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Back to School

Fall 2015 Fashion Guide!


PI Girls, are you ready for school to be back in session, for the fall season and for the opportunity to wear boots, scarves and cute petticoats? I love the fall, and love wearing cute dresses with boots and getting my pumpkin-flavored latte while preparing for the holidays. Here are some fashion trends you will see this season!


Look #1: That ’70s…Fringe 


That ’70s look is still hot this season, and has been around in 2015 since the boho trends made a move into the fashion world. Whether it’s a purse, boot or top that embraces the fringe, it will be in for a bit, so have a blast with this hippie look while you can.


[Souces: thefashiontag.com/2015/03/11/spring-2015-fringe-trend; teenvogue.com/gallery/best-suede-pieces-for-summer]


Look #2: Coral Takeover


Anything pinkish, red or that has a coral undertone will be hot this season! This happens to be one of my favorite colors. This tone is a happy color and can be paired with black, denim or even tan. Have fun with this color; we are not quite ready for the “red” winter holiday season color yet, in my opinion. 😉 Coral is right in the middle between the pinks and oranges, so it’s a good way to warm up to the reds later this year.

[Sources: stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2015/03/jewelry-spring-trends-2015; katespade.com]


Look #3: The Flared Jean


I literally live in jeans, aside from sunny dresses and skirts in the summer. I love jeans, and you can never go wrong with a high-quality staple brand. The “flared” cut is very in this year, which goes with look #1 (the ’70s look). They do say trends recycle…so save those flared jeans after the fall season! Listen to your moms, girls!

[Source: vogue.com/13333619/elsa-hosk-model-denim-trend]


Look #4: A Touch of Fur


Fur is in this season, and will likely be an even more popular trend this winter. If you tend to be in the colder areas of the world, then you can apply this earlier. Where I live in California, we will most likely be holding off on the fur fashions until the chill arrives in winter. Pick a coat with a fur hood, a pair of gloves lined with faux fur or even a faux ear hat.

[Source: thefashioncuisine.com/oxblood-fur-scarf]


Look #5: Emerald, Gold and Shiny Jewel Tones


You will start to see more jewel-tone types of colors like emeralds, ruby reds, gold and shimmery colors for fall and winter on the rise in the world of glam. Technically this started in the spring, but it was hot on the runway this year. Here are some examples of the colors that are popping this season! To be honest, I don’t necessarily know if I would personally wear any of these colors…maybe in a jacket or scarf style. I am more of a pastel or coral kind of girl. What about you, PI Girls?

[Source: racked.com; image: toriburch.com]


Look #6: Military Patterns and Colors


I personally don’t go for the army green color or military trend, but here are some cute back-to-school looks from Seventeen magazine this year. Do you wear this pattern or color?

[Source: seventeen.com/fashion/style-advice/tips/g536/fall-fashion-a-to-z/?slide=3]


Look #7: Solids

I love pink—any shade, in fact, in any season. This trend is seen more in the summer, but can fall into, well, the fall season. This is a haute couture look from Paris (notice the fur tote) on the Teen Vogue website. Would you wear all solids together?


[Source: teenvogue.com]


Look #8: Wavy, Loose Hair


The relaxed, after-braid look is so in this fall. This past summer, the beautiful beach natural look was in, but it’s overlapping with the fall season. You will start to see more low ponytails, lower messy braids and also loose-hair types of styles in fashion. Essentially, a “relaxed” look is hot this season.

[Source: harpersbazaar.com/beauty/hair/g5455/fall-2015-hair-trends/?slide=23 ]


Look #9: Brown Suede


I love any kind of brown jacket, whether leather or suede (which is totally in, by the way). The ’70s look is hot, so make sure to find something suede. Here is a cute jacket shown on the Glamour website.

[Source: glamour.com/fashion/2015/03/spring-2015-fashion-trends-cute-jackets/3]


Look #10: Flannels with a Plain White T-Shirt and Jeans


Flannels are not for everyone and can be a little bit of a tomboy look, but for those who can pull it off without looking too sloppy, this can be cute.

[Source: seventeen.com]


PI Girls, what’s your favorite fashion style or trend?


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  1. Firefightergirl02

    Posted by Firefightergirl02 on September 15, 2015 at 18:23

    I LOVE plaid!!!!! 🙂
    I like The loose hair, military patterns and coral too!

  2. Jay1luv_jesus

    Posted by Jay1luv_jesus on September 15, 2015 at 14:48

    I love flannels!