Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

    When it comes to hair, it’s usually a case of “the grass is always greener.” Girls with straight hair often wish theirs was curly, those with thick hair wish it was easier to take care of…for whatever reason, we’re just not easily satisfied. Constantly trying to change your God-given hair will cost you a lot of time and money. Styling it for special occasions is one thing, but learning to love the tresses you were born with is freeing and empowering! Here are a few tips to help make that happen.



    Fine A good cut and regular trims are essential to keep breakage at bay. A few ways to ensure your hair is not unnecessarily damaged: Sleep with it in a bun, use styling products on as low a temperature as possible, only wash your hair twice a week and in the meantime use dry shampoo. Be sure to be gentle when your hair is wet, and use a wide-toothed comb. Your natural texture works very well with bangs of all kinds—just make sure you go to a stylist for at least the first cut.

    Real talk: “I might trade my hair if I could. But I do love how easy it is to style and doesn’t take very long to blow dry.” -Jill



    Wavy Luckily for you, wavy hair is the most moldable and can be worn lots of different ways. However, natural waves can really take a nosedive and become flat when left to air-dry. Try showering at night and letting your hair air-dry overnight. It might be just the thing to give you volume. If you only have a few minutes in the morning, straightening just the ends will give you a beach look that is very in style at the moment. Your haircut will look great with layers all over if it is thick or all one length if it’s on the thinner side.

    Real talk: “I love my brown wavy hair because it naturally has red tones in it. Something others pay good money for, I have for free! I have a natural curl look with minimal effort.” —Naomi



    Curly Try to keep a little length in your hair, and unless you are absolutely dying to try them, stay away from bangs. While they may be cute when you fix them, they will force you to spend a lot of time with a blow-dryer and straightening iron. Accent layers around your face will do the trick! With curls, products are your best friend. Experiment with samples (most beauty supply stores will give you many if you ask) and find one or two you cannot live without.

    Real talk: “I love my crazy curls because they stand out and they’re so so low maintenance.” —Kelsey



    Kinky The awesome part about your type of hair is that it has never been more in style to rock your hair in a big way. Conditioning liquid, cream, butters and oils will go a long way in making your day-to-day styles more manageable. Be sure to get regular trims and not over-wash. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various updos, buns and side-sweeps.

    Real talk: “I love my kinky natural hair because it grows upward and seems crown-like. It is always a conversation starter and has been a great networking tool. It makes my outfit of the day much cooler than it really is.” —Necrowya



    Straight The bright side of having silky straight hair is that you’re able to let it air-dry easier than any other hair type. The downside: Curls and many styles just won’t last throughout the day. Learn a few tricks that give a little pizzazz to your look, such as braids and layers around your face. Try giving yourself middle or side parts with a comb for a professional or tailored look.

    Real talk: “Sometimes I wish my hair had more of a variety to it but I love how my straight hair grows long really quickly. When it’s down I feel really feminine but it’s also easy to pull back when I want it out of the way.” -Kim


    Did we leave out any hair types? What type are you and what are your tips? What do you love about your natural hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. When my hair is shorter, it’s just wavy–then the longer it gets, the curlier it gets (the longest it’s ever been in just past my shoulders). When it gets to my shoulders, it turns insanely curly: small curls, big curls, waves, small straight parts, and poof. 😛 My hair is dark blonde with a few natural highlights, but as you can see in my picture, I dyed it red haha. 😀

      • My hair is almost exactly the same way (wavy, naturally dark blonde, and dyed red), but the opposite with the curls–Mine’s wavy once it gets down to almost my shoulders, but it’s curly when it’s short.

    2. You most definitely left out a hair type; PUFFY! My hair is wavy/curly(depending on it’s mood) and then it poofs! (I like to compare it to Hermione’s from Harry Potter)
      But I really enjoyed these tips! 🙂

    3. I myself have straight hair which I think is awesome because it’s easy to braid and everything. Sure curls don’t stay but that’s the best part about it. You can change it up how you want. If you want a curl you can just braid it and keep it in overnight (try not to sleep on it) then in the morning (provided you don’t wet your hair or maybe you leave the braid in while your hair dries) you get some nice curls. I love braids because they help get that lovely curl without resorting to a curling iron which runs the risk of burning you. Also, so many people wish that their hair was straight and you don’t have to use a straightener to achieve that look. Besides, each person has been endowed with their Creator with certain things unique to them. You don’t need to be ashamed for accepting those things. Also, I tend to find that people look better if they stay with their natural style (except for the occasional switch up for fun).

    4. Ahh! As soon as I saw this article I knew I HAD to comment. I used to HATE my hair. It’s blonde & curly (kind of like Taylor Swift’s) but I used to hate it. In 8th grade I straightened it everyday and it became damaged and gross. Recently, I’ve been asking God to help me love myself & know that I am beautiful….and He has! But it’s been such a journey. Now I love it and I get compliments all the time. Just had to share my short story. I recommend asking God to show/tell you how he feels about your looks. 🙂

    5. Love this article! I’m going natural, so I’m transitioning from relaxed to natural kinky hair. And I’m finding when you embrace your natural hair texture it is much easier to maintain.

    6. Mine is a mix between wavy and curly. What I notice is that the top of my hair falls flat and kinda loses the richness of my color (red). But when I flip my hair so it shows the underside, it is INSANELY curly and a much more vibrant shade of red. Is there any way to get the unseen hair’s texture into the visible hair’s place? Weird way to phrase it (I’m not even sure it makes sense), but I hate that the underside of my hair is SOOO much prettier than the hair everyone sees!

      • That’s exactly like my hair! I sometimes use bobby pins to pull the top layer away so you can see the hair underneath better, but I don’t like doing that every day. Most of the time I just leave it, and I get more compliments that way!

    7. I have crazy thick, course hair. It’s a pain in the butt to do everyday, simply because there is so much of it. I have to get it thinned and re-layered regularly so that it doesn’t get too heavy and start causing headaches. However, if I have an hour in the morning, I can make it look fairly nice. It does style really well, whether you straighten or curl it, or just put it in a braid, as long as you have lots of time.

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