can ensnare young and impressionable people. I have a 12 year old brother, and I FOR SURE do NOT want him seeing these kinds of things in the checkout line at the grocery store!

      • 1. I don’t think ANYONE should be having their picture taken for the cover of Cosmo if they are under age, even if they are turning 18 soon.
        2. Dakota Fanning has been famous since she was a very young girl, and many young girls know who she is and look up to her. Cosmo knows this, and is putting her on the cover of their racy magazine for this reason. THAT is what Nicole is getting at.

      • First off, just because parents won’t buy it doesn’t mean a kid cannot pick it up off the shelf and start reading it! And then there is also the possibility of it being open on a waiting room table! For instance, doctor appointments, your child WILL get bored and WILL pick up one of those mags! And Dakota Fanning has been in many movies for kids and a lot of girls look up to her and would be interested in this magazine. It doesn’t matter if she IS turning 18, it’s her audience that’s suffering the blows of it and who is going to think that since she has been in relations with kid friendly scenarios, that it’s fine for any teen or child to read! And teenagers do read this, because of Cosmo’s new marketing technique more and more girls are buying this. If they should be reading 17 or People, good! Once Cosmo’s in a bag they won’t be able to be tempted by it. Oh, and you don’t believe the “crap” in Cosmo? You’re 29! Someone ten to fifteen years YOUNGER than you may NOT. Especially the sex tips, unmarried dating teens get this as the okay to have sex before marriage, a clear NO NO in the Bible! And just because YOU don’t like something doesn’t mean you have to ban it for EVERYONE else? If YOU like it then keep on ordering it! Our main concern is for the people (teens and young girls) who are just LOOKING at the titles and trying to get to the magazine! If it’s bagged, then bravo, you can still get to it, but younger audiences WON’T unless a parent will buy it, and NO self respecting parent of a young child or even a teenager should let their kid read this! And they don’t directly say, “STAY WITH YOUR BF IF HE CHEATS.” It is suggestive and without it being strait out obvious, the mind starts to believe it with the information collected. Teens also worry about finding, “The one,” and that’s perfectly okay because everyone has their person somewhere else, but on that road you don’t have to have sex with every one of them and act totally unChristlike, which is what this magazine DOES say (also indirectly.) And as for reality stars, we have written about Kim Kardashian and as for celebs, you should read all the junk we have on Lady Gaga! It’s not playboy. Of coure it isn’t. If it was playboy it would be very obvious for a child to see, “Hey, you know, I shouldnt’ be reading this.” and no one would be tricked into thinking it’s okay. Playboy is also in a bag or sold on shelves. And if parents are not responsible enough of their kids? Self centered much? You should find a better argument than that. Parents that are paying for a magazine are going to do background work to see what their child will be reading. And the more you ban something, the more they want it? Once something is bagged, it is often removed from shelves, but not always. Either way, parents should KNOW that if it’s bagged it’s innapropriate. And if they aren’t being responsible enough to actually see what the child is messing with, obviously they have put too much trust into their teen or child and need to have some priviladges yanked.

        I am done.

        • I do like Seventeen, and it at least tells you how to have safe sex. It tells you how to stick up for yourself and to wait for Sex. But they put that stuff in there because they know teens will do it. But Seventeen isn’t for really young kids I agree with that.

      • For your information, getoverit, this magazine is out NOW. And is Dakota still a minor? Uh, yeah! You really need to stop arguing with this. Accusing Nicole of what you think she’s doing.wrong.will help no one, since your obvious.goal is to discourage us and bring us down. Half the things you said aren’t true. I’m a teen. If somethings banned, I don’t want it. Most teens are smart enough to know its banned for a reason. Just one question. Why are you SO against.making.this.unavailable minors. Because that just seems selfish.

      • Eactly. They didn’t force Dakota to shoot for this issue or put on the clothes. She made those decisions on her own. I don’t see why this si such a big issue since ever copy is covered up in the stores in my area. If you’re worried about young girls looking at the pictures on the covers, then they need a self esteem check because every magazine has people retouched and photoshopped on the front cover.

