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Expectations vs. Reality of Going to a Christian College

Are you currently going to a Christian college? Are you planning on it one day? You’re going to have an amazing time—but check out this list so you’ll have realistic expectations!


Expectation: My professors will forgive me seventy times seven for late work.

Reality: C’s get degrees.



Expectation: I’m so glad to get a collegiate experience free from partying!

Reality: Partiers will find a way.



Expectation: Hot Christian men everywhere!

Reality: 3:1 girl-to-guy ratio.

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Expectation: The cafeteria food will be nourishing to my body like something out of a Daniel Fast.

Reality: “Yes, I’ll take one slice of pizza, one cheeseburger, one bowl of pho and a half dozen soft-serve ice cream cones with sprinkles, please, and thank you!”



Expectation: My roommate and I will go together like Jesus and his disciples.

Reality: “Your banana peel is on my half of the room.”



Expectation: The required chapel time will speak to my soul and change me as a person.

Reality: “I’m sorry, did you say 8 a.m.?”



Expectation: All of the intellectual face-to-face conversations will improve my communication skills.

Reality: Haven’t seen anyone but my Instagram friends in four days.



Expectation: My summer job money will pay for fun activities all semester.

Reality: “I’m sorry, I can’t afford to go to the Dollar Theater today because I spent my last bit of cash on Top Ramen.”



Expectation: I pay to go to college here, so I will find a parking spot.

Reality: “Dear Lord, hear me in my desperation. Please have mercy on my soul and help me find a spot within a two-mile radius of my English class.”



Expectation: I’m going to meet MFH (my future husband) by the end of my first semester.

Reality: 16 billion coffee dates later…



Expectation: I am going to meet all of my new best friends!

Reality: I met all of my new best friends!


Ladies, can you relate? Did we miss any?

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