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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    “Dear Broken Heart…” By PI Girl Chels

    Dear Broken Heart,

    Your heart is broken, I know. You are hurt, you feel empty and that one seemingly perfect relationship you had has now come to an abrupt halt. You feel bitter: toward yourself, toward others, and especially toward him.

    But trust in Me. Trust that I know what is best. And don’t forget how beautiful you are! Broken Hearts often fail to remember how wonderful they are because they have misinterpreted that a situation gone bad is a result of their personal failure. You are loved, and you are unique. I am going to use you to do great things! So many Broken Hearts need to be reminded of how priceless they will always be.

    1. You have worth—don’t believe anything less.

    There is no one else on the face of the earth exactly like you. Cliché, I know, but it’s true. Just because he—one out of 7 billion—didn’t happen to appreciate your worth doesn’t mean that no one else ever will. Your breakup isn’t an opportunity for you to degrade yourself and mark yourself as useless and disvalued. I am saving you for your perfect match—for the one I have designed for you and only you. To him, your worth will be priceless.

    2. You’re in control of you.

    Okay, you might feel like crying into a pint of ice cream right now, but the longer you dig this pity-pit, the harder it’ll be to climb out. Don’t forget that he doesn’t control your life, nor should he control your emotions.

    Stop stalking your ex-boyfriend’s FB profile, his latest tweets or who he’s been taking pictures with in his latest Instagram feed. Stop monitoring who he’s following and whose pictures he’s “liking.” You can stop that. Whatever you’re doing is going to keep you from Me and from moving on.

    Of course, you’re probably not going to jump right up and get back to the normal way of life right away, but recognize that you have the power to do so. Broken Hearts assume that they can’t get back up because they’re not in control. Nope. You can get up, take charge of your life and move on. It’s not impossible. It’s certainly not easy, but it isn’t a crazy idea.

    3. You’re not perfect, and neither is he.

    You both are human beings—you are bound to make unwise decisions and you’re prone to saying and doing things that are ungodly. Just because you suffered a brutal breakup doesn’t mean that now your slate is covered in inerasable marks. I realize that you both are imperfect, and I love you the same.

    Instead of dwelling on what he did wrong and what he said, recognize that he is as human as you are. Today, stop thinking, Our breakup was all his fault or This never would have happened if he wasn’t like that. You both are imperfect. Remember that I love you unconditionally, and you need to do the same. Just because your relationship failed miserably doesn’t mean that one of you is more imperfect than the other. You may not forget, but you should forgive.

    4. I hold the future, and I have something better in store.

    Cliché, again, I know. But it’s so important. Don’t forget that I am ultimately in control of the direction of your future. I hate to see your broken heart, but I also know what is and what isn’t meant to be. These trials are to help you to see My perfect plan: to mold you into the person I want you to be. If you trust Me with your life, you will gain a newer, fresher perspective. If this broken relationship is not what I had in store for you, don’t worry! I have something better. If I let this guy pass you by, I certainly have another planned.

    Know your worth, take the reins and remember that I have your story all written out for you.

    I love you, and I will heal your broken heart.

    —Your loving Father

    “God cannot pour His blessings into hands already full.” —TheFullTimeGirl

    Written by PI Girl Chels

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    Hi, I'm Rachel, but most people call me Chels. I am a homeschooling junior, and older sister to two younger sisters and a little brother. I have a photography business and hope to pursue a major/career in cinematography. Project Inspired has served as a safe haven for me to receive and offer advice from and to other girls. My Christian walk with Christ and my journey with Him so far has proved to be a great testimony in my life and in the lives of others. To those who haven't formed a personal relationship with Jesus yet, I really encourage you to think about it. Jesus is now my best friend--someone I can be open and 100% honest with. Visit my blog: www.chasingchels.weebly.com


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