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DIY School Hacks and Organizational Tips for the New Year!

The Project Inspired team and community want to wish you a very Happy New Year! The holidays sure flew by fast! Most students are now done with winter break and school is back in session, so I want to give you some inspiring DIY school hacks, projects and tips. In addition, I’ll give you some ideas on how to be organized to stay on top of life for the new season and year.

This month’s hacks stem from some inspiring YouTube tutorials that I’ll share with you below. Click the images to watch the full videos and learn how to do the hacks to your best potential.

The first YouTube vlogger is Katie Tracy, who does a back-to-school DIY idea video.

Click below to watch “DIY School Supplies + Organization Ideas for Your Room! Easy DIY Projects You NEED to Try 2017-2018”:


1. Get Washing Tape and Design Binders. Vamp up your binders and notebooks with some unique colors and designs. Go to Target or an office supply store to get colored paper and tape with designs (washing tape). (See YouTuber Katie Tracy’s step-by-step instructions above in the video provided.) The other helpful use of colorful washing tape is it’s easier to find certain notebooks for specific classes.

2. Find a Tin Box for Organizing. Use different cups for pens and place the cups in the tin box. You can separate pens from markers and pencils.

3. Create Your Own Post-It Note Dispenser. Buy a clear tissue box and Post-It note pad. Empty the tissue box and replace with Post-It notes where the tissue would go. Voilà—you have your own Post-It note dispenser!

4. Make Your Own Colorful Erasers. Find cute paper, cut out the design that you like, purchase some erasers you like and glue the design fitted to the eraser! You now have your own customized erasers for class. So cute! Some example designs: pineapples, cactus patterns, flamingos or polka dots!

5. Use a Cup to Hold Glasses or Clutter on Your Desk. De-clutter your desk by using a colorful cup to put your sunglasses, loose items or anything that is piling up on your desk. Something as simple as a coffee mug works, plus it’s a cute way to hold your pens and miscellaneous office supplies.

6. Use a Sunglasses Pouch or Pencil Case for Miscellaneous Items. Fill a clear sunglasses case with pencils, paper clips, small items and pens.

7. Mint Case for Bobby Pins and Pushpins. Empty out an old mint case and use it for small loose items such as bobby pins, hair ties, thumbtacks, safety pins and more!


The next couple of hack ideas come from a second YouTube blogger named Mawizaa.

Click below to see her hacks and full video “Easy & Cheap DIY School Supplies! You NEED to try!”:


8. Make Your Own Glitter Pencils. Put glue around the silver or gold lining of your pencils and dip them in glitter to sparkle and brighten up your day!

[Image: YouTuber Mawizaa]

9. Design Your Notebooks With Cardstock Paper. Buy solid colors and patterned cardstock paper at your local office supply store and cut up designs for your own personalized and inspired notebooks and books! Mawizaa recommends extra-hold Elmer’s glue sticks and alphabet stickers to label your class notebooks. Some example designs: banana leaf print, sunflowers or neon colors.

10. Paint Your Pencils With Acrylic Paint. Get multipurpose paint, use tape to cover the metal part of the pencil and use paintbrushes to paint your pencils your favorite colors. I love pastels like light pink, baby blue and light yellow. Make sure you wait for the first coat to completely dry before painting the second coat for a better and brighter result.

PI Girls, what is your favorite hack?

Image: Lightstock | Prixel Creative


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