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Do You Put Christ in the Center of Christmas?

Ladies, the Christmas season always seems to cause controversy for Christians and atheists, both arguing about what the origins of the celebrations are and where the traditions came from. Is Christmas a Christian holiday or a pagan celebration? Is the tree pagan or Christian? Well, we could go back and forth for hours, days or even centuries, but I believe that Christmas belongs to Christ, if you make it about Christ.

Here are some ways to put Christ in the center of Christmas:

  • Say “Merry Christmas.” Maybe the cashier won’t say it when you’re purchasing Christmas gifts, or maybe a friend in school isn’t saying it, but if you’re not saying it, then aren’t you denying the season?
  • Send religious Christmas cards. Remind everyone you’re sending cards for what you’re celebrating. Cute cards with cartoon characters reading “Happy Holidays” may seem inclusive, but you’re excluding a really important person with them—Jesus.
  • Have Christ-filled traditions. Traditions are a great way to remind us of the season. You could have a Nativity scene. A fun tradition is to not place baby Jesus until Christmas Eve, and when you do, make it a ceremony. Get your family together and read the Nativity story from your Bible. So many people read The Night Before Christmas, but do you read the Nativity story? How about lighting an Advent wreath? Get Nativity calendars with scripture. Or, for all you Catholics, you could say a Christmas novena prayer throughout the season. It may be too late to consider some of these things now, but definitely add them to your next and future Christmases.
  • Christian decorations. Whether the Christmas tree has pagan roots (excuse the pun) is irrelevant to me, because it’s totally Christmas and even more so about Christ if you fill it with Christian ornaments celebrating Christ’s birthday. So forgo the hobby and character ornaments, even the Santas, and fill your tree with stars and angels and wise men and other symbols reflecting Christ’s day.
  • Go to church. This may seem obvious to some of you, but many people don’t go to church on Christmas. Maybe they’re too busy getting ready for the day’s celebrations or spending time at someone else’s home, but regardless of your plans or schedule, you should always take the time to go to church. Many churches offer a few celebrations on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • Act like Christ. Focus more on the giving than the getting. This not only includes giving gifts to loved ones, but not expecting too much for yourself, not asking for too much. It also means giving in other ways, such as giving to charities, whether it’s money or gifts.

Ladies, if we don’t make Christmas about Christ, then why are we celebrating it? Sure, we want to be inclusive, but at the end of the day, God comes first!

Do you feel like you put Christ in the center of Christmas?

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