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    PI Girls, have you ever thought about becoming a journalist? Or do you dream of one day penning a book to help other Christians in their walks with God? Then we have some news we know you’ll love!

    Wendy Griffith, the anchor and senior reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network, is going to be hosting a LIVE video chat on Project Inspired!

    What: A live chat with author and journalist Wendy Griffith!

    When: Thursday, February 20 at 4 PM PST

    Where: Project Inspired…just click here!

    Griffith is the host of CBN’s flagship show, The 700 Club, with CBN founder Dr. Pat Robertson. She also co-anchors two other shows for CBN: Christian World News, a weekly show that focuses on the challenges facing the global church, and CBN Newswatch, a daily 30-minute newscast. Plus, she just released her second book, You Are a Prize to Be Won! Don’t Settle for Less Than God’s Best, about her own heartache and how to find a man worthy of wonderful YOU. So inspiring!

    And as part of her live chat, Wendy will be giving away signed copies of You Are a Prize to Be Won! to five lucky PI Girls!


    How can you enter? Leave a question for Wendy (she may answer it in her chat!) in the comments below! Right before the chat begins, we’ll choose five winners who each will receive a signed copy of You Are a Prize to Be Won!so start submitting your questions now.

    We can’t wait to welcome Wendy to Project Inspired! So don’t forget to RSVP here, and join in the fun on Thursday, February 20. We’ll see you there!

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    1. I actually want to be a Christian author when I grow up! What advice do you have for girls like me who want to write non fiction and fiction Christian books that children can learn a lesson from? 🙂

    2. For my career I have been feeling led to be a christian singer,and or drummer or pianist. I am musical but I am not sure how to pursue this career more than I already am. How did you pursue your career and how can I use that to help me pursue mine? Thank you!!!!

    3. How did you get your start in your career? And when did you learn what your calling is? I think I’m called to be a modest fashion designer, but I’m not 100% positive yet. Where did you get the I separation for your book above? Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about how we are worth more than we are crediting ourselves and that we need to wait for a prince instead of settling for a frog. Did everyone support your career choice? I feel like my parents won’t like mine, but that’s what I want to do. If people did oppose your career, how did you deal with it? I need help with that!

    4. Hi Wendy,
      when did you first come to know God? Do you have any tips or advice for new believers or girls who are trying to become closer to God?
      My mother helped me to find God before she passed away in August. I am trying to live the life The Lord wants me to live and be the Godly christian woman my mother knew that I would become.

      Thank you,


      • I can not make it to the video chat tonight. I thought it was right now but I realized you are in PST time, not EST. It is actually at 7:00 PM here and I have something going on. Thats ok though, God bless!

    5. How do you overcome something you feel is holding you back so entirely from the person you know God created you to be?
      I know God loves me and forgives me for all of my sins, but I often feel unworthy of his love and redemption…How can I accept what he is offering to me?

    6. Is Sixteen To Young? I’m 16, I dated this guy for a year and when we broke up it was hard on me. It’s now been a year since and I’m happy to say I’m so much more amazing without him. I have not dated anyone since him, however there is this boy that I’ve been good friends with for a long time. I can’t help but think though, is sixteen too young to date? Is it okay to date him? Or should we just stay friends? I don’t want to mess anything up with him.

    7. Most girls have an idea in their minds of a fairytale ending and meeting prince charming. Many girls will end up dating a good guy because of this reason, even if he isn’t necessarily a Christian. Some girls justify this by claiming that the guy doesn’t cause them to sin so it doesn’t matter. What would you say to girls that are in this situation?

    8. Hi Wendy!! 🙂
      What advice would you give to teen girls who are struggling with body image and guy problems? For example, I tend to always go for the guys who are jerks and who don’t try to become a better Christian. How can a girl like me find a guy who will lead me more towards God instead of leading away? What are the signs of a good Christian man?
      ♥ Caitlyn

    9. Hi Wendy! 🙂
      How do you know when to trust someone? Especially for people who’ve been burned a few times, it’s a difficult thing to put your trust in one person and not be afraid to. How do you know if that person will not break your trust?

    10. What advice do you have for finding a way to feel good about yourself and live up to your true purpose instead of worrying about finding the right guy? I think it’s important for girls to value themselves and live their lives for God without feeling like they need a guy. I know I struggle with that and I’m sure many other girls do, too.

    11. Did you find it hard to stay mentally pure in high school? I go to a Christian school and am surrounded by people constantly making perverted jokes and twisting anything anyone says into a perverted situation and they’re the “cool” kids. I try so hard to stay pure and focused on God but when I’m surrounded by girls who claim to have great relationships with God, but act completely of the world, it’s so hard to stay firm in my belief. Do you have any advice as to go about being in the world, but not of it? Thank you so much for any help you might give. I appreciate you taking time to answer questions. 🙂

    12. What is your view on marrying a man who isn’t a virgin? My friend asked me this question, and we started talking about it. We came to a conclusion: if we saved ourselves for marriage, shouldn’t our husbands also be pure? Regardless, what is your view on this?

    13. I am involved in a Christian non-profit organization called Boyfriend Bears, it is led by a board of teenage girls, and we talk to other girls about purity. Throughout a 2 hour session we discuss the many components of purity. At the end of the session, the girls have a choice to make, whether or not they want to commit themselves to living a life of purity. For those who make the choice, they will write a letter to their future husband with their promises and goals to be pure, then they will receive a cuddly white bear, that stands to remind them of their pledge of purity. Most of our events are sponsored by local businesses, and we even had a special ‘reunion’ type Valentines event! Our organization is growing as we are raising money to produce videos in order to get our curriculum spread further than just our county! However as we expand, we also look to improve. I believe part of that is learning other’s perspectives on purity and the like. Therefore, in your own words, “What is purity?” Thank you so much for your time! I hope that the rest of the teen board and I could enjoy your book!

    14. How long do you think God will have me wait for “the one”? I am 16 🙂 How long did you wait? There are a lot of boys at school but I try to avoid them because most of them aren’t Christian, I only really talk to boys at church 🙂

    15. I’ve been struggling with God lately. My parents are getting in a divorce, and I’m really depressed about it! Mom has been trying to get me to hate dad and everything! I’m trying to turn to God, but He doesn’t seem to respond. How can I get my relationship back with Jesus?

    16. 1. How old, in your opinion, do you think girls are mature enough to start courting/dating?
      2. Do you think courting is better than dating and why/why not?
      3. I almost always have guys starring inappropiately at me and I dress modestly! And a lot of girls, sometimes even my best friends are jealous of me and Idk why. How should I deal with these situations? Idk really what to do. What is your advice?

    17. My best friend was just diagnosed with leukemia for the second time, and to be quite honest I’m mad at God. How do you find a way to forgive him and yourself?? I’m in desperate need of answers! Please help!!!

    18. I’ve had youth leaders in the past tell me not to pray or study the bible with guys in high school because that’s to intimate of a thing. Do you think that’s the case? Do you think there is a safe range where you can still study together but keep it less intimate?

    19. So there is a lot of debate with modesty on this site and I love all the girls opinions but the more adult advice the better. What is your opinion on say, pants? Or on neckline? I love to look girly but sometimes its just a day to wear sweatpants and not really care what I look like. Is that wrong? I want to reflect my life for Christ in how I dress. Advice?

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