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Me Without Makeup


I rarely wear makeup the only time that I wear makeup is for special occasions (Choir Concerts etc). What I like about myself is my eyes and my heart. The reason why I like my eyes is I have been told by a friend that when they look in my eyes they see Christ. (I live my faith out everyday through service work and just being compassionate to everyone I meet). The reason why I like my heart is Every time I see someone go through a tough time or i’f i’m speaking to friends,family,teachers etc. In my heart I have nothing but love and wisdom to give, I always see a special sparkle in people’s hearts I’ll always acknowledge it by saying “You’re the best Teacher I’ve ever had.” or “You know you are so awesome!” Sometimes I get made fun of and guys try to flirt with me (even though i’m not interested) but I don’t allow it to bring me down.

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Image: Courtesy of Eleanor


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  1. Project Inspired

    Posted by priscillancs on October 6, 2012 at 12:30

    What a wise girl! God delights in you Eleanor!
    And the next time some guy make fun of you, just remember how wonderful is the husband God is preparing especially for you!!
    Kisses from Brazil!!