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Me Without Makeup


I almost never wear makeup when I’m hanging out at home, or going to the store. But when I do put on makeup, it’s usually just lip gloss, mascara and maybe some eyeshadow. Some days I’ll feel really, really ugly and don’t like what I see in the mirror at all. I’m very self conscious about my nose, my teeth and the weird cyst next to my eye, and I feel like people are always looking at my flaws. Also, I’ve been told I look at least 3 years younger than I really am, so sometimes wearing makeup feels like a necessity to looking my age (If that makes any sense..). But after reading what some girls wrote, and seeing what they really look like, made me want to submit my picture too. And even though it’s really hard sometimes, I try to see what God sees. I ask Him a lot to help me see what He sees when He looks at me. There’s a song that I love (Forever with You by Decyfer Down), and one time when I was listening to it, the lines “Now I see what You see, Your beautiful life forever in me.” really stuck out for me and I realized…that no matter what anyone thinks, we’re all beautiful. We’re beautiful because HE lives in US. And we’re all made in His image…made in the image of the most beautiful, indescribable, amazing Creator the world has ever known. It’s so thrilling to reflect on, don’t you think? 🙂

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Image: Courtesy of Emilie


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  1. Posted by Nicole on November 22, 2011 at 01:25

    Thank you Emilie for your willingness to show your true self, you are incredibly beautiful and your eyes are so pretty! I sometimes feel self-conscious about my nose too but I just remember that it’s the devil’s lies! So don’t listen to the lies!