      • why do you have to troll on a christian website? maybe YOU need to “GET OVER IT”

        it is innappropriate no matter what. and you know it. so go troll on some other website. I will be praying for you.

    2. why do you hate cosmo so much? it’s just a magazine, and sex is a natural thing. i mean, if the wrappers are on then you can’t see what you’re buying. and dakota is almost an adult, she can make the decisions to be on a girl empowering magazine if she wants. i really like this site, don’t get me wrong, but i hate how much anti-cosmo stuff there is, it’s kinda annoying. :/ it’s not a ‘porno mag’ it’s a magazine for young adult women that want to feel empowered. and if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it! simple.

      • They’re giving sex tips, promoting things to underaged girls, and sometimes boys, not to mention they’re defiling the sacred institution of marriage, but telling you to have sex outside of it. Also, there are SO many things wrong with your logic at the end, by ‘if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!’ I could easily say, if you don’t like child rape, don’t rape a child. Finally, what are you doing on here if you don’t agree with what she’s doing. You joined just to lecture us? Doesn’t make any sense.

        • Marianna- what does child rape have to do with Cosmo? Your logic makes no sense. Of course someone against child rape wouldn’t rape a child, just like someone against Cosmo wouldn’t read it.

      • Sarah, I completely agree. It’s sad that this site has turned from advice to just pure venting and rage because of a magazine. Come on- it’s a magazine! Just a bunch of pages glued together. I can’t see how someone would let a magazine have so much power over them- whether you’re against it or reading it.

      • Sex is a natural thing. Until you take it out of marriage… like Cosmo has done and is continueing to promote. And by “empowering” I assume you mean “to invigorate sexual tension”. And “not buying it” isn’t enough, we need to help other’s who aren’t as spiritually developed. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”.

      • I don’t see how that’s “empowering” and sex is SACRED…not just “natural” it’s not empowering to treat people like animals that just mate with everything they see, we are humans with souls! our bodies are temples, there’s NO WAY the content in Cosmo is okay to read even for christian adults!

        • Not everyone thinks that way. And Cosmo is clearly not a Christian magazine. The only reason we all know what’s in it (a very small part of what’s in it) is because of Nicole. It does empower women with advice on career choices, health and beauty.

      • Really? You call teaching women and girls that their only value is how good their sex life is empowering? I think what’s empowering is teaching women and girls that God values them for who they are and that he loves them so much he sent his only son to die on a cross for them.

    3. Okay. Although I agree that them putting porn sites in there and that teens and young girls shouldnt be reading about sex tips, SEX IS NOT WRONG! SEX WAS CREATED BY GOD FOR MARRIED COUPLES TO WORSHIP HIM! So please stop acting like sex is bad or dirty or worldly. It has its place and time. This mag is for adults, in my eyes for married couples to learn how to enchance their sex life. If kids are reading it, its the parents fault. Period. The cover and even the other pics that youve posted here are not nearly as bad as other pictures Ive seen on other mag COVERS. If you want to attack Cosmo, then you might as well attack almost every mag in the world. Im not saying what you want to do is wrong. Im just saying that SEX IS NOT WRONG AND PARENTS ARE IN CHANRGE OF THEIR OWN KIDS!

      • Thank you!!! The parents are in charge!! Every tabloid is the same!! They all have the same design, the same layout, and nearly every adult magazine has sex tips. It’s for ADULTS. If a kid is reading it, that’s the parent’s responsibility. Magazines are supposed to be in the line of sight so people will see them. They have bright colors and fonts to attract everyone (hello, it’s called marketing!)

        • You’re right, the parents are in charge! However, parents cannot keep their children from seeing titles such as “Orgasm Virgins,” “(X amt. of) Sex Tips to try now!,” and “Um, Vagina,” when they are right in front of their face. Also, when did you ever see a tabloid that said anything close to that? All we’re trying to do is prevent young kids from seeing this.

