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Christian Life

Examine Your Heart During Lent


Ladies, with Lent underway, many Christian denominations are observing the season with fasting, alms-giving and abstaining. These are great traditions that reflect Jesus’ time in the desert where He fasted for forty days.

But the Lenten season is also a time of reflection and renewal. And you don’t have to be a Catholic, Anglican or Lutheran to observe Lent in this manner. Lent should be a time of spiritual preparation for all Christians as we approach Easter.

During His time in the desert, Jesus was tempted by the devil. This reminds us of our moments of temptation and the occasions where we have fallen short as Christians. So, during the season, we should also take the time to examine our conscience and determine how we can better know, love and serve our Lord.

When examining our conscience, we should take a good look at ourselves, inside and out:

  1. How is my heart? Does it reflect the heart of a true Christian, filled with love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and the other virtues that reflect the love of Christ?
  2. Have I sinned against God? Have I lied, cheated, stolen, coveted and so on?
  3. How have I treated others? How have I treated my family, my friends or even strangers? Have I gossiped about them, hurt them, disrespected them or deserted them?
  4. Have I put God above everything? Have I chosen His Word over the world’s view? Have I been loyal to His Name? Have I glorified Him in everything?

These are just some of the questions we should ask ourselves as we take the time to examine our conscience.

Lent is an opportunity to take everything that works against God and let it go. Let our sins die as Christ died for our sins, so that we too can come back on Easter renewed. Christ’s resurrection is a promise of new life. So we really need to use it to clean out the aspects of ourselves that go against God’s Word and work on our own spiritual renewal. Some denominations do this already by partaking in the sacrament of reconciliation before Easter.

In order to maintain spiritual renewal, we should also come up with ways in which we can avoid sinning the same sins. And then we need to make a plan to do and be a better us.

Easter is about new life. Let it also be about a new you.

Ladies, do you examine your conscience during the Lenten season?

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