Faith Saver: One Video That Shows How God Reveals Himself in Amazing Ways!

    When all hope is lost, God reveals Himself in the most amazing ways, don’t you think?

    I remember one time, I was driving in some pretty bad New England weather. I knew I was running out of windshield wiper fluid, but I thought I could get to my destination in time. I was wrong. As I drove down the middle of the highway, snow coming down in full force, traffic on either side of me and my visibility deteriorating. Snow not only landed on my windshield, cars ahead of me were splashing it up from the road. And instead of wiping the snow off the windshield, the wipers were pasting it on. I suddenly feared for my life.

    As I prayed, my heart beating fast, I cautiously made my way to the breakdown lane. I had no idea what I was going to do when I got there. When I stopped the car, I noticed another car stop behind me and a woman got out. She was filling up her windshield wiper fluid! I approached her and asked if I could have some, just enough to get me to a gas station, and she graciously gave me the remainder. God took care of my needs that day, I know that!

    The following is a news clip demonstrating how God took care of someone else’s needs.

    Hey sweet girls, have you ever been in a desperate situation that was resolved in an amazing way? Do you think it was God? Share your story.

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    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. hey girls i am sorry for being stuck up a gossipper and a hypocritic person. i realy am selfish and aweful and sinful and please don’t say that is so humble of you because i feel like i am doing this out of pride and to make a scene so i’m sorry will you please forgive me? also will you please forgive me for being a back stabber? i feel like i am trying to make this long so i will make a scene or to be prideful i don’t know.

    2. Maybe it wasn’t a desperate situation, but I’d like to share it, anyway. In 2009, God told me that He wanted to to go on a missions trip to Romania. Finally, in 2011, He provided dates for me to go. So He provided missionaries to stay with and be discipled by, dates to go, and the mission… But I only had $700. The plane ticket alone was 1,600.
      My parents arranged for me to speak in front of the church one Sunday morning, asking for prayer and monetary support. So I was sitting on the pew that morning thinking to myself “okay, so I’m leaving in two months, and I need $2,500… Hang on a minute! $2,500 in two months?! God, how are you going to do that?!”
      My speech went pretty well, but I was still very concerned about how I was going to get the money in that small of a time frame. During invitation, a man came and sat next to me. He said, “God has told me to pay for your plane ticket.” No kidding, I wanted to squeal and hug him! Obviously, that was the wrong time, place, and person, but I was so happy and suddenly I knew that God was going to provide! Before that Sunday was over, I had all the money I thought I needed! It was like God was telling me, “You doubted that I could do it in two months? Look what I can do in one day!” I had a yard sale the next week that provided $1,200 that I didn’t realize I needed. God let me keep the $700 I had saved for Him those two years!
      Girls, if God commands it, He will provide a way to do it! Never doubt His power!

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