      • I agree sex is part of Gods plan. But, I don’t think children should be exposed to it everywhere, it is something sacred for married couples. Nicole is not saying it stop being printed, she saying it should be sold to adults only, in bags. Children can only be inocent for a short period of time, let them be children. And even if this is only a small drop in the bucket, it will stil create ripples. And doing something is better than doing nothing. Nicole is helping to spread the word of God an telling the world that us girls WILL NOT put up with this kind of thing.

        • Exactly. No one has ever stood up to Cosmo, because it is a giant and huge corporation that has been around over 100 years. But their illegal marketing practice of marketing and publishing porn tips to minors is going to stop.

      • I agree with you…to many parents today refuse to parent! My dad is a probate lawyer and does guardianships and things for crazy families because the parents never parented. I see it in my own classmates too. They do what ever they want all the time, and don’t listen to anyone. My dad also has to deal with people who are still like that and are being kicked out of their house because they never made the payments. WHEN YOU HAVE A CHILD, YOU HAVE MADE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF, YOUR SPOUSE, GOD AND THE CHILD THAT YOU WILL PROVIDE EVERYTHING THEY NEED FOR THE FIRST 17 YEARS OF THEIR LIFE, INCLUDING DISCIPLINE. If the parents are not ready to raise a child but have one anyway, they need to swallow their wants and do what is best for the child. Usually, that’s adoption. But what’s really sad is that this “passive parenting” (my term)is trending to become a societal norm.

    4. Wow, this is ridiculous. Cosmo is going way too far. I know it’s a magazine for adults and everything, but I seriously doubt that adults want to read about Dakota Fanning. They’re trying to market to teenagers! I really hope the magazine can be put in a bag.

      Also, this isn’t really related to the magazine, but has anyone heard of the website It’s a website specifically for teen girls, and I used to go on it a lot to enter the sweepstakes and read the comics, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the articles on the site. Seriously, look at the type of stuff they are writing about TO TEENS!

      It’s gross what they are encouraging teens to do, I really wish there was a way to get the website to remove articles like that. Any ideas? I might try sending them an e-mail, but I don’t think it will help since the sex section is sadly the most popular part of the site.

    5. It’s sad that people are so consumed with themselves that they say that it’s not their business and “if you dont’ like it then don’t buy it..” The problem is not US buying it but underage girls that are ENCORUAGED to have sex and use moves and what not. We’re supposed to take care of one other. It’s sad….I’m praying for project inspired every day and their fight against cosmo. but I’m also praying for cosmo, that they’ll come to realize what they’re advertising and pushing towards girl AND women.

    6. Oh and by the way, just because Dakota fanning is about to become a legal adult doesn’t mean she’s not still a teenager….she’s gonna be eighteen, that’s still a teenager. And since she was on twilight, something that I actually loved since i was fourteen, then these girls are looking up to her so YAH!! Younger girls are influenced…don’t be so blind. Same with Selena Gomez, the girl from disney channel who was on wizards of waverly place!! YOUNG girls watch that, very young and even older….so when selena gomez appears on cosmo….guess which magazine 11 year old girls are gonna pick up. think about what you’re saying girls.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself, Nisa. I’m SO tired of people standing up for Cosmopolitan. There is NOTHING good to say about them. When people try to defend it, there’s no leg for them to stand on compared to all of Nicole’s evidence. No matter what, people argue in some way. They’re just trying to bring ger down. It’s so sad. Don’t they have anything better to do than try and bring Nicole down by leaving negative comments?? Seriously, people. Leave her be. You wouldn’t want someone trying to stomp on your hard work, would you?

        • no matter what proof, position, or facts I state about COsmo, you will always disagree with my position. I don’t know why you’re so for kids having access to this magazine…. make it sold only to adults.

        • Nicole- I disagree with two things: Cosmo targets kids and the plastic bags. Where have I ever encouraged kids reading it? What’s wrong with putting the blame where it belongs? On the parents! I wouldn’t want my kid reading anything with sex in it, no matter how small or brief the article is. The sex tips make up a very small part of the magazine. If a kid is out getting pregnant and STD’s, that is a reflection on the bad parenting for not giving the kids the right information.

