Fashion: Top 5 One Piece Bathing Suits

    If you’re in the market for a new swimsuit, you’re in luck! Over the past couple of years, modest, vintage swimsuit styles have become popular, and in response, tons of brands have put out their own lines of adorable and conservative suits!

    Of course, if real vintage is something you’re interested in, you might have luck finding a modest swimsuit at your local Goodwill or through sites like eBay and Etsy. But if you want something new, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite bathing suits currently for sale online and at your favorite local shops.

    More interested in conservative tankinis or two pieces with high-waisted bottoms (another huge trend)? We’ll be back next week with our top picks for those styles.

    Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 12.35.08 AM

    This striped, tie-dye patterned halter suit gets sweetened with ruffles on the bodice. The straight top is great if you’re busty and don’t feel as comfortable in anything that has a v-neck. ($28, JCPenney)

    Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 12.35.19 AM

    On the other hand, if you do like a v-necks, this pink ruffled suit is adorable and doesn’t dip too low. Spaghetti halter straps tie at the neck. ($25, Old Navy)

    Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 12.35.36 AM

    As you can see, ruffles are quite the trend right now! This suit features a vibrant abstract print that brightens the swingy tiers of the flattering cut. ($39, JCPenney)

    Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 12.35.47 AM

    This glamorous, shirred twist-bandeau swimsuit is awesome and flattering on all body types. This is a popular look at many department stores and is available in just about any color under the sun! ($38, JCPenney)

    Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 12.36.22 AM

    A whimsical bird print lends this shirred-side swimdress a vintage air. We also really love the big bow tie! ($18, JCPenney)

    Which of these suits is your favorite? Have you gone bathing suit shopping yet, or do you have a favorite that you already own? We’d love to know where you got it and why you love it!

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    1. I feel like all but the first one and maybe even that are too low on top by a lot. Is this just me or..

      Of all the things girls need to cover, boobs are probably the most important or tied with butt so I don’t think that these are okay. Not trying to be Debby Downer just confused..

      • I would check out this website. It is a survey about what guy’s find modest or not and it actually asks that same question.
        If you don’t feel like reading and finding it here is a great quote from the survey. This one participant said this “No. Water is wet. Things in water get wet. Wet things stick. Wet clothes stick to your body” in response to the statement “It is okay for a girl to wear a revealing swimsuit (e.g., a bikini) if she wears a t-shirt over it.” I am not trying to dictate anything, but I would recommend that all of us look at this survey and see what the guys say.

        • They also say it’s distracting for girls to lay on the ground/stretch. I don’t think that survey is the most reputable.

        • Did you see how many responses there were? Over 1600 people replied. I don’t think that you read the statement right. The survey was made so that the guys would read a statement and then say if they agreed or disagreed with it.On that issue 54% disagreed or strongly disagreed with an extra 22% that were natural. The statements that are on the website aren’t necessarily what the survey found.

      • The stomach is not a private part, but the more skin the easier it is for guys to lust. It is not inherently sinful to wear a bikini but it is wrong to go against your convictions. I would not but I know those who don’t feel that they are wrong. Let God decide for you.

        • I just think its a preference thing… people like me are embarrassed and uncomfortable with showing their stomach… and I personally try to stay as covered as I can, but at the same time look cute and get a good suntan! I can see why some people would prefer a bikini, but I can also definitely see why girls prefer to keep their stomachs chests and butts covered. I mean jewish woman wear robes out to the beach, again. ITs a preference thing

    2. I usually wear just board shorts and a surf shirt or a big t-shirt with an immodest top underneath just to provide more coverage 🙂 I know that sounds weird but seriously, I get like a bikini top or a tankini top that’s a little bit too immodest (like in the neck area) but it fits my body nicely so I throw a big shirt/surf shirt over it and now it’s modest!

      • I’m glad you found a bathing suit! Bathing suit buying is always a struggle for me. So many just don’t fit right. I did find a really cute black and white polka dot one piece a few days ago, thought, that I feel really comfortable in. Don’t you love that moment in a dressing room where you go, “It covers all that it needs too AND feels comfortable!!!” I know I do! 🙂

    3. Lol I don’t really know what one wears to the beach… Bikinis, in my honest opinion, are too much showing. Boobs, stomach, arms, legs, butt, everything out there. One pieces are a bit better, however the ones up top can show a lot of chest for the bigger chested women out there. And so: I’d say just go with a t-shirt or something with shorts…Idk lol.

    4. I love that third one! I love that they put these kind of modest fashion tips up<3 personally… I couldn't bare to walk on a beach in like, a bikini, or anything really revealing, so I just love how this site helps show girls that modest can still be cute and fashionable!

    5. Although one piece swim suits are more modest than bikinis by far, I think that they can also be immodest in a way. Not because they are showing a lot of skin.But in the way that they are skin tight. I prefer tankinis because you still get the coverage you want and the modesty and also because they are usually flowier and they don’t hug too close to your body. I like to wear boyshorts with my tankini top so that my butt is completely covered. And well, it’s easier to wear it because i’m not constantly worried about my bottoms riding up or getting a wedgie and showing things i shouldn’t be showing. And I’m sorry if this is putting it too bluntly, but it’s easier to shave when you don’t have as much exposed. And also, if you have a little extra flab in your tummy area, like me, skin tight one pieces don’t hide that as well. Tankinis flow out from the stomach and camouflage the extra skin or whatever. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. (:

    6. I got a black and white polka dot one piece from Catalina Walmart brand for 35 bucks that looks a lot like one Taylor Swift wore. It is charmingly retro, covers cleavage great, and even has a little swag across the front upper thigh. I love it!

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