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Did Justin Bieber Cancel His Purpose Tour to Reconnect With His Faith?

The recent news of Justin Bieber canceling his Purpose tour has caused a frenzy among fans and the media. After traveling and performing for the two-year tour, Bieber shared with a camera man that he’s “looking forward to resting, getting some relaxation” and “rid[ing] some bikes.”

With 14 concerts left to go, Bieber has reportedly upset a lot of fans and tour crew members. The singer left a parting remark for any unhappy followers, stating, “I love you guys. I think you guys are awesome. Sorry to anyone who feels disappointed or betrayed. That’s not my heart or anything, and have a blessed day.”

However, Richard Wilkins, entertainment editor for Australia’s Nine Network, has a different take on the sudden change of events. On the basis of an unnamed inside source, Wilkins announced, “I am led to believe that the real reason he has come off the road is because he wants to reconnect with his faith and he may be even planning to start his own church.”

He notes Bieber’s recent close involvement with the Hillsong circle and potential teaming with them.

Whether or not Bieber is taking time to rest or to specifically focus on rebuilding his faith rests between him and God. What we do know is that artist burnout is real. Singer/songwriter John Mayer took to Twitter to give Bieber props for making such a move.



We continue to pray for Bieber and his journey with Christ and how it will continue to unfold in the spotlight. As believers, putting God first is the best conviction one could follow, as well as knowing when it’s time to get yourself in order so you can make a greater impact from a healthier place.

What do you think? Could Bieber’s recently growing involvement in the church be playing into canceling his Purpose tour? Will you be praying for him with us? Be sure to comment below!


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