        • I would be extremely offended if GQ had a headline similar but for guys. Just because its not a “Dirty word” doesn’t make it okay to go on the cover. and, “It’s not for young people to look at”??? THEN WHY IS IT ON THE NEWSSTAND FOR YOUNG EYES TO SEE? That is the ENTIRE point of this mission, you just proved our point. It needs to be covered up.

        • I think it’s cute that you won’t post my comment. But that’s okay, it’s your website right? Why won’t you take the environment into account? Why does everyone ignore that fact? I’ve never told anyone to give up. Because I don’t agree i’ve become some sort of pariah? The sex tips are a small part of the magazine and they’re also in several other magazines. I know kids shouldn’t be reading it, but why would they have an interest in it when there’s candy in the same aisle? Why is Cosmo the blame for girls running out and doing foolish things? Cosmo didn’t raise them. I played voilent video games as a child. You don’t see me shooting anyone. It’s because my parent’s raised me right. I know how to conduct myself as a functional member of society. Cosmo only as as much power as someone gives it. And the children of Cosmo readers will have access to it anyway.

        • Amari, I’ve said this to other people on this site before. STOP ARGUING. These articles are for those of us who are against Cosmo. Since you’re not with us, then why are you reading this?! If you don’t agree with this, fine, don’t support it. But when you come around here and start posting negative comments, disagreeing, just to bring us down, that’s not ok. If you don’t agree, then stop posting negativity. Nicole doesn’t need that. She’s been working so hard on this, so why can’t you respect that? Nicole is an amazing person and role model for us. So quit bringing her down. I’m tired of people just trying to bring her down on this, so I ask you please to kindly STOP.

        • @Jennabel- Because plaguing Cosmo’s facebook wall with this campaign is soooo much better right? How am I any different? Just because I don’t agree I’m bringing you down? Where have I ever discouraged or told someone to give up? Why can’t you respect my points of how harmful the plastic is on the environment? I’m expressing my feelings toward the campaign just like the rest of you are towards Cosmo. We don’t see eye to eye, but telling me to stop my opinion just because you don’t like it? REALLY? My response is no, but thanks so much for asking.

        • Amari- First, if you are worried about the environment so much, you can start the next petition to get it sold in a bio-degradeable bag and see just how many people support that. See my point? The betterment of society and it’s mindset takes some presedence over environmental issues. If using extra plastic is what it takes to help society out of this hole it’s dug itself into, then, by golly, we better start using that plastic!! Second, Cosmo is yet another magazine to objectify women instead of lifting them up in God’s image. Many people today view women as sex toys and objects for their own personal pleasure. You think men don’t get some pleasure out of walking through a store and seeing pictures of women clothed as such? Think again. Now I’m not saying it’s only Cosmo that is doing that; there are plenty of magazines out there that do the very same thing. But Cosmo is a big offender. So we can start small and work our way up, hoping eventually to get all magazines and tabloids to follow suit. Sort of an unreasonable/unreachable goal, but you can’t blame people for trying, right?
          All readers- Nicole is not being negative by posting these articles about Cosmo. She is keeping her viewers up to date on just how badly she needs petitioners and signatures. There’s no negativity in that whatsoever. If you think that her posting them is negative, then what a sad view you must have of the rest of the world!
          Nicole- What you’re doing is great. I’m sorry you are being bombarded by such negativity toward your mission. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the turkeys get you down!
          “Blessed are those who are persectued for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

        • aww thank you so much for that!! tht really made me smile, and I love that scripture at the end!! God bless!

