Do You Live in One of the 10 Most Religious States in the U.S.?

    How religious is YOUR state? Gallup recently released new data on religious observance in the United States and some of the findings are really interesting! One point of note? Since 2008, when Gallup started gathering data on religion in the U.S., “roughly the same percentages of respondents have self-identified as religious, somewhat religious, or non-religious.”

    Which state is the most religious in the U.S.? Mississippi, where 61 percent of all survey respondents said they were “very religious.” In the least religious state, Vermont, only 22 percent of respondents answered the same way.

    Here’s the list of the 10 most religious states in the U.S.:

    1. Mississippi
    2. Utah
    3. Alabama
    4. Louisiana
    5. South Carolina
    6. Tennessee
    7. Georgia
    8. Arkansas
    9. North Carolina
    10. Oklahoma/Kentucky (tie)

    When you look at the map pictured above, you’ll notice that the most religious states are mostly clustered in the South, while the least religious states are on the West and East Coasts. The survey also indicates that most Americans are still at least somewhat religious. 29 percent of respondents said that they aren’t at all religious, but 41 percent–a slight increase from 2012!–said they attend religious services regularly, and 29 percent said they are “somewhat” religious.

    You also can compare these findings to our story on the 10 most religious cities in the country.

    Girls, what do you think of this map, and how do the results compare to how you feel about where you live? Take our poll, and then tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

    Do you live in one of the most religious U.S. states?

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    Source: The Atlantic

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        • Well actually Atheism is a religion. Atheism is the religion that belives there is no God. And our christianity isn’t a religion. Religion is a practice. Christianity is a relationship between you and God.

        • I disagree that athiests should be counted in the survey, but isn’t agnostic the lack of religion?

        • I beg to differ kcarmi98. Christianity is a religion. It’s not like Christian’s are above the whole religion thing. And it’s not like religion is a bad thing. Christianity is NOT ONLY a religion, BUT ALSO a relationship. The relationship aspect, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the salvation through Jesus Christ, these are all things that make Christianity different from other religions, but Christianity is still a religion. Okay, I’m done ranting now. 😛

          – All’s fair in love and watercolor.

        • I can see how atheism could be considered a religion because the term “religion” only means a set of beliefs as to how the universe has come to be as it is. Atheism comes from the word “theism,” which is the belief in a god or gods, so atheism is only the lack of belief in a god or gods. While atheism is often associated with evolutionism (which is a set of beliefs on how the universe has come to be and as a result is, by definition, a religion), atheism itself is only a lack of certain beliefs and not the actual belief itself, so in this way, it is not a religion. It’s like saying you don’t like chocolate chip cookies. That doesn’t mean you don’t like cookies–it just means you don’t like chocolate chip cookies (which, like atheism, doesn’t make any sense because anyone who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies, in my opinion, is crazy!). Agnosticism is probably the only belief out there that can be considered not to be a religion because agnostics believe we are incapable as humans of understanding how the universe came to be, so they just say “we are, but we have no way of knowing how we came to be.” They don’t necessarily believe in a god or gods, and they don’t really believe in evolution either. They just don’t believe in anything, so they are in reality the only ones without a religion.

    1. As Celby said below, these may be religious states, but that does NOT mean Christian. And Atheism is a religion, by the dictionaries standards anyway. A religion is a set of beliefs which searches out the causes of things. I once read a post on here about the most “Christian” states, and MA was listed. I live there and it is absolutely not a Christian state, MA is VERY hostile to the gospel. So just bear in mind that these may not be accurate.

    2. I’m a bit confused by the chart. Above the color gradient chart, it says “percentage non-religious – Most” as the fuchsia. I assume that means the highest number of non-religious people, but yet fuchsia Mississippi and Utah are both listed as high religion states. I am confused.

    3. I live in Colorado, but also lived in North Carolina and Oklahoma. It’s definitely sad that Colorado is so non-religious. And I’m surprised Maryland (where I recently lived) is more religious than Colorado.

    4. I do live in one of the top ten (I’d rather not say which for security reasons), and where I live, there are very few people who would not affiliate themselves with some religion, and most of those people do affiliate with Christianity. I would be interested to see, though, if when the survey says that a certain percent of a state is “religious,” if they mean “Christian religious” or just “religious.” For example, Utah (ranked #2) is known for having a very high Mormon population, which is probably why it ranks so highly–not because it has a high Christian population. When it comes to countries, Iraq is listed as one of the most religious counties in the world (according to, but they are predominantly Muslim. What exactly defines “religious” in this survey?

      • I would assume that it just meant that people self-identified as religious. It probably includes people of all faiths, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and people who, in general, believe in some type of greater being.

        I think I would have been more interested in a survey where people identified their “flavor” of religion, if you will, and mapped or plotted that somehow. Specifically, I’d be interested in seeing which states had the greatest proportion identifying their “flavor” as faith in Jesus as the Christ.

      • Mormons are Christians! The true name of the church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the Book of Mormon is considered another testament of Jesus Christ. 🙂 Plus, I think it’s really important for people and societies to be religious at all is a good thing, though I would agree that it’s even better if they accept Christ. 🙂

    5. I live in Mississippi! I’m glad to see that it is considered the most religious state. I’m not surprised by that at all, but I am sad to say that it isn’t nearly as religious as in the past. That goes for all of America, of course. I do see a revival happening amongst teens in my own community and am so proud of that! My sister started a morning devotion at our school last year, and after she graduated, I made sure to keep it alive. God’s love has done so much for me. My hope for the future is a great awakening for His country!

    6. I’m glad to see that my state’s in the top ten, but unfortunately at my school there’s over, like, 3000 kids (no joke) and only about 25 are members of the FCA (including myself) and it makes me kinda sad :/ So while I’m glad my state’s considered one of the most religious, I’d like to find more religious kids my age in my community.

    7. NJ is very Catholic I ‘ve run into catholics many times 18 years, I grew up in a catholic unless the Lord calls me to move out of NJ which could be possabile, protanst not much,. there re Catholic Colleges/Universites.,, there isn’t much Christian stuff going on in my state. a lot of times I feel lonely , but with God on my side I’m not alone spirtualy alone, physical alone sometimes., I do hope for a re awakening from the Church’s & the Christian Colleges/Unitversites & Ivy leage schools to ‘ve a awakening & P schools Duke University., they need to ‘ve a awaking reptencs & faith through Jesus!! every nation will bow & every tounge will bow on their knnes every toung will proclaim his name,. NJ is not on the top.,. that’s sad.,

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