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    Does “Purity” Only Refer to Sex?

    Teenagers these days can’t seem to keep their hands off the opposite gender for more than a second…

    And I want to say that this generation of teenagers (and yes, even CHRISTIAN teenagers) have it all wrong.

    Most of the time, when youth leaders talk about purity, its ONLY about sex. So teens think kissing, etc. is totally okay, and as long as they’re not having sex, they’re TOTALLY pure. Most of the time, when youth leaders talk about boyfriends, they ONLY say that he has to be a Christian.

    I’m here to say they have it wrong.

    Yes, purity can consist of not having sex before marriage, but it’s also saving yourself for your husband in SO MANY other ways. Being pure for your husband is also restraining yourself from ANY sensual relationship (and by sensual I mean not just friendship) and focusing TOTALLY on Jesus so that when you meet your future husband, you have done your best to be the best person you can be–clean before God and seeking Him instead of messing around with guys.

    Song of Solomon is a collection of love letters between an adoring couple and their friends, the onlookers. It shows real, dedicated love. And it also gives some advice to young people from those who have experienced love.

    Their advice? “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”(SOS 8:4). You could also put it this way: “Do not seek out love, but let it come to you when it wants to.” Quick reminder: God is love (1 John 4:8). That being said, you could also put it this way: “Do not seek out love, but let God give it to you when He wants to.”

    Let’s face it: When we have a boyfriend or crush, who do we think about more? Who do we think about when we look in the mirror to examine the way that we’ve dressed? Who do we talk to more? (P.S., texts are included…) I don’t think I have to answer that for you.

    If we are getting into relationships at our age (10-20), we are no longer focusing on Jesus as the center of our lives. We should be SO passionate about simply ADORING our King that we won’t consider relationships because they take up the attention that Jesus should have!

    Written by PI girl, Faith

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