        • @DeShantal- Are you serious? How can you encourage the circulation of millions of plastic bags just because some guy looked at a Cosmo magazine? It’s not you on the front cover. It’s just a magazine. Putting a plastic cover won’t stop men from being men or stop girls from acting out. This is less about protecting people from being “harmed” and more about just not wanting to look at something you don’t like. And about that petition…. This is dangerously close to where I live. I’d hate to see Cosmo added to the trash. And this is only in bushes and trees. Imagine a grander scale like the ocean which already has the pacific garbage patch. It’s as big as one of the Hawaiian islands.

        • I didn’t say just one guy. I used one as an example, when really there are many out there doing that very same thing. But I also didn’t say that was the only problem. So what if I don’t like it and therefore want it covered? Everyone else should have the same desire! It degrades women to the point of a sex object, it exposes children much too young to stuff they should not desire let alone have it right at their eye level, and last but certainly not least it puts a unifying, private thing right out there in the open for millions to see. Would you rather “save the planet” or help others reach salvation faster? I mean, really think about it. I think that’s great that there’s a petition out there to help keep places clean, but would it kill people to participate in both drives? Both are for a good cause, and both should/could be supported. Thank you for stating your opinion though, it gives all of us an opportunity to really scrutinize all the view points.

        • Amari- Seriously?! What’s. Your. Problem?! Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion as the rest of us are. But what’s your sense in arguing? What good does that bring upon you? Why are you being so negative? After all of the work Nicole has done for this, all the time and effort, EVERYTHING, you seriously have the nerve to disagree with every little thing Nicole writes? When did I ever tell you to stop your opinion? I only kindly asked you too please NOT post negativity on everything Nicole has worked for. Would you want to go through all of this, do all of this work, and have some people like you come and express their opinion in such a negative way as you do? Disagree with everything you say? Always find SOMETHING wrong? Because I know I wouldn’t.

          And, no, it’s not the fact that you disagree that brings us down. It the way you express your opinion, being so negative and trying to defend Cosmo by either puting the blame on someone else (FYI, NO ONE would have to take the blame if this wasn’t available to kids) or saying things like “They don’t target kids,” when they obviously do. You’ve never told us to stop or give up. But you’re certainly not encouraging us to go on, either. You can simply state in a nice way that you don’t agree instead of arguing. This is a good cause, and you’re just putting it down.

          And, yes, I do value your opinions highly on the sake of the environment. When I filed a complaint (several complaints) to the FTC, I specifically wrote a recyclable or biodegradable plastic bag because of your views. So yes, I actually do respect your views on that. I wish you’d do the same with ours. Do you see anyone arguing your views on that? Saying things like “who cares about the environment?” No. Why? Because no one wants to bring you down.

          “If you don’t like it don’t buy it!” Kind of a selfish statement, isn’t it? So if it’s not your problem, then it’s ok to be other people’s problem? Wow.

          Point is, stop trolling. No one here needs that.

        • thanks Jenna so much, and THANK YOU for filing several complaints to the FTC, I promise they are getting them!!! 🙂

        • Absolutely Nicole!!! Anyway we can help, PLEASE let me know!! This has to be STOPPED. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing!!

        • Jennabel- I’m pretty sure you asked me to please and kindly stop. And now since I don’t agree I’m being negative? I’ve never discouraged Nicole to stop what she’s doing. I’m laying out facts to back up my stance on this anti-cosmo mission. How am I doing any different than what you guys are doing? You’re constantly writing letters and filing complaints. I’m pretty sure Cosmo readers want you to stop too. Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean I’m being negative. I don’t defend Cosmo because it holds nothing for me. I’m legally allowed to buy it if I want, but what would be the point? I don’t see the appeal in the magazine and from what little I’ve read years ago, it wasn’t all about sex. You want me to put my stance in a nice way? Hey, could you guys please notice how their marketing techniques are used in the exact same way as other magazine corporations so they’re not marketing towards children? Thanks. I’m not trolling and I don’t have a problem. Several people have told me who cares on the Pi facebook page, and many more like yourself are going full capslock just because I don’t support this cause. I’m not stopping my just because you don’t agree with me. I’m pretty sure dozens of Cosmo readers would want you to stop as well. I’m not going anywhere.

