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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    Fashion: The Best Summer Dresses for YOUR Body Type

    A big part of shopping is not only looking for a good deal and something you like, but also finding what looks good on you. We’ve all suffered the fate of finding something that looks perfect on the hanger, trying it on and not being impressed with the final result. That’s because even if something looks awesome on the rack, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily love it on you.

    With shopping experience, we start to learn what looks good on our varying body types; that usually goes on to inform what we shop for and purchase. But no matter how difficult you think you are to shop for, there are great options for YOU and your body type out there!

    This week, we’re rounding up some of our favorite summer dresses, broken down by body type. While there are always exceptions and you should wear something you love, we think these are some great starting points!

    If you’re curvy…

    Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.05.46 AM

    Curvy, hourglass or pear shaped ladies often make the mistake of throwing on shapeless dresses thinking they’re masking “problem areas.” In reality, it’s always best to work with what you have instead of trying to work against it. Cinching is one of the best tools for this, whether you simply belt (at your true waist) a loose dress or choose something that has a tie, like the adorable Forever 21 ($33) dress pictured here. This button front dress is also perfect if you have a larger chest.

    Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.28.58 AM

    Don’t get us wrong, curvy girls can (and should!) sport fitted dresses if they feel comfortable in them. But when scouting out our favorite looks, we had to include this awesome tie-waist dress from the Gap ($35). It’s modest, it’s classic and we bet its totally comfortable. Also available in navy blue and royal blue. Let us count the ways we love it:

    • Cap sleeves with banded cuffs
    • Wide round neckline
    • On-seam side pockets
    • Self-tie belt at waist


    If you’re tall…

    Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.01.09 AM

    One of the best fashion benefits of being tall is the ability to easily pull off maxi dresses. This is a huge plus, especially since maxi dresses have been in major style for a few seasons now. You’ve got tons and tons of options to choose from, but we particularly love this animal print rayon dress from Forever 21 ($23).



    Another great option for tall gals is drop waist dresses. We really love this pick from the Gap ($35), which features a sweet butterfly print, ruffled skirt and (our favorite) pockets! It also comes in a polka dot print, if butterflies on a pink background is just a wee bit girly for your taste. It should also be noted that the Gap offers an entire section of “tall” options for dresses, jeans, etc., both online and in-store. Score!

    If you’re petite…

    Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.10.06 AM

    Tall gals often have trouble shopping for short dresses, since everything becomes instantly shorter the moment they put it on. This is one of the major advantages to being petite–a shorter hemline will often fall longer on you. If you’re shorter and also have a smaller chest, you’ll have even more options to choose from, like this colorful chiffon dress from Forever 21 ($23).

    Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 2.15.26 AM

    If you’re short but still curvy or working with a larger chest, you might want to consider something other than a spaghetti strap or super fitted top. This chevron dress from Forever 21 ($17) will give your top half room to breathe while still cinching a bit in your true waist. You might have heard the old tale that anyone who isn’t tiny shouldn’t wear stripes, but we’re not buying it–especially when it comes to adorable (and popular) chevron! Like the concept but want a more open neck or something other than chevron? We’re also digging this cotton striped look, also from Forever 21.

    Which of these dresses is your favorite? Is there another body type that we should be covering? What are your style tips for specific body types? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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