Does the Digital Life Make a Sabbath Impossible?

    We are told that after God created the world, on the seventh day He rested. But as we live in a wired world now, it’s getting harder to disconnect. Still, if God needed to rest His mind and restore Himself, there has to be a reason for the fourth commandment: “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” (Exodus 20:8)

    Seriously, how is that possible in this day and age? I mean, your phone beeps and you’ve got a new notification. Your heart skips a beat as you discover @KirbyisaBoss posted a new YouTube video or @NicoleInspired posted a gorgeous new picture on Instagram, or maybe your friend just posted her story on Snapchat. How do we quiet our minds in such a constant world?

    If you have a hard time putting down your phone or shutting down your computer, it’s a sure sign that you really need a break from those things. We aren’t to be a slave to anything of this world. (I know, that’s so hard with a phone, right? It’s like another hand, it’s so much a part of our lives.) As Christians, we want to hear that still, small voice of God, and we can’t hear Him when there is so much chatter going on around us. He wants our ear to whisper words of love to us! (He doesn’t shout like a seven-second Vine!)

    Don’t you want to know what He is saying to you?

    If you have trouble disconnecting in order to connect with God, here are a few things to try to bring back your Sabbath.

    1. Read the Word: The Bible tells us to “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you” (Matthew 6:33). When you take the time for God, there is MORE available, not less. Reading His Word helps us focus on what we really need and helps us prioritize our day. Open your Bible and read. It makes the time feel like it multiplies. Try it, especially if you’re feeling stressed and short on time. God will speak to you.

    2. Breathe and pray: I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time settling my mind down to concentrate on prayer, so one of the tricks I’ve learned is to really focus on my breathing because it helps shut out the chatter around me.

    Breathe in deeply. Hold for three seconds. Exhale deeply (at least five seconds). Do this seven times (the Lord’s number!) and see if your mind doesn’t shut out some of the excess noise around you. Now you’re ready to pray and hear His voice.

    3. Create a cute space for sanctuary: In the Old Testament, God told His people, “Create a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.” (Exodus 25:8) Having a place to go to spend time with God can help us prepare for our time with Him. You might have a special place in your garden that makes you feel peaceful. Throw a special blanket out, and a Tabernacle is born! If you have space in your room, you might make a prayer corner where you keep your Bible and your prayer journal. Decorate it with comfortable pillows or an old carpet sample square in a favorite, soothing color (you can get old samples at carpet stores). The important thing is to have a place where you plan to meet God.


    Let us know in the comments if you have any special rituals that help you disconnect from the world and hear God’s voice!

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    1. Just today in fact, I tidied my room (with a lot of motivation which only God could give) and created my own sanctuary where I can relax and have a peaceful time praying, reading my Bible and listening to all God needs to say to me. I can definitely relate to this article, and it’s really helped me. Thanks!

    2. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist. So as some of you may know that means I celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday (the seventh day of the week). I wholeheartedly believe that God created the Sabbath specifically on the last day of the week so we may be recharged and re-energized by Him for the next week. Yes, we need to connect with the Lord every single morning but He created the last day of the week with a purpose in mind and that was for us to commune with Him and with fellow believers. As for what we should do on the Sabbath, that has been somewhat of an controversy over the decades and generations in the Adventist church. The older generation tends to be quite conservative where as my generation rationalizes away less Sabbathy (as we call them) things that they do or they simply disagree on which activities are secular and which are not. But I think all generations agree that on Sabbath we should keep our focus on Godly things and not do tasks that we would normally do during the week (ex. buying or selling anything, house work, cleaning, doing chores etc. after all that is what the week days are for). Typically as Adventists (in the warmer months) we will take hikes/walks, bike, or simply spend time in God’s awe-inspiring nature. Us young people also like to spend time in song, discussions about biblical/christian topics, or go on outings to favorite parks. We try to exclude secular music, movies, and activities on Sabbath in order to solely spend time with our loving creator. Basically, we love our one on one God time! And I know for a fact that He loves the undistracted time we all spend with Him. Happy Easter! He is risen!

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