        • Amari- I believe I asked you kindly to stop discouraging Nicole. I don’t care how much you deny it, but you are. You may not view it as negativity, but a lot of us do. Just by you posting and disagreeing, pointing out every little possible thing that has a shred of something you can work off of, after everything Nicole has done, THAT’S discouragement. Seriously. After EVERYTHING Nicole has worked for, why do you insist on defending Cosmo? (not that there’s any defense for it) Why can’t you just respect Nicole’s hard work and not disagree with every word she says on this? Why can’t you just let it be? What good are you gaining by arguing? I’d seriously like that question answered. Why are you at such a lack of respect for Nicole’s work?

          As for you saying people say they don’t care about your environmental opinions, how does it make you feel to get people saying they don’t care? Why are our feelings and Nicole’s feelings any different and less important?

          And you obviously do have a problem, or else you wouldn’t be arguing.

          Also, you keep contradicting yourself. “It’s not for young people to look at.” Then why is it there for kids to see in the first place?

        • Jennabel- I’m not defending this magazine, I’m stating obvious facts that todays parents aren’t doing their jobs. And when their kid messes up, they blame some random corporation for their lack of parenting. No one looks at a cover and becomes some sex crazed maniac. (It’s on display. That’s how marketing works). If that were the case, we’d all be whores because Nicole showed us all the “disgusting” details of this magazine. It’s only disgusting to you because it’s your opinion. I’m not picking out shreds, I’m using common sense.

          1. It’s on a shelf so people can buy it, not so children can read it.
          2. You won’t become immoral from looking at a magazine cover.
          3. If a parent actually did their job instead of ignoring their children and leaving them to fend for themselves, this wouldn’t be an issue. I keep sing that this magazine “harms” youg girls. HArms them how? Can a magazine force you to do anything?From what I’ve read, they’re tips, not instructions. You don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to.

          I’m making a point and people take it as offense. I’m not going to blame a magazine for my own dumb decisions and getting a cover over it won’t stop people from making stupid choices. You want a cover just so you don’t have to look at it? How selfish is that? Just flip it over! If teens knew any better, they wouldn’t be interested in the magazine if it was stapled to them. No one is in danger from a magazine. Why can’t we just agree to disagree? Why do you have such a problem with a different perspective? There’s more than one way to look at this issue. And from what I see, people are getting hyped up over a lack of responsibility. Everyone’s so concerned children will see it because it’s on news stands. Well, If I wanted to sell something, I wouldn’t hide it.

        • “And when their kid messes up, they blame some random corporation for their lack of parenting.” So you can deny the over 200 letters Nicole has recieved from girls saying how they were negatively effected by Cosmo? You say the parents are the ones blaming it when their kids mess up? Open your eyes. Girls have written letters saying that it was Cosmo that influenced their bad decisions. If Cosmo wasn’t available to them, they might not have been influenced to make those bad decisions!

          And why do you ALWAYS blame parents? It’s not always their fault. What if the parent didn’t know their kid bought it or looked at it? What if the parent said they couldn’t, but the kid read it anyway? How is it fair in those cases if the parent gets blamed. Them not knowing is a reflection of bad parenting? That’s SO fair, right?

          “(It’s on display. That’s how marketing works).” Funny, I don’t remember it ever being ok to market inappropriate things to just anyone, including underage kids, do you?

          These are responses to your points.
          1. If it’s there to buy, then why is it on a shelf where kids CAN read it? If it’s only sold to adults, it’s still on a shelf where people can buy it, just not where kids can see it.
          2. No, you won’t. But you may feel pressured into becoming immoral. Not EVERYONE may have tons of self control, as you’re making it sound they should. It’d be doing many people a favor.
          3. NEWSFLASH, some parents don’t do their job. We can’t change that. So, therefore, it’s an issue. So why don’t we help the issue? Should we just all bum around and wait for change? Most of us don’t do that. Instead of waiting, how bout we actually take ACTION? And it HARMS them by pressuring them. And yes, they are tips. But girls are pressured into doing them because, like I said, they don’t have loads of self control like you obviously expect them to have. No one’s perfect, so you can’t expect everyone’s self control to be. We’re just trying to help.

