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Decorate Your Space Using Your Photos Like a DIY Pro


We’ve already told you about how awesome we think photography (of all levels!) is here. Now, you may be thinking, “I’ve got all these tremendous photos, sooo what can I do with ’em?”

Well, allow us to show you!


1. Let your imagination take flight.


Image source: thebrimblecoms.blogspot.com

It’s hard to believe just how quickly time really does fly…that is, of course, until it’s lined up on your wall.

Then it’s surprisingly easy to see.


2. Places to go, people to see…again.


Image source: http://cutcraftcreate.blogspot.com

Got a big ol’ map? Perfect. It may take a little skill and a whole lot of patience, but trimming your photos in the shape of the states they were taken in is a fantastically unique way to celebrate all the places you’ve been and the people you were with.


3. You’ve been framed!


Image source: borrowedandblue.com

Breathe some new life into any old frame with some twine, a handful of clothespins and a smattering of memories.


4. Get a grip, will ya?


Who knew clipboards could be so versatile? Some damage-free command strips ought to do the trick for hanging these less-than-traditional “frames.”


5. The (literary) gang’s all here! 


Image source: papernstitchblog.com

Okay, so while we certainly don’t advocate the destruction of knowledge, if you should happen to have a book lying around that’s clearly on its way out (we’re talking totally irreparable), then salvaging its cover for other noble uses is kind of like recycling. And adorable…adorable recycling.


6. Our hearts are positively glowing.


Image source: hative.com

Isn’t this idea just divine? We think so. And to help you re-create it, we’ve included a super simple layout that you can reference below.



Image source: thetaylordiaries.com


7. Perfect timing…


Image source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

You know how all of your photos represent different moments in time? Now they really can. All you need to do is arrange them in a carefully coordinated circle around a clock—one photo for each hour. If you’re feeling extra inspired, think about creating an actual time lapse from your past to the present age.


8. Steal a glance.


Image source: houseandgarden.co.uk

Not only is this an original way to showcase your photos, but it also ensures a quick glimpse of the people, places and things you love before you step out the door.


9. No cutting corners here.


Image source: outcamethesun.tumblr.com

It’s all about the symmetry with this one, but we get it—that sure is a lot of frames. A smaller version may better fit your space.


10. Just hangin’ around…


Image source: /wipkits.blogspot.com

Hosting an event? Show off your photos by letting them quite literally glide through the air. Just be careful not to let any of these balloons escape with, you know, your face or anything.


Image: http://cutcraftcreate.blogspot.com


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