Crystals and Christianity: Should Believers Use Them?

    Crystals: To some of you, they’re just pretty rocks. But to many people—especially millennials—crystals are considered much more than that. Crystals have long been used as a source of “healing power,” to align “energy portals” in the human body and facilitate inner peace, joy and balance. A quick search on Google for “healing crystals” brings up many articles articulating how and why to use them.

    But what about for Christians? Are crystals no different than using peppermint tea to calm your stomach or prayer to steady your mind? The answer might surprise you.

    Crystals are rooted in New Age spirituality. Because this belief system is quickly gaining traction among young people and because it has some crossover terminology with Christianity (references to “God within you,” meditation, prayer, peace and healing), it’s very easy for young believers to be confused. But before jumping on the crystal train, consider the following important points.


    The New Age Connection

    Crystals are deeply connected to the New Age movement. The New Age movement has its roots in Eastern mysticism. You may be familiar with the term “the third eye,” a spiritual way of understanding the world that transcends the rational mind. New Age followers are characterized by their desire to “add” spirituality to their existing life for the sake of self-actualization or self-improvement. This kind of spirituality is determined by one’s own search and priorities; you decide what it looks like for you. Unlike Christianity, God is not personal unless a personal God best fits the spirituality you desire.

    The contradictions between New Age philosophy and Christianity are many, starting with the lack of objective truth. Christianity is, by nature, exclusive and inclusive: exclusive in the sense that only through Jesus are we saved; inclusive because all who come to Jesus are able to be redeemed. New Age philosophy seeks to combine principles of Christianity into its worldview without the exclusivity of Jesus. This puts these two worldviews fundamentally at odds.

    Steven Bancarz, a former New Age follower and current Christian apologist, expresses his own experience and concerns with crystals in this article. For more reading on the nature of New Age beliefs, you can also read this article.

    But can crystals be separated from their New Age use? I would suggest not. To use crystals for healing purposes is to embrace the New Age idea that they have spiritual power and/or properties. As Christians, our hope for peace, healing and purpose should come from Christ alone. If we are not seeking these things from Jesus, then why do we follow Him? Why do we say we believe Him if we do not believe He has power to save?


    Can Crystals Draw Us Nearer to Christ?

    The ultimate question here, knowing where crystals come from and why they are used, is this: “Are crystals beneficial to our walk with God?” Would using crystals to align our “energy” draw us to a deeper understanding of the God of the Bible or would it distract us from Him?

    God never asks us to use such methods to draw near to Him. He simply calls us to “draw near…and I will draw near to you” (James 4:8). A better option would be to seek God through prayer, His Word and biblical counsel. Find someone to talk through your inner struggles. Seek prayer for heart healing. We are in a spiritual war, and we do not need more confusion between what is truth and what is a lie.

    We can appreciate crystals for their beauty as a natural element in this world. But we should not be using them for spiritual purposes. When we need peace, restoration and healing, we should start with the cross of Christ. Everything we need, all our hope, was accomplished and is available there.

    Phylicia Masonheimer
    Phylicia Masonheimer
    Phylicia Masonheimer is an author and speaker teaching women how to discern what is true, discuss the deep stuff, and accomplish God's will for their specific lives. She holds a B.S. in Religion from Liberty University, where she met her husband, Josh, and now lives in northern Michigan with her two daughters, Adeline and Geneva.


    1. So uhh funny thing. K not funny.. it’s serious. Long story about I went on a mission trip last month and while I was there (China) a man gave me this purple crystal and he told me how he found it. Well I didn’t put much thought into it at first cause well it was just a crystal from a mountain top what else could it be. Then I started thinking… Was there a meaning behind this or am I just over thinking here. Since it was a gift it probably had some meaning right? Then I prayed about it.. and I found this article. Although I’ll never know why this man gave me this crystal. I now know about crystals and what people think of them as. I guess there may be something else I need to read between the lines for, but at least now I have had a partial answered prayer.

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