          With what you’re saying, you’re making it sound like all teens should know the right thing to do. Another newsflash: they all don’t. We’re not just trying to cover it so WE don’t have too see it. If we were doing this for ourselves, that’s what we WOULD do! But we want to protect innocent eyes. You always say “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it” Well how selfish is that? I agree to disagree. I’m giving you my opinion as you’re giving yours. But what I don’t uderstand is why you come and read these articles when you don’t disagree? Why do you insist on wasting your time by reading then just go and disagree anyway? Why is someone like you looking at something like this? Are you looking for ways to disagree? If you don’t agree and don’t want to support it. then why ion earth are you reading this article???

        • “Girls have written letters saying that it was Cosmo that influenced their bad decisions” THEIR bad decisions. Not the magazines, since their giving out tips and not instructions, THEIR own bad decisions. They could have gotten up and walked away. They could have stopped and asked themselves why they felt the need to listen to a magazine for tips on relationships. You’re really blaming Cosmo for being available? What if one of their parents had the magazine laying around the house? Who’s fault is it then? Did Kate White order that magazine to sit on the coffee table? They’re not marketing it to children. The new design is a rip off of Glamour. It’s an adult magazine. You can’t blame a corporation because their magazine is sitting on a shelf.

          If a kid read it in secret, that’s on them. It’s on a shelf so people can buy it, not so they can whip out their evil grins and rub their hands together when a kid glances at the front cover. Why on earth would they want a kid to read it? What would be the point? It’s not there JUST so some kid can read it. If that were true, this would have been an issue years ago. And I’m not saying everyone should have the self control of a 30 year sober alcoholic, but a magazine cover won’t make me rip my shirt of and bed the first guy I see. That’s not what Cosmo is about. Have you even read those sex tips? They take up about ten of 200 pages and it’s not nearly as exciting as the front cover would make them appear.

          And it’s an issue that some people make bad parents? You don’t say? That takes me back to my first paragraph on personal responsibility. They’re in charge of their own decisions and bad parenting does not have to mold a persons life. No one is harmed by pressure unless you’re a lump of coal. I’ve been pressured into smoking, but I’m not going to sign a petition on make marijuana illegal. If I don’t want to smoke, I don’t have to. I wasn’t forced into smoking and it’s very easy to avoid the people who might pressure me. Just like it’s easy to flip the magazine over.

          You’re making it sound like every kid will disobey their parents just because they can. “Hey look, theres cosmo. I know I’m not supposed to read it, but I’ll do it anyway”. Not every kid is like that. Some of them grew up with morals and know better. And the ones that weren’t as lucky don’t turn out like criminals. Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Janice Dickenson, all those people didn’t let their childhoods turn them into the statistic society thought they’d be.

          It’s incredibly selfish to cover something because you don’t want to look at it. Newsflash: Magazines arent in every single line. Go to the candy aisle or self checkout or flip the magazine over. It’s so easy to avoid something you don’t like. And why would she waste her time witing articles on the things she doesn’t like? I’m giving a different point of view besides “COSMO MUST BE STOPPED.” It’s just a magazine. It can’t hurt you if you don’t let it.

        • You know what? It’s not worth it. A magazine is not worth all this hype. Several people have told me to leave the site already, and I’m honestly tired of all the bickering one magazine is causing. I have my views and you have yours. I’ve stated my points and when people say otherwise, I challenge it. But allowing people to boot me from a site or call me unChristian and negative just because of a different point of view is where I draw the line. I’m gone. No need to worry about me anymore.

        • I see your point. I really do. But I really don’t understand why youre against making this sold to adults. You keep saying things like “Its not meant for kids to look at.” Then if its unavailable to kids, then its not there for them to see. What’s the huge issue with that?

