Every Tomorrow: A Challenge for Today

    Caught in the in-between of all my doubts, and the hope that you’re promising.

    My fear tries to cripple me and keep me down, with a heart full of questioning.


    One of my favorite parts about being a songwriter is getting to put music to words that feel like they are coming straight out of my journal. Writing music that is an overflow of our love for Jesus, Natalie and I get the chance through our band Kaleidoscope to write songs about the struggles and joys that come from living a life of faith. (Not always an easy mission, let me tell you!) But the comforting thing about writing music for the world to hear is that the second a song is released, we begin to learn that we are not alone in our joys or in our struggles! Whether it’s a song of hope and celebration or of disappointment and doubt, we always hear back from people who are walking through a similar season and can relate to the lyrics that we’ve written.

    “Every Tomorrow” is one of those songs that I know everyone can relate to. Who hasn’t worried about tomorrow? Who hasn’t questioned what the future holds or had anxiety about the things we can’t control? I know I’ve been there. (Far more times then I’d like to admit.)

    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my doubts and fears as the enemy tries to occupy as much space in my heart and mind as possible. And as a believer, those times are the hardest, because I KNOW what God’s Word says about worry and doubt. I know He tells me to be anxious for nothing (Philippians 4:6-7), He says don’t worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34), He tells me not to fear (Isaiah 41:10, 2 Timothy 1:7, Deuteronomy 31:6…just to name a few!). Yet so often I find myself worrying about the future and forgetting who holds my tomorrow in His hands.

    Many blog posts, inspiring quotes and the focus of our attention are on how to create a better tomorrow. And not all of that is a bad thing! It’s when our thinking about tomorrow leads us to worry and doubt that we begin to forget who our Father is. As a new school year approaches for many of you, I’m sure it’s so tempting to begin to let your mind drift into worries and fears about what the year ahead will hold. And let’s be real—most of those fears are completely false scenarios that will never actually play out! What a waste of our headspace!

    So, my challenge for you (and for me) is that today you will just focus on today.

    Be thankful for today.

    Be content with today.

    Be present today.

    Every time a worry or fear about tomorrow (or 200 tomorrows from now) begins to creep in, remind yourself that the God of the Universe holds your tomorrow. Your EVERY tomorrow. He’s got it and He won’t drop the ball!

    As we begin to discipline and renew our mind, we will find a new level of trust in our Heavenly Father! He is so worthy of all our trust.


    Every tomorrow you’re leading me through where You’ve already gone.

    Every tomorrow you’re winning my fights before they’ve all begun.

    I’ll take a leap of faith, unafraid, trusting every day that you’ll make a way, stepping out to take each and every tomorrow. I’m giving it all to You.

    My every tomorrow.


    Check out our acoustic video of “Every Tomorrow” on our YouTube channel.



    Buy the song on iTunes by typing in “Kaleidoscope, Every Tomorrow” in the search bar.


    Want to get to know the authors, the Kaleidoscope girls (Cammie and Natalie), a bit more? Check them out on their website and on social media!






    Two best friends with big dreams and even bigger hearts watched as their worlds collided to form their band Kaleidoscope. Influenced by artists such as Britt Nicole and Demi Lovato, this is a fun and fresh pop duo that offers an exciting and current sound to Christian music. Kaleidoscope’s Natalie Brown and Cammie Avers met in college and knew the Lord had joined their paths for bigger things than they could even imagine. Sharing the same dreams and passions for ministry, music, and teen girls, the two decided to join forces to make an even bigger impact on the world together. Ultimately, Kaleidoscope desires to see hearts and lives changed through their music. These women represent more than just songs, but truly portray the idea that even the ordinary can be used in extraordinary ways!


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