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Do You Only Pray When You’re in Need of Something?

Ladies, do you pray? How often do you pray? What do you pray for? Be honest: Do you pray only when you’re in need of something? Do you pray only when things are going wrong in your life and you feel that prayer is the last resort?

Prayer is a conversation. And when we pray to the Lord, we’re simply speaking with Him. But more than that, prayer is a connection with our Father.

Jesus even made prayer easy for us when He gave us the words to pray in the Our Father. This prayer is a perfect example of the reasons why we should pray, and they include praising God, doing His will, asking for forgiveness and asking for protection from evil. And these are the things we should pray for daily.

You see, praying is fundamental in building a relationship with God. We need prayer to stay connected with Him. It’s a way in which we can come to better know, love and serve God. We need prayer not so we can ask for the things that we want, but so that we can get closer to Him.

Let’s be clear, it’s okay to pray for the things that you want and need. In fact, scripture urges us to do so. God wants us to be bold in our prayer and to trust that He will provide. But God also wants us to trust His plans for us. He wants us to know that regardless of whether or not we tell Him our needs, He already knows them.

So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

While we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for what we want, we also shouldn’t pray solely for what we want, unless what we want is a relationship with God. And in building a relationship with God, in loving Jesus more, scripture says, then all good things will come to us.

If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask for whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. (John 15:7)

So, let’s make our desires known to God, pray and believe, but let that play a minimal role in the act of prayer. Why? Because in any relationship, such as a friendship or family connection, we don’t focus on what we can get from the other person, or at least, we shouldn’t. Rather, as a friend or relative, we should be ready and willing and eager to give, right? Why would our relationship with God be any different?

Scripture tells us over and over that we will receive if we love Christ, and loving Christ means following His commandments. Therefore, we shouldn’t reserve prayer for asking what we want.

Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have boldness before God; and we receive from him whatever we ask, because we obey his commandments and do what pleases him. (1 John 3: 21-22)

Ladies, do you pray only when you’re in need of something?

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  1. Heatherh

    Posted by Heatherh on October 15, 2015 at 20:05

    I thought this was a great article. Too many Christians pray because it’s what Christians are supposed to do. We often don’t really focus on prayer and sometimes we just go through the motions. It is very important to pray, but we need to make our prayers sincere. Although our prayers should be respectful, they do not necessarily have to be formal. I like how the article compares prayer to talking to friends. We should be open and honest with God just like we are with our friends, but at the same time we have to remember that God is much more than a friend and we have to and pray with the respect God deserves.

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by katievd43 on October 14, 2015 at 20:17

    This article is a great example of our world today. Most people, myself included, only pray to God when we need something. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t pray then, but that we should also pray/rejoice during the good times. The like the way this article explains how your relationship with God should be the same as your relationship with our family and friends. He is your friend and is ready to listen at all times! Great Article!

  3. hopeveld

    Posted by hopeveld on October 14, 2015 at 10:25

    I think this article serves as a good reminder about what our focus should be when we pray. I like how this post states that prayer should be something that brings us closer to God and builds our relationship with Him and not a time where we just ask for things. I also like how it compares talking to God like talking to a friend because that is how we should talk to God! Great reminder!