          And if Cosmo really wasn’t marketing to teens, they shouldn’t have a problem with selling it to adults. But with taking it away from teens, they KNOW they will lose sales. Otherwise, they wouldn’t put up such a fight.

          I’m really sorry people tell you to get off the site. That’s not fair to you. I’m like you then. You challenge my opinion, I challenge yours. But also, I really don’t know why you read these articles if you don’t support the mission. Just so you can comment and disagree? But whatever.

    7. I love that youre trying to male a difference but really? Four cosmo blogs in a row? Five if u skip the kate middleton one. Cosmo is definatly a bad magazine and people really shouldnt read it. But if it were in a bag people who WANT to read it and see wut its about cant….and those of you who say people should be better parents well im sire you go tp the stor with your friends i do. I saw a show and a boy was hiding bad magazines between his matresses, sure, u might have really protective parrents who moniter you but how many check between your matresses of you sock drawr? Kids are sneeky. Sorry i wasted your time c:

    8. I understand what you are trying to do but there are far more important things going on in the world than this magazine.Don’t get me wrong, I love this website and I admire everyone who put their hearts into it and the articles but I feel like lately this website has been nothing but Comso, cosmo, cosmo. I would really like to see an article about family.

      • I know… Her petition is a great cause, but that’s not what I signed up for this website to see… I mean, it’s okay to be passionate about something, but it seems like this Cosmo issue is controlling the website, and possibly driving people away. If my mom saw some of the titles on this website (“Graphic sex tips,” etc, etc) She would probably make me get off of it… I would like to see the positive side of Nicole again!

    9. I am the mother of a 14 year old girl. My daughter has enough disturbing anecdotes from high school, she does NOT need to be inundated with Cosmo telling her that her boyfriend cheating on her is okay. For the people who say “It’s the parent’s fault if a child is reading this magazine”, how often do you suppose parents can monitor their children? 24 hours a day? Do you want us to hold their hand until they are adults? All parents can do is raise children properly, and send them out into the world. When that world is all about sex, and great tips on how to please your BOYFRIEND, your child is left with little option. Putting Cosmo in a bag is a good solution. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with the disgusting language, and I wouldn’t have to be worried my daughter can access a magazine that is terrifyingly close to pornography.

    10. Its sad some girls don’t see the harm just because she is going to be 18.Point is women are being seen as sex objects.When I was in middel school the libary had cosmo in the teen section.I checked them out and read them, became very inscure developed bulimia the same years and anorexia the next.I’m married and recovering through Christ now but I face inscurity problems every day from the things I read in this magazine.

    11. It’s sad to see what movies she’s going to be in next in the pictures you posted. “A cancer patient who wants to lose her virginity” and a “period piece about an adulterous wife”. Just sad. I don’t care if she’s about to be an adult, those are just immoral. It’s so sad how such a wonderful girl is taking roles like this. Her and her sister are so beautiful and charismatic. It is nice that she’s trying to further her education, though, I admire her for that.

    12. I think the magazine is fine, to AN EXTENT. It is completely natural for mature adults to read it and benefit from it, but to a limit. THE REAL PROBLEM with this magazine is then fact that there can be younger ones seeing or reading it. Thats why it needs to be sold in the bag and not too low to the ground so that the younger kids cannot reach it.
      And with Dakota on the cover, I think it is still a controversy about that. I mean, she is about to turn 18, BUT she is basically still underage. But if they let her pose for the mag, she DID and SHOULD HAVE had the power to say yes or no for the shoots and article. I don’t see anything wrong with the cover shoot, actually, I think its just a little flirty, thats all. I’m just not too sure about the picture of her in that tightt dress and the bunny ears, and it does show some of her chest. But as I said, SHE made the decision to be in this magazine, she was the one who agreed with it.

    13. this world has become perverded every year, and our end is coming. i think instead about worrying about others we should worry about or selves.We need to do everything it takes, for us to preach to others. These are nt the ways people. This can become gossip, lets not forget what we are ment to do here. lets prepare ourselfs, to go to heaven. if we do

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